Connect Laptop Using Mobile Data: How to Access Internet Using Mobile Phone As Access Point

Do you know you can do exactly that – using mobile phone data to access Internet on your computer? Actually, it costs less to access the Internet this way than using an Internet Café. The steps below are from an Alcatel mobile phone. Different phones may have settings slightly different.

HOW TO STEPS - On your mobile phone (Android and i-phone)

1.       Go to settings

2.       Click on tethering and portable hotspot

3.       Turn on Wi-Fi hotspot

4.       Check your laptop wireless network connections to see if there is connection between your devices
5.       Click connect, this will establish connection (IMPORTANT: mobile to laptop wireless connections will require password which is generated by your mobile phone – go to step 6)
6.       Enter the password and connect - this should be done on you computer
7.       Personalize the security setting if you wish to do so
8.       Now, it should be ready to use

If you get one of Digicel’s data bundles like the Day Pass or Booster pass you can do a lot more things on your laptop than mobile phone. 

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