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MyPNGExamResults Website: How to Login and Access Grade 10 and 12 Exam Results

My PNG Exam Results 2021: The exam results for Grade 10 and Grade 12 are normally released early in December every year. If you are a 2021 Grade 10 or Grade 12 student, check the website in December 2021 for your results.

LATEST UPDATE: Grade 10 and 12 Exam Results launched on Thur 9th December 2021, students can check their results now.

We also have the latest article here - How to Login to My PNG Exam Results Website VIDEO GUIDE

Grade 10 and 12 Exam Results launched on Thur 9th December 2021

Read on to find out what happened last year, and how to login to the website. If you want some more information, check the video or subscribe to the PNG Insight YouTube channel and check out this playlist.

How to access Exam Results online?

The Grade 10 and Grade 12 Students in the country can now access their results online, anywhere in PNG where there are internet and mobile phone network. Here is how to check the results online.

The Students will use their 'default password' to log in and access the 2021 Grade 10 Exam Result. The default password format is yyyyprschcand
  • yyyy is year E.g. 2021
  • pr is province code E.g. 36
  • sch is school code E.g. 123
  • cand is candidate number E.g. 1001 

What to do to access your PNG Exam results

For example, the Grade 10 student Kila KOBLE password will be 2020361231001. So, the
  • Surname is Koble
  • Given name is Kila
  • Password is 2021361231001
This video briefly explains the format of the default password and how to enter the characters correctly.

My PNG Exam Results 2021 Website

Grade 10 and Grade 12 students will need a smartphone or computer. And mobile data to connect to the internet to view the exam results online. 

The website is called MyPNGExamResults. You can access it via the URL 2021.

Default password does not work. Help!

Your default password will work if you follow the instruction thoroughly. In a case where your password does not work there are 5 things you must do in order:
  • Check with your school that the default password (yyyyprschcand) is correct, especially the candidate number.
  • 'Clear input data' and try again.
  • Clear the Cache on your mobile phone or computer and try again
  • Ask your school to assist you by checking the log in detail, again.
  • Only seek assistance from MSD as the last resort, and must be done through your school or Exam Coordinators (also called PES) in the provinces.
Important: If you changed your password, it is your responsibility to set it so that ONLY you can remember it. Do not give an excuse that you 'forget' the password. It is all up to you to ensure that you recall the password every time you need it! 

Access My PNG Exam Results 2021 Grade 10 and Grade 12

The video and this article should help you to see your online result without any problem. But if you still have other difficulties, you may find the help here. 

We followed the developments in education over the years and have a collection of education Apps and websites. Click here to check them out.

You may also find our article on Grade 10 Online results here helpful. 

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If you have any questions about the 2021 Grade 10 My PNG Exam Result login, please leave a comment below.

Last Year's Exam Results Dates and Updates

The 2020 Grade 10 and Grade 12 Online exam results released a week after the announced was made by the Department of Education. The MyPNGExamresults website mentioned the 3rd of December 2020 was the release date. However, out update indicated that the actual results was released on the 10 Dec 2020, over a month later. No reason was given.

Update #2/Dec2020: The new dates for the release of the Exam results in 2020 are:

Grade 10 - 10 DEC 2020 @ 9AM
Grade 12 - 10 DEC 2020 @ 9AM

For FODE, please check the MyPNGexamresults website
  • (Update #1/Dec2020: There is a message on the PNG Exam Results webpage about the date. Please check the website for the confirmed time. We'll bring the latest to our visitors, stay tuned on Twitter or Subscribe to our mailing list)

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How to Check MyPNGexam 2022 Exam Results Online - Grade 10 and 12

The 2022 Examination Result platform for Grade 10 and Grade 12 aims to help students,  parents and other stakeholders check results online - on personal computers and mobile devices.

