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2020 Public Holiday Dates Published - Plan your Holiday

The 2020 public holidays in Papua New Guinea was published on the 10th of October 2019 by the governor general in the National Gazette 2020.

There are 11 holiday dates to mark on your 2020 calendar. 

  1. New Year 2020 Wednesday 1st January 
  2. Good Friday 10th April, 2020
  3. Easter Saturday 11th April, 2020
  4. Easter Sunday 12th April, 2020
  5. Easter Monday 13th April, 2020
  6. Queen' Birthday Monday 8th June, 2020
  7. National Remembrance Day Thursday 23rd July, 2020
  8. National Repentance Day Wednesday 26th August, 2020
  9. Independence Day Wednesday 16th September, 2020
  10. Christmas Day Friday 25th December, 2020
  11. Boxing Day Saturday 25th December, 2020

Plan your holiday

If you are planning a weekend getaway or spend the long weekends somewhere, check the suggestions here. There are lots of places to visit outside of Port Moresby. 
Papua New Guinea tour
Hula Camping Trip/Motuan Coast/ PNG Insight Photo

If you are a POM resident or local just wanting a day trip awsy from the house and screens, here are 3 suggestions to help you.

1. Port Moresby Parks and Recreation Areas: Varirata National Conservation Park, Nature Park and Adventure Park, Pacific Adventist University Sunday morning market.
2. Travel along the Motuan Coasts: Sunset Lodge, March Girls Resort, Loloata Island Resort, Tutu Beach Retreat.
3. Weekend away to Sogeri Plateau: Koitachi Country Club, Kokoda Trail Memorial, Kokoda Lodge, Crystal Rapids Falls.

For those wanting to have restful day in POM can relax and have fun at the following places.
1. Stanley Hotel Poolside
2. Hilton Hotel and Accommodation 
3. Downtown Harbourside Restaurants and Cafe 
4. Vision City Cinema 
5. The New Ela Beach

Kids things to do in POM

1. Lamana 10 Pins Lanes Bowling
2. Play Station Kids Indoor Play Area
3. Nature Park Holiday Fun and Activities
4. Adventure Park Fishing Competition 
5. Port Moresby Yacht Club Kids Playground

There are lots of things you can do around Port Moresby to keep the whole family occupied over the 2020 holidays and long weekends.

6 Must-See Provinces

Papua New Guinea TOURs
Rabaul Volcanoe /PNG Insight photo

Easter would be a good time to travel out to explore the beauty of PNG. The 6 *must* visit destinations in PNG:
1. Rabaul - swim with dolphins and visit the volcanoes.
2. Hagen - travel along the Baiyer and Kitip roads, and visit the local/traditional singings.
3. Kavieng - travel along the Kavieng-Namatanai Highway and visit the Eel Lady.
4. Goroka - Visit the Asaro Mudmen.
5. Alotau - travel to the pristine islands and snorkel.
6. Tufi/Oro - Tufi is a diver's paradise descibed by influential diver's magazines as the 'best' diving destination in the South Pacific.Or, relax by the beach and enjoy canoeing and fjord getaways. :)
Tufi beach and fjord

Well, these are a few things that come to mind. There are even more for the inquisitive explorers. Have fun!

Let us know if there is any places around POM or places that you think we should add to the list. 


Air Niugini Online Booking and Check-in Using Mobile Phone - Beat the Queues

Air Niugini Online check-in started in August of 2016, yet many national and international travelers have yet to use the platform. The reasons could be many, but one obvious explanation is that many Air Niugini passengers just do not know that they could check-in online.

Air niugini online check in - how to in 4 steps
Jacksons Airport | Online Check-in counter

This post aims to spread the word that you can skip the frustrating queues to book tickets and check in by doing both online.

It is important that you make your online check-in 24 hours - one day - prior to departure time.

