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Google AdSense Announces Two Key Changes for 2024

Google AdSense, a platform designed to help publishers monetize their websites, is set to undergo significant changes in 2024. These changes, announced by Dan Taylor, Vice President of Global Ads, aim to enhance consistency and transparency for publishers without negatively impacting their earnings.

Per-Impression Payments

The first major change involves shifting from the current "per click" payment model to "per impression." Dan Taylor emphasized that this transition aligns AdSense with the industry standard for display ads, including banners and boxes. 

Per-impression payments offer a more uniform method for compensating publishers, making it easier for them to compare earnings across various technology providers, including Google's products and third-party platforms. 

Importantly, this alteration will not affect the type or quantity of ads publishers can display on their websites. In essence, it's about how publishers are compensated for displaying ads, not what ads they can display.

Google AdSense's 2024 updates: Per-Impression payments & revenue share changes for more consistency and transparency, without impacting earnings.

Restructuring AdSense Revenue Share

The second key change involves restructuring the AdSense revenue share model. Until now, fees were processed as a single transaction, but Google is introducing a separation of rates for the buy-side and sell-side. 

Under the new structure, publishers who display ads with AdSense for content will receive 80% of the revenue after the advertiser platform deducts its fee. This includes Google's buy-side and third-party platforms. 

Despite this change, Dan Taylor assured publishers that they will continue to keep approximately 68% of the revenue, which aligns with previous rates.

For example, when Google Ads purchases display ads on AdSense, Google Ads will, on average, retain 15% of the advertiser spend. It's worth noting that variations can occur because Google Ads' fees are not fixed; they depend on user actions, such as clicks or conversions.

AdSense Changes for 2024

These two pivotal changes are scheduled to be implemented in the early part of 2024. The good news for publishers is that they don't need to take any specific action in response to these updates.

Also, Google has conducted tests and expects that the changes will not significantly impact publishers' earnings.

Enhance Consistency and Transparency for Publishers

In conclusion, the AdSense changes for 2024, as outlined by Dan Taylor, are designed to provide publishers with a more consistent and transparent monetization experience, all while maintaining their earnings. 

The shift to per-impression payments and the restructuring of the revenue share structure are set to enhance the AdSense platform's user experience without affecting the type or quantity of ads publishers can showcase.

Golden Sun PNG Investment Company - Scam or Legit?

Golden Sun Investment website is a movie review platform that has been gaining a lot of attention in Papua New Guinea (PNG) in recent times. The platform has attracted mixed reactions, with some people claiming that it is a clever scheme run locally, while others insist that it is a legitimate investment opportunity that has enabled them to make money. 

This article will provide a balanced argument about Golden Sun Investment and address some of the issues raised by both sides.

Update: Here is how much Golden Sun made from the poor Papua New Guinean victims

Golden Sun Login PNG

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Golden Sun Investment

First, it is important to realise that while some people have made money through Golden Sun Investment and online fast money schemes, it is not a guaranteed way of making money. 

As with any investment where you put money in to make more money, there are risks involved, and people should be cautious and do their own research before investing their hard-earned money. 

Note that while some people have had positive experiences with Golden Sun, this does not necessarily mean that the platform is legitimate or that it will continue to operate sustainably.

Here is a discussion on Twitter that you might want to check out.

Legitimacy of Golden Sun PNG Company - legit or scam?

On the other hand, some people have raised concerns about the legitimacy of Golden Sun Investment, claiming that it is a scam. 

In particular, in this article on PNG Attitude, Gabriel mentioned that Golden Sun is a clever scheme. It is run within PNG and not out of the UK, as the Golden Sun website claims. 

He says that after analysing the movie reviews and transactions, he found that the transaction packets did not go to an internet payment gateway (IPG), but to a data centre in the United Kingdom that hosts the website. 

He also says that when people click the withdrawal button, a website administrator in PNG receives their request, along with their user ID and bank details, and then physically transfers money to their account via SMS or internet banking.

