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Talking Birds of Port Moresby Adventure Park | Funny Cockatoos

 The Talking Cockatoos are residents of Port Moresby Adventure Park. The cockatoos are locally known as 'Koki' or Cocky, always curious and chatty as seen in this video. 

They can say 'Hello Cocky', Hi, Koki kaikai (Cocky wants some food) and chuckle. The funny talking birds are cute and adorable. Visit Port Moresby Adventure Park and check out these funny birds! 

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Papua New Guinea Cannibals in the Jungle, REALLY?

At present day, there is a preconceived idea that there are cannibals in the jungles of PNG. The naivety around the idea stems from the fact that there is a lack of understanding of the country, its geopolitical setting and its people. Here is what the real story is.

papua new guinea cannibals in the jungle

Papua New Guinea Cannibals in the jungle

So, you found this article searching for cannibals of Papua New Guinea in the jungle, right?

The answer there is no such thing as cannibals or the practice of cannibalism in Papua New Guinea. Trust me, no human is ever seen eaten alive when they venture on Papua New Guinea trips.

In fact, many of the articles are fake news. The articles about cannibals in PNG proliferated by major online websites do not have the right facts and are completely misleading.

The news about cannibalism in PNG has caught the attention of many naïve readers. The online stories had been sensationalised to attract readers. But, these stories had painted a wrong picture of the country.

Online news about PNG cannibals in the jungle

Many international visitors to PNG can attest to the fact that the articles on cannibals in PNG do not present the correct information.

Often, the stories were retold based on social media posts or by writers who lack an understanding of Papua New Guinea. In fact, many of these stories are not only fake news but also complemented by outdated images.

Therefore, any online news outlet that runs stories on cannibals in PNG in the 21st century must not, just, base their stories on social media posts or fake stories.

Fake Stories on Cannibalism in PNG

It is important that the online media, both international and local media, must establish their facts and sources of stories properly before publishing.

The article titled Korowai People of Papua New Guinea (2017,2009) is a clear example of misinformation. The article said less about the indigenous skill and ability of the people to build houses on stilts and more about cannibalism. In fact, the articles showed recent photo evidence of stilt house and none of the Korowai eating human flesh!

Furthermore, the people of Korowai are not Papua New Guineans. They are from the West Papua in Indonesia. And, they are not cannibals either.

Another fake article was titled the Cannibals on Kokoda (2016). It receives wide online coverage because the couple in the news nearly died whilst walking Kokoda unprepared, and blamed it on the locals. This was a trip that could have ended up in disaster because the couple was stupid.

Kokoda incident - desperate couples

The Papua New Guineans, Australians and other international trackers who walked Kokoda Trail know that the walks are undertaken in organized trips. That means that you must

  • have a local contact
  • train and prepare for the arduous walk,
  • have money, permit, guides and rations,
  • walk during the dry season and
  • respect the local people.

Kokoda Track is not for the faint-hearted. No one walks Kokoda Track unprepared and without guides. The couple who attempted the Kokoda Track in 2016 underestimated the walk.

In addition, the couple disobeyed the advice of the local authorities on arrival. They had no money and walked the track with a bare minimum of tracking essentials.

The couple could have died along the way when they attempted the trip on their own. They were lucky they survived and should have been thankful for the Kokoda team who helped them.

Global-View of the Writer

The author of this post is a Papua New Guinea. Grew up in PNG, lived and worked in the United Kingdom. He also visited several other countries in the World: France, New Zealand, Australia, Fiji, Vietnam, Hong Kong. He is a full-time PNG public servant.

The world media often present PNG in a different way. Other people see PNG in terms of what is presented by the media and on the Internet.

In retrospect, visitors to and residents of Papua New Guinea KNOW that PNG is a beautiful country with friendly people.

The writer also believes that Papua New Guinea is one of the beautiful places in the World. It has some of the friendliest people on Earth.

Like any developing country, PNG has its social, political and economic challenges. But it does not mean that PNG is not a good place to live and work or visit.

As the saying goes, you must see it to believe it. The locals say YOU YET KAM NA LUKIM. (Come and experience PNG)

Many things have changed in the last 10 years. The country’s capital, Port Moresby, is now a metro-modern city. There are parks, pools, resorts and entertainment venues for both kids and adults. Modern hotels and private resorts are within an hour’s drive from the city.

Expect the Unexpected Papua New Guinea Trips

Living and working or visiting PNG can be a challenge. But with those challenges come the great rewards. When you live or visit PNG, it is like travelling to a land of diverse cultures and people.

The common saying here is ‘EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED’. PNG is the land of surprises.

Perhaps it is important to know that Papua New Guinea is a changing country. The new Prime Minister of PNG new slogan is TAKE BACK PNG. The PM is appealing to the people of PNG to respect and appreciate others.

The call is to make PNG a better place for all to live together. Therefore, visitors are welcome to venture on Papua New Guinea trips and experience the diverse cultures and people of Papua New Guinea.

Is Air Niugini Flight Cancellation Ethical Business Practice?

