Port Moresby Nature Park A Place For All - Visitors, Residents, Kids and Parents

We wrote this post way back in January 2016. Having looked back at it, the Port Moresby Nature Park has developed into a beautiful and family-friendly park.  I visited the park again this year, December 2020. We were impressed!

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Cute Snake of Port Moresby Nature Park

The park has expanded its activities to hosting schools visits, World Environment Day and school holiday activities; and many other events throughout the year. One obvious plus is the active staff involvement with the community both on the ground and also on social media.

For those who were around in POM would know that the park has gone from leap-to-bound within a few years. Thanks to the management, sponsors and the others behind this nature's park attraction in the city.

Check out the full video of the snakes in their new enclosures on YouTube.

Gogodala Traditional Canoe

As a parent and regular visitor, I have no hesitation in recommending Port Moresby Nature Park as one of the places to visit either alone or with children. Sponsors and people involved in this improved look should be highly commended for a job well done. 

Kids play area was the best you can find anywhere. Better pathways and board walk-ways make access to the wildlife, flora and fauna, toilet facilities, cafe and other areas easy.

Entry Fee: Port Moresby Nature Park

If you are in POM or just visiting, or looking for a place to take the kids, or just wanting to get out of the house, this is the place you should visit. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am sure you will too.

Port Moresby Nature Park Entry  Fee

Here are some amateur photos showing the revamped Nature Park.

Port Moresby Map Nature Park
Nature Park Map at Entry

Port MOresby Nature Park DIrection

Port Moresby Nature Park Childrens Playground
Kids play ground

Visit Port MOresby Nature Park
New boardwalk

Nature Park Papua New Guinea Tree kangaroo
Tree kangaroo

Port Moresby Nature Park Tree kangaroo

 I would encourage parents and anyone wanting information about the activities to follow the Port Moresby Nature Park Facebook page.  

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Leave a comment and let us know about your visit. 

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