Kids are Loving it - Pee Wee Fishing at Royal Papua Yacht Club First Saturday Every Month

Pee Wee Fishing at the Royal Papua Yacht Club (RPYC) is a lot of fun for both children and parents. The kids and parents fun event is held on the first Saturday of every month. Fishing usually starts at 2.00 PM and lasts for 2 hours. 

You can find out about the event at the Yacht Club Facebook page. They usually create an 'event' for the Pee Wee Fishing on their page, so keep an eye out for it or message RPYC before hand.

View from the jetty
A fantastic group of volunteers dedicated their first Saturday of every month to organising this event. The event is made possible by 10 corporate sponsors and runs from February to November. Children are free to get a helping of snacks during fishing. Prizes are also given out after the fishing.

The prizes are awarded to the top three children. So kids and parents, make sure you catch the biggest fish or the most fish on the day. Small-talk on the jetty has it that stingrays, baramundis and crabs have been caught there, as well as fish pulled out of the water in numbers. 
There were also sightings of a 'big' sea snake just around the rockery recently :). You never know what you can catch at the RPYC Pee Wee Fishing event. Sunscreen, hat and water are a must to take with you. 

If you are a parent looking for somewhere to take the children out or kids wanting to have fun, this would one day of the month you wouldn't want to miss. Thank you and hope this helps to get the kids outdoor. 

Sponsors 2017

Fishing rods provided - you can also bring yours
Nov 11th 2017...not the 4th

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