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PNG Telikom and bMobile 5 Short Codes You Should Know

The two PNG govt-run mobile and data carriers' function and organisational structures were realigned, in what is believed, to optimise the companies assets. In fact, Telikom and bMobile are in debt to the BSP Bank and are yet to realise profits. 

We hope that sooner, rather than later, this merger will make this govt organisation debt-free and turn a profit. 

As a local, you can help them to achieve that by using the service they provide.

Here are the Telikom Self Care info and 5 Short Codes for everyday mobile phone users and existing subscribers.

PNG Telikom Self Care info

The Telikom Self Care portal is for buying data bundles & checking credit usage. Customers can use the Telikom Self-care to recharge at any time from anywhere with ease and monitor their usage from this portal. 

Telikom PNG SelfCare Page you can do:

  • Prepaid Recharge,
  • Bundle Purchase, and
  • Transfers on Fixed Broadband (and Fixed Wireless Services).

2. How to Subscribe to 777 International Voice Plan from PNG

International calls from the telcos in PNG is very expensive. However, the best way to communicate with people family or friends overseas is through WhatsApp and other social media platforms. But if you want to make calls instead, try the TelikomPNG and BmobilePNG overseas call plans, 777 option.

3. How to check NASFUND Balance using 627 on your mobile phone

Here is how i get my Nashfund Balance using 627 on my mobile phone. 

  • Type *627*MembershipNumber*DateOfBirth#  
  • press the call button on your mobile phone. 
There is a charge of 20t. If you have a problem, it could be because you keyed in the command too slow. So try to speed it up. Other problem with checking NASFUND balance on the mobile phone includes no units, wrong membership number, wrong date format and slow/no network connections.

4. Check your own mobile number Telikom PNG & bMobile

Forgot your Number? You can dial *999# to get your PNG Telikom and Bmobile number

  • On the mobile phone keypad key in *999#
  • Press 'Send'

5. How to check data, SMS and credit balance Digicel, Telikom PNG & bMobile

  • On the mobile phone keypad key in *120#
  • Press 'Send'
We created a playlist of Telikom Self Care info and 5 Short Codes for everyday mobile phone users. Check it out on YouTube.

Do you have accounts with Nasfund, Kina Bank, BSP or into POM stock exchange? Check out the latest Financial News, Savings and Loans, and Superannuation updates on PNG Insight.

Popular Apps in PNG are Digicel PlayGo, ShareIt, MyDigicelApp mp3Juice, Telegram

 Here we take a look at the MOST RECENT apps PNG Users are downloading and using. 

PNG Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube Apps have been popular for a long time. But, it seems the trend is changing.

This list shows that popular app downloads in the last 12 months, and even as recent as the last 4 hours. 

The most popular Apps in PNG are Digicel PlayGo, ShareIt, MyDigicelApp  mp3Juice and Telegram. Here are reasons why the apps are popular.

Digicel PlayGo, ShareIt, MyDigicelApp  mp3Juice and Telegram

Download Apps popularity specs

PlayGo App: Digicel PlayGo App is growing in popularity with the ever-growing PNG Rugby League Fan base. The local Digicel Cup, PNG Hunters in QRL, NRL and 2021 State of Origin games are the reasons why Digicel PlayGo App is on fire right now. 

PlayGo App Description: PlayGo is TV anytime, anywhere on any device! Watch movies, series, sports, regional events, local news, the hottest shows, and kids programs whenever you are. Want to relive the best TV and movie moments? Browse the On Demand library with over 6000+ hours of the most popular series and cinematic releases.

ShareIt: ShareIt App is taking off in PNG. It takes over Bluetooth and Hotshot sharing. That is why many young users prefer it. 

ShareIt App Description: SHAREit is an app for sending pictures, music, and more, to other devices without using an active internet or Bluetooth connection. This free program uses a private hotspot to share between up to five devices. While many alternatives offer a similar service, this app does away with the transfer limit. You can send data of all shapes and sizes.

My Digicel App: This app is an all-in-one Digicel platform. Over 92% of PNG mobile phone users using Digicel network makes this app a must-use. That is the reason why it is popular for a long time and is today.

MyDigicel App Description: MyDigicel App enables users to stay connected with their Digicel account from anywhere! Digicel App users can access your account balance, activate Plans and Subscriptions, Send credit to family and friends, play Shake it and win prizes, and Top Up online.

mp3 Juice: It is NOT an app. It is an online website that user uses to download the music in audio version. It is a popular way used by many music lovers in PNG and overseas. 

mp3 Juice description: Mp3 juice is a free mp3 music download site. It enables users to download songs & music videos for free. 

Telegram App Download: WhatsApp has been a popular APP for a long time in PNG. Many people are using it. But it seems its popularity is declining as people are experimenting on telegram. The reason being that many people wanted *security*.

Telegram App description: Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.

