How to Roast Pork Belly and Get a Nice Crispy Skin

Slow Roast pork belly is an absolute classic dish in many cultures. Easy to cook and entertain families and friends on the weekend. 

Many Papua New Guineans know the taste of  a nice piece of pork and kaukau or taro hot from the mumu pit or open fire. Salivating already? 

Here is how to make slow roast pork belly with crispy skin in under 3 hours in the oven. Make a side dish of taro/kaukau and kumu to go with it. 

1. Dry the skin thoroughly with kitchen towel.

2. Slice the pork skin with a sharp knife

3. Apply a decent amount of salt over the skin. (Hint - this is key to getting a nice crispy skin)

4. Put the pork belly in an oven tray and roast on high heat (175/180 degrees Celsius) for 30 minutes. 

5. Take out the now nicely roasted pork belly from the oven and thoroughly remove the salt on the skin. (Hint - use the juice to roast kaukau/banana/taro)

6. Transfer the pork belly onto a metal tray/stand and insert back into the oven. Slow roast for 2 hours on 100/150 degree Celcius.

7. Delicious

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