10 Adventure Activities To Do at the Port Moresby Adventure Park

A day trip to the Port Moresby Adventure Park is an ideal way to spend a Saturday or Sunday with family and friends. The park is also a tourist attraction in the city capital, Port Moresby. The park opens early at around 8.30 am and closes in the evening, at 5.30 pm. 

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Just to clarify any confusion about the two parks in Port Moresby: the Nature Park is the one past the University of Papua New Guinea. It is within the city precincts. The Port Moresby Adventure Park is located opposite the Pacific Adventist University entrance. About 30 minutes drive from the city, along the road to Sogeri.

General entry to the park is free. That means that you can go in without paying and wander about but only pay (refer to fees below) if you are going to part-take in the park's organised activities. 

The Adventure Park has many fun things-to-do for both young and old. You can easily spend the whole day at the park and do all or some of your preferred activities.

Here are the top 10 fun activities to do at the park. A couple of the activities are free. But you must pay to do others.

1. Party or Barbecue: 

At the cost of K60, visitors can use the bbq hut (haus wind) for the whole day. The visitors are required to pay the fee at the entrance before proceeding to choose a hut. The image shows an area without the shelter - the actual hut is visible at the far end. There is no shortage of huts all around the park.

Source: Adventure Park PNG, Facebook

2. Wander through the Orchid Garden and Birds' Sanctuary 

 It only costs K5 per person to go in. The Orchid Garden has been one of the best-kept orchid gardens in PNG. There is a chance to also hear the Kumul (Bird of Paradise) singing as you wander through this beautiful garden.

Image: FIFA Women's World Cup

3. Children's Waterslides 

The waterslide is fun. It costs K20 per head. Always do the other activities before this one. Once the kids get-the-hang of it, there is no moving away until it's time to go home. Top tip: always take swimmers or shorts to be in the swing of excitement with the kids. 

4. Go Paddling on the Paddle Boats 

It costs K10 per person for 30 minutes. Another fun activity the kids would love. Top tip: take some bread crumbs for the kids to feed and attract the fish to your boat as you paddle along.

5. Merry-Go-Around/Carousel 

At K5 per person, this is sure to put smiles on the children's faces.

6. Ferries Wheel

 It cost K5 per person to go on the Ferries Wheel. The view from the top is breathtaking.

7. Dinosaur Garden 

It is free to visit the garden. If you like to take a walk around the park, be sure to visit the dinosaur garden at the far end. Lovely little garden.  

8. Children's playground 

There are swings and slides to keep the kids busy. 

9. Watching Crocodile

Watching Crocodile feeding session at 3.00 pm - where else to see a man being up-close-and-personal with a full-grown croc? 

Do not miss the chance to be amazed by the unexpected! The Crocodile Man may ask the audience for donation. Top tip: have a kina or K2 with you to donate. 

Image: Bobz Ram, Facebook

10. Taking a leisurely walk 

A walk around this beautiful park is recommended. It is always stunning when the flowering trees bloom. Top tip: take some leftover bread crumbs with you to feed the fish.

The one thing I wished would improve was the Children's playground. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic facility to have been built for everyone to enjoy.

Something extra to do on the trip...

Visitors can buy fresh produces cheaper than those in the major shops in the city at the roadside stalls. Always take a few extra kinas along and buy watermelons, bananas, pineapples, potatoes, etc...at low prices.

If you are travelling there on a Sunday, why not leave early and experience the early morning sunrise? Pop into Pacific Adventist University first thing in the morning for a visit to their Morning (6.00 am) Market. The market closes at around 10.00 am. It's free to go into the university and get your week's supply of fruit and vegetable. EFTPOS machines are available at the market if you wish to use your bank card.

Check at the entrance to confirm the Adventure Activity Fees.

Fees to pay to use facilities at the park

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