4G Mobile Customers Data Rate Reduction - Time to Go Rural

PNG Telikom and BmobileVodafone (bmv) 4G prepaid mobile data rates given a massive cut.

Now, mobile data users on TPNG/bmv 4G network can enjoy a reasonable data with the *new* Data Plan.

Telikom 4g cheap data plan

Type *777# and follow the prompt to see TPNG/bmv new data plan.

Read about how to signup to Telikom PNG Selfcare app HERE

Past Data Plan Expensive

Previously, bmv mobile data can be described as 'very expensive', for example:
  • K30➡️ 1.5GB ➡️ 14 days, and
  • K80➡️ 10 GB ➡️ 14 days

It is good to see bmv giving their customers something of value on TPNG 4G network.

Limited Network Coverage

However, bmv needs to expand its network, hence coverage, into the remote parts of the country like Digicel did.

No excuse.

Bvm is an SoE. It must serve the people by bringing the mobile telecommunication services to the remote areas, and not just the main centres.

After this long in the bmobile telecommunication business, what is the point if a state owned company does not reach the rural mass?

Capacity at bmv

There are, probably, enough manpower at bmv to roll out a nationwide coverage. Or, a lack of management enthusiasm to lead a program like this!

As mentioned earlier, just covering the main centres is not good enough. With TPNG 4G network passed onto bmv, the bmv management may have to lead some IMPACT changes.

Bmv should aim to penetrate the rural areas. This is the challenge. It is the right thing to do regardless of landowner issues or what-not.

Bmv Management Vision

A strategic measure to deal with landowners and combat threats has to be developed by bmv management. And, immediately roll-out a rural-coverage program with the aim to achieve 90%- 100% in 5 years. This is an example of vision for the company.

So, the question is - what is your vision bmv management?

If back-paddling on TPNG 4G network should help to reach rural majority, by all means, do it.

Take this as a challenge and improve the rural coverage.

Bmv Financial Standing

Having said that, the management can only do certain things with the money it got. It cannot 'eat more than what it can chew'.

This blog understands bmv is in-debted to Bank South Pacific and the government.

In other words, after paying its employees and expenses, it is paying off debt it owed to banks.

In hindsight, drastic cost-expense reduction within bmv needs to happen.

This means, a thorough review has to be conducted into the expenses of the company with the aim to CUT COST and divert the money toward strategic investments.

Infrustructural investment such as rolling out a rural-wide network coverage is strategic and must happen.

Is it too hard to lead an IMPACT program to cover 90% - 100% of PNG in 5 years?

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