EU Visa for PNG Citizens to be processed in Port Moresby Mid-2019

In a visit to the African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Group of States and the European Union (EU) in Brussels in November 2018, the Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Rimbink Pato said

“That [EU visa proccessing on PNG] is welcome news for our exporter and importers, and our citizens in general,” Pato said.
“They will not need to go to Singapore, Manila or Australia at great expense to obtain their visas. Next year they will be able to obtain ‘Schengen’ visas in PNG. Those visas allow entry to most European countries.”
The National Newspaper said that 
'A key result of the visit was that EU visas for PNG citizens will be processed in Port Moresby by the mid 2019'.
National Newspaper 01 November 2018
It is now 'in the middle of next year'  - this year 2019 - and would be nice to get an update on the promise of EU Visa processing in Port Moresby.

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