Varirata National Park: Port Moresby's Best Kept Secret - Must See

I visited several fun places both within and outside Port Moresby but my recent visit stood out - Varirata National Park. To be honest I did not think the visit was going to be fun. It, however, turned out to be an enjoyable trip.

Other fun places to visit in Port Moresby 

  • Port Moresby Adventure Park
  • Sunset Lodge
  • Loloata Island Resort
  • Koitaki Country Club
  • Varirata Natioanl Park
  • Kokoda Track Memorial
  • Bomana War Cemetry
  • Tutu Beach

Before I state why the park is a must-visit, here are earlier posts about the things to do when in Port Moresby:
There are also other places out of Port Moresby for the more adventurous spirits like the Koitaki Country Club, March Girls Resort and Sunset Lodge, including Varirata National Park.

 New buildings are erected to serve as the Information Centre 

As I mentioned earlier the park is a must-visit. There are five important things that make Varirata special.

1. The road condition can be described as 'excellent'. From the turn-off to the look-out and all around the park was sealed and in superb condition. Grasses are trimmed neat and tidy. 

2. The BBQ areas and huts are well kept and in very good condition.

3. Cheap to visit - residents pay only K2.00 per head and external visitors pay K5.00 per head. The caretakers of the park will be happy to show you around.

4. Beautiful view of the surrounding places from the look-out; looking out to Loloata, Port Moreby, Jacksons Airport and the nearby mountain ranges. 

5. Nature Walk and Fresh Air - nothing beats the fresh air from the forest. There are lots of animals and plants to see and adore.

View towards Port Moresby from Main Lookout  (accessed by car) others are walking distances away
Top tip: If you really what to get the best out of your trip to Varirata National Park, I would recommend enlisting a local guide to take you around the walks through the forest. You can ask for guides or assistance at the main entrance.

Go prepared with cash, food, water, sunscreen and bug repellent. As for the serious walkers, this could be a recurring visit once you've done it the first time. 

You've got to visit Varirata National Park if you have been living in Port Moresby, but have not visited the park yet. 

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