PNG's Air Niugini has a major recurring problem. Cancellation of scheduled flights.

Air niugini schedule and cancellation

Before the Independence day, Christmas period or school holidays, Air Niugini must stop cancelling flights. In fact, the cancellation of flights can be described as a wound that Air Niugini needs to find remedy for. Often, the reason for Air Niugini schedule cancellations are either not made known to the customers or communicated to them prior to arrival at check-in. Apparently the sad norm is many customers turned up at the check-in to find out that their flight is cancelled.

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Air Niugini must put the interest of customers before it's aim to make money.  For example if there are two or three passengers to pick up in Lae Nazab Airport,  the company must make every effort to fly them on schedule. It must not cancel a flight just to create a backlog so that it will relieve the backlog on the next flights. This is about business ethics and the ethics of the operations managers to stay true to schedule unless it is really necessary to cancel a flight.

Its also sad that many passengers are normally sent away to cater for themselves during a flight cancellation. Understandably, if/when Air Niugini cancels a flight it has a duty of care to provide accommodation and transportion for ALL delayed passengers,  not just a few. For example, if you leave in Simbu and travel to Goroka to catch a flight and its delayed, you'll have to travel back to Simbu or stay the night with wantoks at Goroka.

Only the affected customers who may have produced a hotel receipt will probably be accommodated. It is a question of business ethics and responsibility to customers - regardless of their status - who are supposed to be on the cancelled plane. All delayed customers  must be provided with accommodation, meals and transport.  This is the right thing to do!

Understandably flight cancellation happens under respectable situations.  But PNG Air Niugini's schedule cancellations have been regular and is fast becoming a norm. The management must now look at ways to stop cancelling flights on regular intervals. The management must fly its passengers to their destinations on schedule.

The two issues here are that Air Niugini's flight cancellations is now a norm and widely accepted or ignored or expected by many.  It's a problem that needed addressing immediately.  Second, many delayed passengers are not always accommodated. The company has a duty of care to all passengers who may have been delayed due to the company's decision to cancel a flight.

These are serious issues that bring Air Niugini's business and management ethics into question and it's time the company does something about it.

The Air Niugini Bird of Paradise taxing to stop at Nazab Airport outside Lae Morobe Province. This was a flight after a cancellation the day before.

Double Pricing: How One Supermarket Cheats Its Customers With Devious Tactics, Port Moresby

Clarity in pricing is, perhaps, the most important factor in the retail industry. Absence of this factor results in supermarkets cheating customers – this is a question of morality, it is worth highlighting. Why would pricing be done to confuse and extort money from unsuspecting customers? If you are someone who often do family shopping at this supermarket in Port Moresby you should be vigilant, especially if you are buying good on specials.

FOODWORLD Gordons, an example of double pricing.
Selling price on both products, K8.05; 
Discount price K5.90 on Window Cleaner

I have been near victim of double pricing on several occasions. What happened was that two similar products were placed together – one on reduced price and the other isn’t, with the reduced price made to be indicative of both items. I am a maths teacher, I am good with numbers. By principle, I always check prices before I make payment if I am going to buy something – a personal trait I developed over time. I think, that was possibly why I was able to identify this irregularity and share my blue experience.

So, here were the incidents that prompted me to write about this conniving act by the major supermarket at Gordons. The first incident happened when a 5 toea change was not given back to me. I had to ask for it to be given. How many of you may have just walked away? Think about it. Though it was not much, it was a matter of personal principle – the shop has an obligation (it is duty bound) to give me the right change. The fact that I asked for it does not make me a lesser person, but challenges this devious norm that 5 toea doesn’t matter – it does matter!

On another occasion I went to the same shop to buy some cleaning products. On first sight, two similar products were put together in one shelf with the same price label on either sides, encompassing both products. Knowing the normal prices, I realized the products were reduced by nearly K2.00. I pick up 2 Spray and Wipe and 2 Window Cleaner refillers – a saving of nearly K8.00. From the picture shown above, not only the cleaning products were very much alike but both selling and reduced prices were indicative of both products. So, you would have easily worked out the special applied to both items. I found out, at home, when looking through the receipt that the 4 cleaning products were not all the same price. I went back to the shop, to the same cashier and asked why. I was told the products were different. Though I knew they were different I was upset that I had been cheated by double pricing. I wouldn’t have bought 2 of the expensive products if the pricing was clear. The fact that pricing was unclear was upsetting.

Devious pricing:
- Pricing was done to conceal the expensive one. 
- Both products were placed together in the same shelf, devious 

The third incident at the same shop happened today (5th May, 2016). Unsuspectingly, I pick 2 Aerogard Roll On (50mls). They were taken from the same shelf with the same discount price of K9.95. I have had difficulty identifying Tropical Aerogard (K10.05) from Odourless Aerogard Roll On (K9.95) both 50mls when they were placed together. 