Important noticeWe have the latest article here - How to Login to My PNG Exam Results Website VIDEO GUIDE

Please note that we have updated this article on How to Check the Grade 10 and 12 LATEST Exam Results. The latest information to help you find out about the exam results is here:
  • My PNG Exam Results >> Website
  • Grade 10 Online Result and Grade 11 Selection Timeline >> Click Here
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Grade 12 exam results 2022


➡️, or click on the link below.

Below is how to check the result online. But first, the results are provisional only. Final and legit certification of results will be issued to students by the Measurement Services Division.      
The 2018 results for 66748 Grade 10 students are now online. Grade 12 results will be available at the end of the first week of December 2018.

Here is how to check the result online.

1. Launch my png exam results website in your browser.

2. Login details     
Usernname: surname  givenname/s

 Password: yyyy pr sch cand   
3. Access (download/print)

Note about login details...

1. If you have more than one givennames do not leave a space in between the givennames.
2. yyyy means 4 digits of the year e.g. 2018, pr is 2 digits province code, sch is 3 digits school code and cand is 4 digits candidate number.

If you have any details not correct and needed updating, contact the Measurement Services Division via the message dialogue box provided within the interface.

Hope this answers the question about how to check your results using the new online platform. If you have any questions,  leave a comment below.

How to Check Grade 12 exam results 2022

Exam Cheats Cheated: Tertiary Institutions To Do Quality Check, UNITECH Is Doing It

Widespread cheating in examinations in recent years has compromised not only the quality of education, but also the quality of students passing through the education system and into the work force. It is a serious development issue.

Here are some records of cheating:

This year, 2016, the government (through the National Department of Education's Measurement Service Board had conducted a nationwide review of the examination process; to ascertain loop holes and recommend ways to stop students cheating in examinations. The MSB did a good job with it. Have the measures MSB took to stop cheating worked? Probably, yes but not conclusive. 

The National Newspaper reported Asaroka Secondary School students bought exam answer sheets, only to have realised after the exams that the answer sheets were fake. Cheats cheated. The cheaters have got to be stopped from entering higher learning institutions. They are a waste of space.

[Please note that the newspaper report of riot was not true. No riot had occurred at Asaroka Secondary School after the grade 12 examination according the school principal in a Post Courier report] 

Indicatively the stoppage measures taken my the MSB may have worked. No reports of actual exam papers or answer sheets were floating around before the exams, unlike 2013, 2014 and 2015. Given that MSB and education department were criticised for being too complacent as far as cheating was concerned in recent years, they should equally be complemented this year. 

Well done Exam Review Committee 2016 and MSB.

These cheats are not going to have easy access to tertiary institutions. For example, the University of Technology has taken measures to stop cheaters entering this prestigious institution. Prospective students wanting to attend UNITECH have sat an entry exam online

By making delivery of exam papers and answer sheets safe and secure and tertiary institutions (like UNITECH), 'standing at the entry gate and say - no we don't want rotten apples in our institutions'  is  practising quality check. The check makes the institution prestigious: admired and respected. 

Quality check on students from the start of students' admittance into any institutions will stop both cheaters and those trying to bribe their way in. All higher learning institutions must do background check, whether it be entry test (usually taken before admittance) or check on students internal assessment marks (with secondary schools academic principals) or other checks. It is about ensuring that hardworking student gets the place he/she deserves. This is justifiable, it is the right thing to do. 

Students Sitting National Examinations at Grades 8, 10 and 12 - Overall Increase of 4 percent 2015 to 2016

Here is a quick spreadsheet graph of the number of Grade 8, 10 and 12 students sitting for the national examinations in the country in 2015 and 2016.

In terms of percentage the number taking exams increased by the following percentages (rounded to the nearest whole number): 

  • grade 8 increased by 3%, 
  • grade 10 increased by 7% and 
  • grade 12 increased by 6%. 

Overall there was an increase of over 4 % in the total number of students taking exams at grades 8, 10 and 12.

The graph shows figures released by the education department (and reported in print media) in 2015 and 2016.  