A manager with Air Niugini clarified that

"Passengers have the advantage of selecting their preferred seats and purchase other services such as extra leg room seats, extra baggage allowances and other products which may be on offer on the flight [...]. But first of all, you have to check-in online," Mr Dominic Kaumu

Reassuringly, it is fast. To check in on your mobile devices or laptop or PCPC follow these steps:

1.  visit ( mobile phone users use this url

2. Enter your Last Name which is your surname,

3. Enter your booking reference number which is often found at the top of your ticket and

4. Click 'Check in.

PNG Air Niugini Internet check in

Once the 4 steps are complete, you'll access the Internet check-in interface. Navigate through the interface and complete the details thoroughly.

What is the difference between Air  Niugini online booking and online check in?

Online booking is usually done before the online check in. Customers book tickets either online or at the Air Niugini's offices and agents, and pay. Payment can be make immediately or at a later time. When the customer has had the ticket, he needs to check in online to get his boarding pass before travelling. This url [] links to Air Niugini Online Booking page shown below.

PNG Air Niuguni Internet booking

In fact, both the online booking and online check in can be done without having to visit Air Niugini office. The two processes can be sorted online.

Therefore, avoid standing in the long queues to book and buy tickets, and get your boarding passes. Do these checks on the Internet 24 hours prior to departure. Hope this helps.

Is Air Niugini Flight Cancellation Ethical Business Practice?

PNG's Air Niugini has a major recurring problem. Cancellation of scheduled flights.

Air niugini schedule and cancellation

Before the Independence day, Christmas period or school holidays, Air Niugini must stop cancelling flights. In fact, the cancellation of flights can be described as a wound that Air Niugini needs to find remedy for. Often, the reason for Air Niugini schedule cancellations are either not made known to the customers or communicated to them prior to arrival at check-in. Apparently the sad norm is many customers turned up at the check-in to find out that their flight is cancelled.

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Air Niugini Online Booking and Check-in Using Mobile Phone - Beat the Queues

Air Niugini must put the interest of customers before it's aim to make money.  For example if there are two or three passengers to pick up in Lae Nazab Airport,  the company must make every effort to fly them on schedule. It must not cancel a flight just to create a backlog so that it will relieve the backlog on the next flights. This is about business ethics and the ethics of the operations managers to stay true to schedule unless it is really necessary to cancel a flight.

Its also sad that many passengers are normally sent away to cater for themselves during a flight cancellation. Understandably, if/when Air Niugini cancels a flight it has a duty of care to provide accommodation and transportion for ALL delayed passengers,  not just a few. For example, if you leave in Simbu and travel to Goroka to catch a flight and its delayed, you'll have to travel back to Simbu or stay the night with wantoks at Goroka.

Only the affected customers who may have produced a hotel receipt will probably be accommodated. It is a question of business ethics and responsibility to customers - regardless of their status - who are supposed to be on the cancelled plane. All delayed customers  must be provided with accommodation, meals and transport.  This is the right thing to do!

Understandably flight cancellation happens under respectable situations.  But PNG Air Niugini's schedule cancellations have been regular and is fast becoming a norm. The management must now look at ways to stop cancelling flights on regular intervals. The management must fly its passengers to their destinations on schedule.

The two issues here are that Air Niugini's flight cancellations is now a norm and widely accepted or ignored or expected by many.  It's a problem that needed addressing immediately.  Second, many delayed passengers are not always accommodated. The company has a duty of care to all passengers who may have been delayed due to the company's decision to cancel a flight.

These are serious issues that bring Air Niugini's business and management ethics into question and it's time the company does something about it.

The Air Niugini Bird of Paradise taxing to stop at Nazab Airport outside Lae Morobe Province. This was a flight after a cancellation the day before.

Renew PNG Passport: What To Do and Documents Needed Attaching

Many statutory bodies, including the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority (ICSA), demand the need to show the National Identification (NID) card or the *new* Birth Certificate. There is, however, a real difficulty getting the card or the certificate to produce as evidence of citizenship at present. The delay can frustrate attempts to obtain a new passport too.

