How to Check Result Online - Grade 10 and 12

The new Online Examination Result platform for Grade 10 and Grade 12 aims to help students,  parents and other stakeholders check result online - on personal computers and mobile devices.

Below is how to check result online. But first, the results are provisional only. Final and legit certification of results will be issued to students by the Measurement Services Division.      

The 2018 results for 66748 Grade 10 students are now online. Grade 12 results will be available at the end of the first week of December 2018.

Here is how to check result online.

pngdoeexamresults2018 www
Screenshot |Selection Conference 2018

1. Launch the url in your browser or click here.

2. Log in details     
Usernname: surname  givenname/s

 Password: yyyy pr sch cand   
3. Access (download/print)

Note about log in details...

1. If you have more than one givennames do not leave a space in between the givennames.
2. yyyy means 4 digits of the year e.g. 2018, pr is 2 digits province code, sch is 3 digits school code and cand is 4 digits candidate number.

If you have any details not correct and needed updating, contact Measurement Services Division via the message dialogue box provided within the interface.

Hope  this answers the question about how to check your results using the new online platform. If you have any question,  leave a comment below.

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