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PNG Visa Online Auto-Grant Function Reactivated 2022

Minister for Immigration and Labour, Bryan Kramer, re-launched the auto-grant system (PNG Visa Online Service) to reduce the high volume of applications and improve turnaround time for clients.

PNG Online Visa Application
PNG Visa Online Auto-Grant Function Reactivated

Eligible applicants for PNG Visa Online 

Kramer stated that the system is independent and will only be for selected visa classes including 

  • Tourists (own itinerary and tour package), 
  • visiting relative, 
  • yacht person (crew and owner), 
  • easy visitor permit (30/60 days) and 
  • the Restricted Employment Visa.
The minister said...

“This system is now available. PNG Immigration have used it before during the APEC in 2018, the Women’s Soccer World Cup and the Pacific Games in Port Moresby to facilitate large volumes of delegates. I want to reactivate this in a similar way but with strict conditions attached to the auto-grant letters,”

PNG Visa Online fast approval

The auto-grant will allow tourists and visitors on short-term visits to get their visas granted immediately instead of waiting for seven days to get approval.

“The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) will step up its compliance and enforcement efforts to ensure visitors are complying with the conditions set out in the auto-grant letters. 

With limited staff on strength, I am taking this option so personnel in the department can concentrate on other visa categories that need careful assessment and consideration”.

The auto-granting of PNG Visa Online applications does not in any way compromise the integrity of the systems or pose security risks.

PNG visa online

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PNG Consulate Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns

Papua New Guineans and friends in Australia can get help from the PNG Consulate in Brisbane, Sydney and Cairns. Besides the 3 Consulate Generals, the High Commissioner is based in Canberra. 

png consulate in brisbane, cairns and sydney australia

PNG Consulates in Australia

Papua New Guineans living and working in Australia can seek travel info and assistance from the consulates near you.

Citizens from qualified countries may be able to travel to Papua New Guinea without a visa. The most common types of Papua New Guinea visas are the following.

  • Transit visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa
  • Diplomatic visa
Here is how to apply for a visa including the latest (2022) PNG entry visa online application info

PNG Consulates' Address

  • PNG General in Brisbane - The new location is Level 1, 316 Adelaide Street, Brisbane City QLD 4000
  • PNG Consulate in Sydney - Suite G, 04, 247 Coward Street Mascot Sydney, NSW
  • PNG Consulate Cairns 42-44 Spence Street P.O. Box 4886 Cairns, QLD

PNG High Commission – Canberra

  • High Commissioner, His Excellency Mr John Kali
  • Minister & Deputy High Commissioner, Mr. Sakias Tameo
  • Second Secretary, Mrs. Morgan Pehara
  • Third Secretary, Ms. Lucy Kila
  • Administration Officer, Mr. Sodina Bun
  • Visa Officer, Mrs. Jin Howatson
Street Address: 39-41 Forster Crescent, Yarralumla ACT 2600
Postal Address: P.O. Box E6317, Kingston ACT 2604

Contact PNG High Commission

High Commission:
Visa Section:  

Tel: (02) 6273 3322

How to Apply for Papua New Guinea (PNG) Visa?

Note that in a recent media release (2022), the Immigration Minister re-launched the Online PNG Entry Visa Application function. Its aim is to fast-track the backlog of visa applications. Only certain groups of visitors are eligible for the online fast-track visa.

PNG entry visa comprises several classes. Find out which one suits you. 

How to apply for PNG visa

Classes of PNG Entry Visas

Tourist (Tour Package)

Relevant documents are provided (eg: A letter from Tour Group)

Group tours, student excursion groups, etc.

Tourist (own itinerary)

Relevant documents are provided (eg: Letter stating the purpose of the visit)

Individuals who wish to sightsee independently, travel, or visit friends, etc.

Easy Visitor Permits (EVP)

EVPs are strictly issued upon arrival in PNG to eligible nationals only, please refer to the list (Visa on arrival eligible country list) at

Visiting Relative

For individuals visiting husbands, wives, or other family members.


For reporters, TV presenters, announcers and correspondents.


Owner, captain, and crew of a yacht as well as any accompanying spouse and/or children.

Validity of PNG Visa

All visitor entry permits are valid for a single entry stay of sixty (60) days from the date of arrival. Work is prohibited.

Where to apply

Application for all the above classes can be made at any PNG Diplomatic Mission.

Applications for tourist/visiting relative entry permits (for eligible nationals) can also be made on arrival at designated international ports of entry.

For those arriving by yacht, applications can be made at ICD or at the designated international port of entry.