These claims are serious and should be taken seriously. If true, they suggest that Golden Sun Investment is not a legitimate investment opportunity and that people should be wary of investing their money in it. 

However, these claims have not been independently verified, and it is possible that they are not entirely accurate or that they do not tell the full story. Therefore, it is essential to approach these claims with an open mind and to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

Find out how to invest in PNG companies, Government Bonds and Treasury Bills and make - you can do all these in PNG.

investment ideas in PNG

Golden Sun App Investor's Response

Some people have had positive experiences with Golden Sun Investment and have been able to make money through the platform. For example, Augustine Memelua (in the comments on the article linked above) claims to be a member of Golden Sun Investment and says that the claims made by Gabriel are false. 

Augustine says that you cannot withdraw when you register in level F, but that you have to register in levels D up to S and earn more dollars before you can withdraw. 

Augustine also claims to have paid K720 (level D) and has already withdrawn it, and has now earned K951 from his K720.

While Augustine's claims are positive, it is important to remember that they do not necessarily mean that Golden Sun Investment is a legitimate investment opportunity. 

Is Golden Sun Earning Sustainable?

Just because some people have made money through the platform does not mean that it is sustainable or that everyone will be able to make money in the future. 

As mentioned earlier, investing in Golden Sun Investment, like any other investment and fast-money-making scheme, carries risks. People should be cautious and do their own research before investing their money.

Do Your Research on Golden Sun PNG - do not rush into it!

All in all, it is clear that Golden Sun Investment has attracted a lot of attention in PNG, with some people claiming that it is a legitimate investment opportunity that has enabled them to make money, while others insist that it is a scam. 

While the claims made by both sides are serious and should be taken into consideration, it is important to approach them with an open mind and to do your own research before making any investment decisions.

Ultimately, investing in Golden Sun Investment, like any other investment, carries risks, and people should be cautious and manage their hard-earned properly.

NOTE: If you have participated in Golden Sun PNG, let PNG Insight readers know how to register, also explain the different levels of movie reviews, so that it can help know how it works.

How to Make Money Online While at Secondary School and University

Many students are looking for opportunities after Grade 12 and universities to find nothing. Some are probably not well prepared (or prepare themselves well) for life after school.

This post is the first of a series on PNG Insight. It aims to help teenagers use the Internet and technology to live productive lives after school and how to make money online.

Below is the first part of the series on 'How to Start a Personal Free Blog at School'.

You can download the 5-Parts series now. Click on the image to access the information. 

How to Make Money Online
How to Make Money Online While at Secondary School and University

Young people today have opportunities that many in the past did not have - access to the Internet, social media and computers for example. 

In fact, with access to the Internet and technology comes lots of opportunities too. 

There are many ways to use the internet to improve your life.

3 powerful ways to bring out the best in you

Here are three powerful ways to bring out the best in you. Say no to the wasted and lazy times. Starve your distraction. Feed your focus. 

Start with these and you'll position yourself in a comfortable position to win after school life.

1. Read

Picking up a book is the hard part. When you have actually picked up the book and read it, you would not want to put it down. That is where the adventure starts.

You go on new and exciting adventures every time you read. Challenge yourself to read one or two books every term. 

2. Write

One way to showcase your creativity is to write. 

Writing is a skill not many people develop early. It takes time and effort to stitch together sentences, paragraphs and articles. Like many things, developing writing skills needs practice. 

Use Social Media and free blogs and be creative. 

Avoid slang. Write in full sentences. Write about things you are *passionate* about. 

Your passion will bring the best out of you. You'll enjoy every moment of writing for a long time.

Your first true writing will not be the final. You'll go on and create amazing and inspiring work. So start now. Find out about how to Create a Blog here.

3. Make money

Learn how to make money early. If you know how to make money at Secondary School or university and perfect the skill at doing it, you'll go on to become a successful person after school.

In fact, you do not have to work for someone else.