On the other hand, the numbers of students passing from grade 8 to 9, grade 10 to 11 and grade 12 to tertiary institutions have remained relatively low. In 2015, the retention at each stage was shocking and has not improved very much.

For more information on examinations and related issues, check the following links:

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Examinations 2015 - 2016: Grade 8, Grade 10, Grade 12 Exams Papua New Guinea

Access vs Retention: Statistics Favours Improving Vocational Training and Apprenticeship Schemes Than Phasing-out Examinations

Grades 8, 10 and 12 students are on a long Christmas Holiday - three months of rest and respite. Some are heading back to the villages, others to town and cities. Whilst they are enjoying their vocations, they are sure to ask two important questions: How have I performed in the national examinations?;  Will I be selected to continue to the next level?

The first question can only be ascertained by each student depending on how good they were leading up the exams. Students performance in exams can be attributed to several factors such as how well they prepared (were prepared) for the exams as well as Nature and Nurture. May the best students be given one of the limited places they rightfully deserve.

This brings me to the second question.

Based on the proportion of tertiary places available this year and the preceding years,  96% of Grades 8, 92% of Grade 10 and 81% of Grade 12 students will NOT make it to a tertiary institution this year. By this I mean only the select few will end up in Universities, colleges, vocational centres and other higher learning set-ups. 

Those fortunate enough to continue should be congratulated. They have earned the right to proceed. They passed exams - they can enjoy the privileges (pride) and challenges higher educational institutions bring. And deservedly, they should hold their heads up and be proud to continue. 

What about the bulk of students who would not have continued? What will they do? It saddened me to think that the first year out of formal education, little or nothing is available to those students. What can be done now to take them on board the education train?

It is imperative to note that the planned phasing out of examinations at Grades 8 and 10 will NOT improve the number of students entering tertiary institutions. It will further decrease university access rate (ACCESS), but only maintain the number passing through from Grade 8 to 10 to 12 (RETENTION). 

Take for instance, this year (2015) over 120, 000 grade 8 students sat exams. This number as a percentage of 4500 spaces (at tertiary institutions) is 96%. In actual fact, if the government phases out Grades 8 and 10 examinations, about 120, 000 to 150, 000 students are likely to end up completing Grade 12. The problem of retention is addressed, but the problem of access to higher education is not solved. It remains the same. 

Other factors needed thorough consideration before exams are phased out are the availability of resources, number of teachers as well as primary and secondary schools capacity to hold larger students' population. This exercise, if goes ahead, will put huge strain on schools ability to function.

It was good news to have heard that the Minister of higher education has given out cheques to several universities in the country to expand their capacities. This shows that there is likely to be an increase in spaces at tertiary institutions. But, what is the projection - what number are we talking about in 5 - 10 years time? 

A mere 4500 - 10, 000 spaces would not be enough to suffice the appetite for higher education. For the sake of reasoning,  if we put an estimate that in the next 5 years 150, 000 grade 12 students will vie for a tertiary institution space. The spaces increased (from current 4500) to 10, 000. Still there wont be any improvement - nil. 

For it to work, the government needs to improve university/higher education access rate to over 50% of Grade 12 graduating population. The fact now is that this change will make NO difference as far as access is concerned. 

Papua New Guinea will STILL have Grade 12 drop-put rate of over 90% in the next 5 to 10 years with this change- the same as today! 

So the public statements about phasing out examination has to be backed by some foresight. By this I do not mean make examinations history- no. The public examination system has to be strengthened - made rigorous. Address the problem of cheating. Empower Measurement Service Division. Or, come up with alternative measures to overhaul and make examination processes tough - challenging. 

The question of catering for those who have passed (are passing) out of the formal education system can be addressed by focussing on Internship, apprenticeship schemes and vocational training. I will exploit this in the next topic (Give 'Them' A Fish And You Feed 'Them' For A Day - Teach Them How to Fish) on PNG-Insight. 

Meanwhile, here is what I've posted several month ago on the Key To Addressing Skill Shortage and Grades 8, 10 and 12 Pass-outs