I had read the information on the ICSA website regarding passports applications. And, at first, found it confusing especially *renewing* passport. I assumed that since certain requirements changed, my *old* birth certificate was now invalid. I would have to go through the whole process of getting a new birth certificate or NID card. Fortunately, this was not the case.

In fact, it was easy and straightforward because I had already got my passport to present as the evidence of citizenship. So, I thought I should share my experience to help others wanting to *renew* their passports.

As implied earlier, while fearing my application was likely to have the wrong attachments (and hence renewal delayed), I made several trips to the ICSA office at Waigani, Port Moresby, to get some answers. 

Here is what I found out. Hope it helps...

Hong Kong Central - PNG passport holders get Visa On Arrival

Q1. When to submit passport for renewal/extension of the expiry date

Submit the application 6 months before the due date. For example, for a passport that expires on the 6th of December 2018 the holder should submit their application after the 6th of June 2018. 
This is important because those wanting to travel out of the country will have to have at least 6 months validity in their passports (same as travelling into the country)
Q2. What to do to renew an adult passport
  • Passport -  You do not need a National Identification card or birth certificate. Your evidence of citizenship is the existing passport. (If you are applying for a *new* passport, you are required to produce the NID card.)
  • Passport photos - two passport photos must be signed and stamped by *a* legal/authorised person.
  • Section 13 of the passport application form  must be signed and stamped by *the* legal/authorised person.
  • Write a brief but convincing statement about why your application should be considered favorably.
  • Include the travel details (Section 10) if you have dates and flights booked/planned a travel in advance. 
  • Processing Fee - pay (see processing fees below) at the Vulupindi Haus and attach the receipt.
Q3. What to do to renew a Child passport
  • Passport -  same as above
  • Passport photos - same as above
  • Section 13 of the passport application form - same as above
  • Write a brief but convincing statement about why your application should be considered favorably.
  • Include the travel details (Section 10) if you have dates and flights booked/planned a travel.
  • Processing Fee - same as above
Additional documents
  • Birth Certificate - attach the child's birth certificate whether you child is born overseas or in PNG.
  • Parents Passport bio page - attach copy of both mother and father's (or legal guardian) passport bio page.
  • Section 9 (parents/legal guardians' consent) is completed as required
For the applicants wanting to get a new passport, please refer to the Immigration and Citizenship Services Authority website. More information and downloadable forms can be found here.

Top tip. Make sure you have followed all the instructions on PAGE 1 of the passport application form. If you are still in doubt, take your application to the ICSA office. Cross-check with the staff at the office. Finalise your application properly before submitting.

Processing Fee

  • Normal processing fee is K100. It takes 15 working days (3 weeks) to process the application. You can pay K300 to fast-track your application. It only takes 2 days to process the application if you pay K200 more.

Varirata National Park: Port Moresby's Best Kept Secret - Must See

The park is less than an hour’s drive from Port Moresby, Varirata National Park covers 1,063 hectares inhabited by all the main iconic species of Papua New Guinea.

I visited several fun places both within and outside Port Moresby but my recent visit stood out - Varirata National Park. To be honest I did not think the visit was going to be fun. It, however, turned out to be an enjoyable trip. 

Other fun places to visit in Port Moresby 

  • Port Moresby Adventure Park
  • Sunset Lodge
  • Loloata Island Resort
  • Koitaki Country Club
  • Varirata Natioanl Park
  • Kokoda Track Memorial
  • Bomana War Cemetry
  • Tutu Beach

Varirata National Park is at an elevation between 600 and 900 metres. The park is rich with a variety of ecosystems and landscapes and plants and animals.

The Park offers four tracks to explore its untamed nature, discover its unique plants and observe its extraordinary wildlife.

