Highest Ranked University in Australia

Children's education has been one of the most talked about topics all year around. At this time university selection for 2019 is in full swing and many students and parents may now have known the results of universities and colleges entries. Those potentially wanting to send children to Australian universities may want to know which higher learning institution is the highest ranked university in Australia and Oceania.

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PNG Insight uses the 2018/2019 comparison stats of World universities to show some of the best universities in the region, Oceania. The 2019 world ranking of universities are sourced from the Webometrics Info (2018) and Time Higher Education (2019). The ranking is determined by the quality of the university's teaching, research and overall outlook among other criteria and compared against other universities in the world. 

The links and details of the sources are provided at the end of the post. First, the image shows Webometrics Info (2018) universities ranks (unfortunately the 2019 data is not available at the Time Higher Education website). 

Highest Ranked University PN
From the 2018 source (and presumably using the same criteria) the top 5 universities in Australia - are the  University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, University of New South Wales, Australian National University and University of Sydney. 

Highest Ranked University in Australia
In fact, the 5 universities in Australia maintained the top 5 ranks in the Pacific in 2018 and 2019. However, there were shifts in the 2019 placements. It is perhaps important to note that the University of Melbourne maintained the number one place and the Highest Ranked University in Australia (= 32 rank in the World). And, Australian National University ranked 49 among all the best universities worldwide.

Highest Ranked University in Australia

This rank shows that there are 5 Highest Ranked Universities in Australia, just next door to PNG. Those who are interested or planning to secure a scholarship at one of the 5 unis will surely attain a top-class university degree.

For more information about the latest rankings of the world universities, refer to Time Higher Education website. 

Source: the links for the 2019 world ranking of universities on Webometrics Info (2018) and Time Higher Education (2019) used in this post. 

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