Again these were different products, but the same tactic was used to conceal the price not reduced.  I questioned why similar products were placed together, side by side on the same shelf with the discount price visible. I do admit that I should have gone further and looked closely at the fine prints. Should I blame myself? I don’t think so because I knew what I was buying. I also knew there was a saving of 10 toea. It was obvious the pricing was deliberately done to deceive customers, me being one.

In fact, these tactics (double pricing and putting similar products together) wasn’t the first time this supermarket used as it has happened on several occasions. Customers need clarity in pricing. If there is a discount offered, as in the case of Spray and Wipe and Window Clearner refillables (or the Aerogards 50mls or any products on sale), there must be clear separation and pricing to avoid mix-ups. 

The images and receipt were of the original products from the Gordons Foodworld supermarket. At no point did anyone apologise for these incidents. Nor did the supervisors show any indication to improve the way they did pricing. To date, I am still a customer at that supermarket, but a meticulous one. Next time you shop, shop smart.

Port Moresby Nature Park A Place For All - Visitors, Residents, Kids and Parents

We wrote this post way back in January 2016. Having looked back at it, the Port Moresby Nature Park has developed into a beautiful and family-friendly park.  I visited the park again this year, December 2020. We were impressed!

Other fun places to visit in Port Moresby 

  • Port Moresby Adventure Park
  • Sunset Lodge
  • Loloata Island Resort
  • Koitaki Country Club
  • Varirata Natioanl Park
  • Kokoda Track Memorial
  • Bomana War Cemetry
  • Tutu Beach

Cute Snake of Port Moresby Nature Park

The park has expanded its activities to hosting schools visits, World Environment Day and school holiday activities; and many other events throughout the year. One obvious plus is the active staff involvement with the community both on the ground and also on social media.

For those who were around in POM would know that the park has gone from leap-to-bound within a few years. Thanks to the management, sponsors and the others behind this nature's park attraction in the city.

Check out the full video of the snakes in their new enclosures on YouTube.

Gogodala Traditional Canoe

As a parent and regular visitor, I have no hesitation in recommending Port Moresby Nature Park as one of the places to visit either alone or with children. Sponsors and people involved in this improved look should be highly commended for a job well done. 

Kids play area was the best you can find anywhere. Better pathways and board walk-ways make access to the wildlife, flora and fauna, toilet facilities, cafe and other areas easy.

Entry Fee: Port Moresby Nature Park

If you are in POM or just visiting, or looking for a place to take the kids, or just wanting to get out of the house, this is the place you should visit. My family and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am sure you will too.

Port Moresby Nature Park Entry  Fee

Here are some amateur photos showing the revamped Nature Park.

Port Moresby Map Nature Park
Nature Park Map at Entry

Port MOresby Nature Park DIrection

Port Moresby Nature Park Childrens Playground
Kids play ground

Visit Port MOresby Nature Park
New boardwalk

Nature Park Papua New Guinea Tree kangaroo
Tree kangaroo

Port Moresby Nature Park Tree kangaroo

 I would encourage parents and anyone wanting information about the activities to follow the Port Moresby Nature Park Facebook page.  

About PNG Insight

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Beautiful POM, Why Are You Classified As The Most Dangerous One - You Still The Best

Port Moresby (POM) is a tough place to live and work, tougher for those with families. Every capital city has it problem, but POM's not controlled and contained. Crime and petty theft is often left unattended by law enforcement bodies, including civilians.

If one thing needs to change it must be the attitude of every person living in POM. Agree with Guise Kola, a commentator on Paitim Garamut, a Facebook discussion group. He said 

"Lets not talk about tourism and try our efforts in vain in a City and country so infested with petty crimes. How many times have we read (and) seen news about tourists being attacked and their personal artifacts stolen! Mobile phones, digital cameras, travel bags, money etc being stolen. Even there were accassions where tourists were being held up (and) raped and killed! 

Lets get our house in order (and) functional first. We have a very long to go with our petty insidious attitude. We need to develop our mind and fully understand how things are done in the first world and learn to emulate them before we start talking about tourism.

No tourist in his or her right mind wish to come to PNG knowing that s/he will be held up, raped or killed! Who in his or her right mind would do that?

Lets forget the talk on tourism and start developing our human capital and command basic law n order issues before other things!"

I completely agree with his point on developing our human capital and law and order.The basic command of order has to prevail, every civil individual has to uphold common sense. Respect one another, respect the law, respect for self. All those good virtues are absent in everyday life and the result is a disorganised society with high crime rate.

POM classified as one of the most dangerous cities in the World was the subject of discussion. Most of these classifications are based on petty criminal offenses like holdup, pickpocket, knife and gun crime, including serious ones like rape and murder. 

These are opportunistic crimes and controllable. They come under duties of law enforcers, the police and courts. Port Moresby policewo/men have to start protecting citizens instead of protecting the white collar criminals and fraudsters. 

POM has the potential to be the best city, but it has left itself down for far too long. The others in 8th and 9th places are ravaged by civil wars and sectarian violence never have a chance to rebuild themselves in the near future. 

There needs to be political will and civil obedience. Only then we'll see a change for the better.