Many people start early at school or university and become successful along the way. 

(We are glad to see Hon. Kessy Sawang commented below. Yes, you can Make Money Online While at Secondary School and University)


Kill two birds with one stone

Have you heard of the common saying 'kill two birds with one stone? This is it - you do something to make money and develop your life skills while doing it. 

Some examples of making money online while you are still at school include the following start-ups:

You can, actually, make money out of the 5 examples presented to you above. 

Students who are great with the use of the Internet and technology can do well in these areas. See PNG Insight work on YouTube here.

How to Make Money Online Now

Internet penetration in Papua New Guinea is better than it was 10 years ago. 

Some insiders believe that the mobile coverage in Papua New Guinea for both bmobile/Telkom PNG and Digicel combined is over 95%. 

Recent talks of building a high-speed broadband facility in and around Papua New Guinea are promising. 

So how can young Papua New Guineans be part of this change? The answer is simple - get on the bandwagon before you are left behind. 

We understand it is not for everybody, but to the interested students, if you don't do it now, someone else will do it. Start now while the Internet market in Papua New Guinea is unsaturated.

Download the Free e-Book here. The book is a personal take on how we created PNG Insight Blog and other niche websites such as the PNG Insight Maths Resource and PNG Insight in WordPress.

Create your future

Only you can prepare yourself for life after school. Read. Write. Learn how to make money. Do all three and you'll come out prepared to face real life. 

Read the complete series here or message PNG Insight on Twitter if you need more information.

YouTube Shorts Monetisation New ways to make money on YouTube 2023

Love to create Shorts? Whether you’re sharing your “day in the life” or reacting to the latest binge-worthy show, here’s all the details on how your Shorts could get you into the YouTube Partner Program - aka the best way to make money, while creating what you love.

YouTube monetisation revenue sharing to Shorts 

Split: Creators 45% / YT 55% (Find out about 'how to make money online' )

youtube shorts monetization start 2023

 YouTube Shorts Monetisation Requirement

Starting early 2023, earning money on YouTube will get a whole lot better with a new way to enter the YouTube Partner Program. 

Reach these milestones over a 90-day period to get access to all the benefits the program offers:

✔️ 10 million Shorts views

✔️ 1,000 subscribers

YouTube said it will also do some overall channel checks to make sure you’re good-to-go. Once in, creators can unlock exclusive features to start earning.

YouTube ads revenue sharing on Shorts

If you make it into the YouTube Partner Program, you’ll get a chance to earn ad revenue from ads in the Shorts Feed.

Creators will earn and be rewarded as the Shorts ecosystem continues to grow. 

With this exciting update, YouTube also said that it will close the Shorts Fund next year.

Connect and earn with Super Thanks for Shorts

Soak in the love and appreciation from your fans while earning a little extra. With Super Thanks, you can spot and interact with top fans through highlighted Super Thanks comments. 

Super Thanks for Shorts is still in testing and more creators in the YouTube Partner Program will get access early next year.

YouTube just getting started and will roll out more updates in the coming months.

As you continue creating in all the formats you love, YouTube said it will keep working to make the tools you need to support your creativity.

How to Make Money Online Blog and YouTube

With the increasing access to the Internet in Papua New Guinea, many young people have the privilege others never had in the past - having access to social media, blogs and vast sources of information online. 

This post is about investing your time and effort wisely on your phone and computers which will help you to make money online in the long run.

Investing time & effort

Just imagine in 5 years time you earn US$200 per month in passive income for the effort you put in now by blogging or YouTube-ing. 

It's better than wasting time on social media channels that do NOT reward you for sharing your ideas.

How to make money online

Start A Blog - Earn Money Online

A good way to utilise Internet access is to talk about our beautiful country, your passion and things that interest you.

Start your own blog for free, an example is this blog. The reward (money you make) depends on the visitors to your blog.

