Grade 12 Online Selection for 2020 Higher Education and Exam Results Provision

The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) clearly differentiated between the Grade 12 Online Exam Results and Grade 12 school leavers online applications and selections to tertiary institutions. The message below is the clarification on DHERST's online selection. 

*Updates September 2019.
"We wish to inform and clarify to the general public that the publishing and or release of Grade 12 Results is the responsibility of the Measurement Service Division of the National Department of Education and NOT the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST).

The National Online Application Systems (NOAS) is a separate system developed by DHERST for Grade 12 students to apply for further studies. The NOAS is not currently used for publishing Grade 12 Results, but rather to allow Grade 12 students to finalize their choices for further studies.

The National Department of Education have recently launched a separate system and website to access Grade 10 and 12 final results. To obtain Grade 12 final marks, please contact the National Department of Education or check their website. [DHERST Support Service, Facebook 06/12/2018].

online slf 2020 grade 12 selection
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In fact, two education departments are facilitating the Grade 12 results and online School Leavers Application (SLA) at this time of the year. 

First, the results - both Grade 10 and 12 results - are the works of the Measurement Services Division (MSD) of the National Education Department. 

Anything to do with the RESULTS are through this web address Perhaps it is important to know that the results are only provisional. That means that the results and other details like name-spelling that may have errors are subject to final changes.

Second, the Grade 12 online selection for tertiary institution is the work of DHERST. And, 2020 selection to tertiary institutions in the country comes under DHERST. This web address ( links to online application and services the higher education department provides.

Fact files you should know

  • MSD's inaugural online platform is for checking Grade 10 and Grade 12 results. It was implemented 2018.
  • DHERST online selection began in 2017. So, the 2020 Grade 12 selection will be the 4th year of implementation.
  •  A total of 12,234 students were selected to commence 2018 academic year (47% of the 25,848 who applied)
  • Only two student's preferences on the SLA in 2017 (5 preferences in 2018, 2019 and 2020)
  • Students with GPA of 2.3 or above where considered for selection in 2017 for 2018 entry to Higher Learning Institutions. The same for 2018 selection for 2019 and 2019 selection for 2020.
  • The students selected via DHERST online application platform are NOT automatically awarded a PNG government's TESAS scholarship (HECAS or AES). ONLY those who receive a scholarship award letter are on TESAS. 
  • SELF-SPONSORED STUDENTS - if you are selected but you did not receive the award letter from DHERST, consider yourself a self-sponsored student.

Read about last year's list and download the list - Grade 12 Selection List for 2019 - on PNG Insight.

Read the Minister for Higher Education media release  regarding the online selection and award of PNG government scholarship to students going onto higher education.