How to visit varirata national park
 New buildings are erected to serve as the Information Centre 

As I mentioned earlier the park is a must-visit. There are five important things that make Varirata special.

1. The road condition can be described as excellent. From the turn-off to the look-out and all around the park was sealed and in superb condition. Grasses are trimmed neat and tidy. 

2. The BBQ areas and huts are well kept and in very good condition.

3. Cheap to visit - residents pay only K2.00 per head and external visitors pay K5.00 per head. The caretakers of the park will be happy to show you around.

4. Beautiful view of the surrounding places from the look-out; looking out to Loloata, Port Moreby, Jacksons Airport and the nearby mountain ranges. 

5. Nature Walk and Fresh Air - nothing beats the fresh air from the forest. There are lots of animals and plants to see and adore.

visit varirata national park
View towards Port Moresby from Main Lookout  (accessed by car) others are walking distances away

Bush Walking 

Varirata National Park is a fantastic place for bushwalking. A great variety of vegetation from woodland to rainforest, beautiful butterflies, huge ferns, wild orchids, fresh air and lookouts with its spectacular views of Bootless Bay.

Five out of the thirty-five species of birds of paradise live in the park, and PNG’s National Emblem, the Raggiana, is without any doubt, is the guest of honour. 

Between April and October, during peak breeding season, there is an excellent chance of seeing some males in full breeding plumage dancing to attract female attention.

Top tip: If you really what to get the best out of your trip to Varirata National Park, I would recommend enlisting a local guide to take you around the walks through the forest. You can ask for guides or assistance at the main entrance.

Go prepared with cash, food, water, sunscreen and bug repellent. As for the serious walkers, this could be a recurring visit once you've done it the first time. 

You've got to visit Varirata National Park if you have been living in Port Moresby, but have not visited the park yet. 

things to do at varirata national park

Bird Watching 

Varirata National Conservation Park is famous among birdwatchers for its birds of paradise, accessible by road. Here are some species of birds you can see at the park:
  • Raggiana bird of paradise, 
  • cassowaries, 
  • hornbills, 
  • kingfishers, 
  • cuscus,
  • forest wallabies, 
  • echidna, 
  • bandicoots, 
  • possums,
  • green pythons...

Infomation about Varirata National Park 

The Varirata National Park recently opened its new Information Centre at Sogeri outside of Port Moresby. The modern information centre will enhance visitors experience the nature park. 

The park is already popular with schools excursions, bird watching, weekend outings for city residents and nature tours. PNGTPA is a partner in the development of the Variarata National Park through setting up signboards and working with JICA to develop bird watching attractions in the nature park.

Contact PNGTPA for Varirata Visits

  • Media Coordinator/ TPA Board Secretary : Colin Taimbari
  • For further information, contact the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority’s on Phone: +675 320 0211 or email:

Here are earlier posts about the things to do when in Port Moresby:
There are also other places out of Port Moresby for the more adventurous spirits like the Koitaki Country Club, March Girls Resort and Sunset Lodge, including Varirata National Park

About PNG Insight

PNG Insight is an education blog. It aims to highlight the key developments in the education sector in Papua New Guinea. Started in 2014 on Google's blogger (now self-hosted on WordPress), PNG Insight strives to be a platform for critical thinking and discussions; and a source of information.

Leave a comment and let us know about your visit. 

Life is a Journey Time Travel

Life throws you a lot of good experiences, but with those are the challenges too. Some you could deal with a simple smile, others a shout and they go away. Some haunts you a little longer. These are moments! They don't last forever.

Morobe Salamaua PNG

Turn all the moments into memories. The memories last. They keep you going. Put all the moments into a basket and carry them around like you'd in a 'bilum'. Keep the pleasant ones on the top, so you can easily reach when needed.

Memories: Keep going. Gather moments and challenges, as many as you can. Create memories. Fill as many baskets as you can. One day it would all make sense - that life was a journey and you had travelled well.