In addition, the benefits of blogging are massive

Apart from sharing information, you remember vital facts - facts that are relevant to youIt is rewarding - both educational and monetary gains. 

Let's have a look at the 3 ways to make money online and how to monetise your work. 

Three Ways to Make Money Online

Here are the practical tips to start earning some rewards online. Click on the links provided to explore the opportunities.

1. Start a Free/Paid blog

This blog is an example of a free blog, started in 2014. It took 2 years before we had good traffic to monetise. 

Bear in mind that blogging is not for the faint-hearted and quick-reward-seeking opportunists. F
ocus on your interest. Make blogging a hobby and the rest will fall in place. 

It will take years before you get good traffic/visitors and monetise your work.

We've got great Blogging Tips with pictures and guides here: How To Start a Personal Blog  & How to A Blog on Wordpress.

2. YouTube Channel 

YouTube channels are a great way to showcase things you are good at. 

Successful YouTubers are those that have the ability to make some 'boring subject' look amazing. If you are one of them, you can do that right now. Some examples are:
  • Gardening Hobbies
  • Musical/Singing Talents
  • Producing how-to videos
Videos eligible for monetisation are usually those that are unique. In fact, how-to and music videos are popular and get lots of views on YouTube. 

The more videos and interest you generate from views and impressions will make you money.

To monetise you'll need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. That means that if you put in the work now, you can monetise your video in the next 12-24 months.

3. Write and Earn Money or Mobile Credits Online 

PNG Insight is looking for writers to write interesting articles for us. You can make money online now by submitting your first article to us. Read about the PNG Writers' Initiative

Here are some of the works produced by PNG Writers. Take a look if you need inspiration.
Write for us today and earn cash or mobile phone credits - your choice! The contact email is

Latest On YouTube - Monetise Shorts

If you love to share photos and short videos from your mobile phone, YouTube #Shorts is going to be your thing.

In 2023, YT will monetise those videos - check out how to get into the YouTube Partners Program for Shorts.

Two Ways to monetise a blog, website or YouTube

Two ways to monetise a blog and YouTube.

Setting up a blog, website or YouTube Channel is the first step - only the starting point. 

As mentioned earlier, it can take years (if you are lucky, months) to fully monetise and start making money. 

1. Amazon Associate Account - Worth Trying

Amazon associate program is one way to make money online. You can join and start immediately by referring your friends and visitors.

There are several platforms you can use to earn from Amazon. You can promote them via social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc or on blogs and websites.

Amazon has an easy-to-use URL shortener and widgets to help you on your way to making extra money online.

Please note that not anyone can become Amazon Affiliate today. Amazon has changed its Terms and Conditions and therefore it has become difficult for people in certain countries like PNG to join the program. 

However, Papua New Guineans living overseas (Australia, New Zealand or the US) can join the affiliate program and use it later.

2. AdSense - Takes Time But Works

AdSense is Google’s technology. It shows advertisements to customers. If they click on them, you make money. 

The money you make online will depend on 
  • how competitive visitors' keywords are; 
  • how many people visit your website or view your YouTube video; and
  • the location of your visitors.
In fact, Google is paying you for space you make available for the advertisements and how many people are actively viewing the ads.

To get an Adsense account you have got to own a website, blog or YouTube channel. So, start now.

WordPress and Google Blogger are available options. I would recommend Blogger if you are starting off.

Here are tips to get started on How to Start a Blog and Make Money Online. You can submit an article to use here - Submit Articles to PNG Insight

Passion for Personal Development

You can also use the opportunities to your advantage regardless of where you are, whether in PNG or overseas. 

Start something you are passionate about and reward yourself for it. 

Make no mistake, if you are thinking of making quick money online, you might as well try something else.

These four words of encouragement will help you to make blogging a successful hobby: 
  • First, have a passion for what you do, and focus on the big picture instead of how much you make monthly. 
  • Second, remind yourself that monetisation is normally done years after you started a blog.
  • Third, it will take a lot of time and effort, so be patient. 
  • Finally, do not put your whole life into it – this is not a job to be serious with, let it be a hobby – let it be passive. 

