DIY: Build a Bookshelf And Save, Customised To Meet Your Preference

If you have lots of books and wanting a bookshelf, the obvious choice would be to buy one. Take a look at the prices of bookshelves at Courts. I bet the other retailers have the same prices, if not more. You may not have the time to build one. That is okay. All you have to do is buy it. But any DIY person would know the satisfaction that comes with building something.
Courts' Price at March 2016
I spent K157.20 to build this bookshelf - 110 cm (H) x 30 cm (W) x 140 cm (L).  Such a size bookcase would, ideally, cost around K500. Despite the fact that it may not be professionally done, it is practical, stable and above all met the need.

Six stands (taken from a crate) providing lift to slot nicely into back wall; rope attachment at the back as 'stopper'

Perhaps the important fact behind DIY idea was that I saved more than K300. Additionally, I now have materials (nails, off-cut timbers), tools and knowledge and skills to make the next one better.  I only have to buy good quality timbers to make it look great.

It would be smart to paint the finished shelf. I have decided to use wood stain or vanish, but I considered them to be too expensive. That is why the first bookshelf has not been given any TLC. I planned to build a couple more. Hopefully they will get the Tender Love and Care they deserve…

I’ll provide some tips (with photos illustration) for building a bookshelf in my next post (a step-by-step guide). So, if you would like to get some inspiration, join me on Google+Twitter or Facebook for update. 

Here are some vital materials, tools and information I used in the making of the first bookshelf shown in the above photo.

Materials used
1.       Nails: One, two and three inch nails
2.       Timbers: 4x1 , 1x1, 2x1 (some of the timbers & nails are taken from a used crate)

Tools used
1.       Hammer
2.       Hand Saw
3.       Tape Measure
4.       Square
5.       Nail punch (option: use a 5 inch nail)

Other useful info
-          You can ask for the timbers to be cut to length at the timber yard before taking them away. Instead of using your hand saw, the electric saw they use at the timber yard gives a fine cut, ensuring perfect fit.
-          Always take the off-cut with you. They are useful.
-          POM residents, hire vehicles are usually on stand bye at most timber yards. Keep an eye out for them if you need help with transporting timbers.
-          The timbers have been sourced from UAA Timbers, behind Big Rooster, opposite TST Boroko 4 Mile.

-          Price and receipt attached (Take note of the Unit Price)
Unit price: K2.50/m 20x20cm | K4.80/m 4x1 inch

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