How to apply for PNG Visa

1. Complete the “Application for Entry Permit” (Form 1)

2. Pay the Migration Service Fee (MSF)

3. Provide passport and documentary evidence.

Check out the countries eligible for the NEW online entry visa application.

Support documents to attach with the application form

  • Tourist (both tour package and own itinerary):
  • Return/ongoing ticket;
  • Evidence of funds (if required).
  • Visiting Relative:
  • Return/ongoing ticket
  • Evidence of funds (if required).

Journalist's Entry Visa to PNG

  • Return/ongoing ticket
  • Letter from sponsoring organization and list of equipment.
  • Approval from the International Organization Branch of the Department of Foreign Affairs & Immigration must be obtained prior to the entry permit issue.

Yacht Person Entry Visa to PNG

  • Proof of ownership of vessel/ captain’s papers;
  • Ship’s log for details of crewmembers;
  • Customs Clearance form must be completed.
  • Accompanying dependents and crewmembers are issued a Tourist/visitor entry permit upon arrival.

Extension of stay in PNG

Extensions can be granted once only for a maximum of thirty (30) days whilst in PNG.

Applicants for extension should:

  • Complete the “Application to Extend Entry Permit” (Form 4);
  • Pay the MSF as set out in the Summary Table.
  • Provide a letter stating the reasons for the extension.
  • Provide a copy of the return airline ticket.
  • Further applications will not be considered.

How much to pay in PNG Visa fees

All Tourist Visas are free.

Journalist - effective 1 April 2014 the fee is AU$435.00*

*Check the local PNG Consulate or High Commission for the latest fees and travel info.

PNG Entry Visa Application
A blooming orchid, Port Moresby Adventure Park

PNG eVisa Apply Online from 20 Eligible Countries

PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority (PNGI&CA) electronic visa (eVisa) can now be accessed worldwide in more than 20 countries. 

PNG online e visa application
Facebook/PNG I&CA

PNGI&CA is expanding our eVisa to all APEC member economies including Russia and Commonwealth member States including India, South Africa and Cyprus.

Nationals from one of those countries can now apply online and receive visas instantly to travel to PNG without the need to visit a PNG Embassy or High Commission.

The expansion of eVisa gives access to about 3 billion prospective visitors and tourists to visit PNG.

PNGI&CA as a PNG Border Agency is using its role to generate revenue and promote prosperity for our people.

PNG's eVisa is a world standard traveller facilitation system which allows applicants to apply for visas anytime, anywhere in the world as long as they are connected to the internet.

Reposted Facebook/PNGI&CA

PNG Work Permit One Entry, One Work Permit, One Job

The Government plans to review the work permits of all expatriates to ensure conditions have not been breached, and rules on the issuing of new ones will be stricter.

Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Mehrra Kipefa told The National that the department would implement a new policy from next year to tighten the issuing of work permits. A policy paper on it is currently before the National Executive Council.

“Our new policy starting next year will be one entry, one job,” Kipefa said.

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PNG work permit - how to get it

“We will review all work permits issued to expatriates to ensure they have only one job for which they were issued work or entry permit to work in the country.”

He said there had been some instances where some expats were granted a permit to do a certain job but then did other jobs.

“Those who are found to be doing such will have to be disciplined, including cancelling their work permits and having them repatriated back to their home country,” Kipefa said.

Kipefa said there were a lot of things to be fixed and he would seek the support of fellow ministers and state agencies to get things fixed.

 “We also have a lot of technical people coming into the country and doing jobs which our own people have the knowledge and the skills to do, and can competently perform,” he said.

“That is another issue I will be addressing.

“We will only issue work permits and recruit expatriates on jobs that Papua New Guineans are not able to perform.

“And these expatriates will be required to also train Papua New Guineans when they are employed here.”

Kipefa said jobs that Papua New Guineans could perform must be given to them.

“We will classify certain jobs, especially technical and skilled jobs only for our citizens,” he said.

“That is what I will be driving and we are looking at bringing the National Apprentice and Trade Test to the provinces and the districts.

“We have started with Mingende in Chimbu by launching a Trade Testing Centre for carpentry at the Saint Mary’s Technical School last week.

“And based on the success, we are looking at accrediting trade tests for other technical courses like mechanical, electrical, welding and plumbing.”

Kipefa said the policy on “one entry or work permit, one job” was expected to be tabled during the first sitting of Parliament next year.

“I am looking forward to giving a ministerial statement in Parliament on the policy and to commence the implementation,” Kipefa said.

The National