Be a successful young person

This is a collection of articles for making money by writing and building blogs or websites based on your passion. I repeat PASSION.

This blog is an example of using the free BLOGGER platform. You only need your Gmail Account to start a blog on Blogger.

If you have a talent for something or someone tells you that you are creative, these ideas will make you successful. CLICK ON THE LINKS TO GET FREE INFO.

Turn on AdSense shopping links

If you are a Google Adsense user, you'll find the new Shopping Links useful. It's in beta and will slowly be released to the Adsense publisher community. 

How to  turn on AdSense shopping links

You can find it in the Optimisation Tab: Optimisation > Lab > Use the toggle to turn shopping links on.

Here is the 2 AdSense Changes in 2024 publishers should know about, click here to find out.

How to turn on AdSense shopping links -

What AdSense said about the shopping links

AdSense will add shopping links to the content of your eligible pages. Shopping links provide end-users with relevant options to buy from. 

The links take users to shopping ads and may help increase your earnings.

Video explanation

How will Shopping Links monetise?

You'll get paid if users click the shopping links and click any of the ads displayed.

This lab will:

  • Automatically place shopping links on eligible pages on your site(s) for a percentage of users.
  • Continue showing your existing ads for all users.
AdSense Shopping links will appear on your page's main content as hyperlinks, targeting the existing words whenever Google detects a "shoppable product mention". 

By clicking on the link users are shown a number of shopping ads for the product. 

If you click on the link and buy the product on display, you'll get a commission for it. 

Here is the Google help document on this new feature.

Latest On YouTube - Monetise Shorts

If you love to share photos and short video from your mobile phone, YouTube #Shorts is going to be your thing.

In 2023, YT will monetise those videos - check out how to get into the YouTube Partners Program for Shorts.

Happy monetising!

Make Money Online Instagram, YouTube, Shorts and more

A young man called Gabriel said most people (especially the social media savvy generation) don’t believe you can make money doing what you love.

They just don’t know how to.

Here is how he intended to show you a few different ways that you do it๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿผ. (Reposted from Gabriel Twitter thread)

Instagram money making idea

First, I want to say that this isn’t some way that you’ll make millions.

But this is a way that you can do what you love and make money.

1. Instagram

With Instagram, creating a page to showcase your work or sell your service can be huge.

Instagram is a lot less work than most other platforms.

You just have to learn how Instagram works.

2. YouTube

With YouTube, it’s the same concept a8 Instagram but you’re spending more time creating content.

YouTube is probably the hardest platform to learn but also the best.

You don’t have to rely on sales as much because of YouTube ad revenue.

Latest On YouTube - Monetise Shorts

If you love to share photos and short video from your mobile phone, YouTube #Shorts is going to be your thing.

In 2023, YT will monetise those videos - check out how to get into the YouTube Partners Program for Shorts.

3. Digital Products

If you know what you love to do, create digital products around it.

Courses, online guides, playlists, etc.

Basically, you just have to find an area that most people struggle in.

Then fill the gap with your product.

Find your interest, early

If I love music (which I do) I could create a playlist full of good songs and send it out to people.

Once it gets enough subscribers, artists will pay to be featured.

This is just one example, but this can be executed in almost every niche!

Now, these are just ideas and there’s a lot more to learn about each one.

The most important part is getting started with learning them and applying them.

Blog note: Hope this post motivates you to harness the power and creativity in you. It is a better way toward self-realisation, instead of looking for jobs.

Remember, what you create is yours. Working for a company or Gov't will one day come to an end.


How to Submit Articles and Earn Money or Mobile Credits

PNG Insight is calling for awesome PNG Writers, bloggers and students to submit articles (assignment or research work) to us. We pay. 

How much money can you make (updated 2022)

In this update, we hope to encourage the young PNG Writers to write and enjoy the art of writing. And also earn a reward every time they submit an article to us. 

We believe this small reward is the first of its kind in PNG, aimed at getting students and esteemed writers to write and earn a small reward for every qualifying article. The payment break-down is as follows:

Make money writing

More information available on our website here

Established Writers

The benefits are many. For writers, we are thinking of giving you quality publicity and linkbacks to your social media profile or blogs and websites. In addition, if your articles have not been published anywhere, we would be happy to pay for the articles and publish them here.

Students Writers

We also would like to encourage student writers to write for us. Universities, colleges or secondary schools' students are encouraged to write and submit their work to us.

Class Submissions

If you are an English teacher, working on Class Topical Write-up with your students, you can choose your best work and submit to PNG Insight. We pay for every article. It would also be a good fundraiser for your Class/Grade.

Hobby Writers

We classify Hobby Writers as the unemployed and students who left school at Uni, colleges or grades 10 and 12. If you have time and want to develop your writing skills, why not write for us?

You do not have to be perfect. Write and submit your work to PNG Insight. We will review your work and if your story or topic appeals to us, we will edit it and publish it on our website.

PNG Students and Academics overseas

Writing is an important part of academia. Therefore, the challenge is to see PNG students and academics who have the opportunity to study overseas write and tell their stories. 

In that way, you help others who are trying to get to follow your footsteps.

Perhaps the most important aspect of this initiative is to inform policy and decision making in your area of expertise. See below for the examples of discussion papers on Education and Development (SDG4) we published before the change in TFF policy. 

Why Write for Us

Perhaps the important reason is to help others who are seeking information on education and development in the country - the main aim for establishing PNG Insight.

Furthermore, this initiative creates a network of awesome PNG writers, hobby writers and students. All articles in this category aim to give the writers the publicity they need. This is also important because the writers can use that as a stepping stone for greater work in the future.

Individual writer's work can be added to their CV/resume when applying for jobs. For example, the potential employees, these days, are looking at your Facebook and Twitter profiles to see what kind of person you are. 

Published work gives employers the first impression of their potential employees.

Payment - receive money online

In the 'Paid Category', we are looking for UNIQUE articles. The articles will have to be more than 800 words. (I'm sure you can fork-out an 800-word article in under 1.5 hours). 

Unique articles are the ones that are not published online yet. And, the articles must be from the person who is submitting it. 

More information on PAYMENT can be found here.

Website Link back and Networking 

One of the ways to give prominence to your writings and blogs/website is to establish quality linkbacks and network online. As mentioned earlier, established writers and bloggers submit their published articles to get linkback to their blogs and social media profiles.

We started this blog in 2014 and our website in 2018. Both platforms, combined, have visits of over 200,000 visitors in the peak months of December 2019 and January 2020. Mostly from PNG and Australia.

Therefore, if you are a PNG Writer or blogger, get in touch. Submit an article and we'll link it back to you. 

Some examples

Here are some work on Education and Development (research work) and guest articles we published earlier. 

Article submission 

All articles submission should: 
  • have a brief writer's bio
  • be submitted as Word file to
writing for living
Earn Real Money Writing for us

Review stages

The articles submitted to us will be reviewed. It can take up to a week to get a response from us, and up to a month to see your article online. 

Meanwhile, we'll be in contact with writers who submitted articles to us to talk about payment. The payment can be either
  • online back deposit into personal accounts or
  • direct mobile phone credit top-up. 

More information is available on our website here.

Recommended articles for successful young people

This is a collection of articles for making money by writing and building blogs or websites based on your passion. I repeat PASSION. (This blog is an example of using free BLOGGER to create something that you are passionate about.)

If you have a talent for something or someone tell's you that you are creative, these ideas will make you successful. CLICK ON THE LINKS TO GET FREE INFO.



Latest on Vote of No Confidence in Papua New Guinea 2024

Latest on Vote of No Confidence in Papua New Guinea 2024