Top 5 App Download by recent Users

  1. PlayGo App
  2. ShareIt
  3. My Digicel App
  4. mp3 Juice
  5. Telegram

So, there you have it. 

The most popular Apps in PNG are Digicel PlayGo, ShareIt, MyDigicelApp  mp3Juice and Telegram.

How to Send Credit: Telikom and Bmobile Codes and Videos

Here are quick videos to show you how to send credit from one Telikom mobile number to another Telikom number (or Bmobile to Bmobile number). We used the USSD codes for this popular service and recorded the videos in real-time. Hope it helps.

You can also find out about how to:

  • find your own number,
  • check credits,
  • subscribe to international voice call, and 
  • info about other popular Telikom PNG and Bmobile USSD codes.
Subscribe and check out the YouTube playlist here

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5) How to Send and Receive Free Credits

Telikom Credit Transfer

Here is how to transfer PNG​ Telikom​ credit from one mobile​ number to another. 


  1. Open the call keypad
  2. Key in *128*
  3. Enter Telikom mobile number - should be 8 digits long
  4. Press #
  5. Press CALL
  6. Follow the prompt
  7. Wait for 'success' notification.

Bmobile Credit Transfer

Transfer credit from bmobile to bmobile is easy. But you have to type fast to make a successful transfer.


  1. Open the call keypad
  2. Key in *128*
  3. Key in 12345*
  4. Enter amount to send
  5. Enter Bmobile number - 8 digits
  6. Press #
  7. Press CALL to send
  8. Follow the prompt
  9. Wait for 'success' notification.

PNG Telikom TV Info and FAQs

Telikom TV is a television service offered by PNG Telikom. Telikom TV uses the internet to deliver 20 television channels. You can access and view the 20 channels, including the most popular being Netflix and Youtube. Telikom TV services are available in Port Moresby and recently launched in Lae.

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Here are the 7 FAQs from Telikom PNG about the IP TV service it offers to customers in POM and LAE:

Q1: What is Telikom TV?

Telikom TV is a value-added product that is offered on Telikom’s Fixed Broadband Internet (Copper & Fibre) service. Telikom TV provides Television Channel entertainment over the Internet.

There are 20 Channels that can be viewed via an Android TV Smart Box which is connected to the internet access (ADSL2+/GPON) and connected via HDMI cable to the HDMI in-port of a Television set.

Q2: What are the Channels currently available on Telikom TV?

The Channels currently available are:
  • EMTV
  • NBC
  • Pasifica TV
  • 9Life
  • 9Go
  • 9GEM
  • Channel 9
  • ABC
  • Euro News
  • Arirang TV
  • Channel 7
  • Russia Today
  • DW
  • Day Star
  • Aljazeera
  • NHK World TV
  • France 24
  • Hope Channel
  • EWTN
  • TRT News.

Q3: Do I require Internet Data to view Telikom TV?

Yes, you will require internet data to be able to view the Channels because Telikom TV is provided over the internet. The Android TV Smart Box has the Telikom TV android application pre-installed.
Accessing the Channels will be via the Telikom TV app. There are other Android applications that are installed in the Android TV Smart Box like Netflix, YouTube, FITE, TED, Red Bull TV, and Haystack TV that can be accessed using internet data.

Q4: How much is the Android TV Smart Box?

The Introductory price is K150.

Q5: Are there TV Plans to subscribe to?

No, there aren’t any TV Plans yet. For now, you only require internet data to access the 20 Free of Subscription Channels.

Q6: Will there be other Channels added to the current 20?

Yes, additional TV Channels and VOD contents will be offered soon.

Q7: Is the soft Launch in NCD only and is Telikom TV available in other centres

Telikom TV has been soft-launched in NCD only and will soon be rolled out to other Provincial Regions where ADSL2+/GPON is present.

Unlike the television services we are all accustomed to which uses antennas, satellite dishes and cables, Telikom TV provides these services through the internet. This form of television service is technically known as IP TV or Internet Protocol Television.

More info & assistance contact 3456789

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Telikom PNG Self Care Signup - Check Balance

When you signup to Telikom PNG self care, you will benefit from several services they offer. Sign up to Telikom PNG self care app is FREE. 

Some of the benefits include:
  • viewing your bundle,
  • buy data bundles,
  • check balance 
  • update contact details,
  • view transactions
  • change passwords, and
  •  view usage pattern up to three (3) months.

Telikom PNG Self Care Signup in 4 steps

Step 1: Visit
Step 2: Enter the defaut signup credentials: 
  • Username (Your phone number) and 
  • Password (123456)
Step 3: Important - create a new and unique user name and password only you can remember
Step 4: It is time to view enjoy the benefits of Telikom PNG self care app

Telikom Self Care mobile application

If you are using the Telikom Self Care App, you'll find these instructions helpful. Note that the how to use the self-care app guide was REPOSTED to help Telikom PNG customers. 

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To access Telikom PNG SelfCare app:

1) Press ‘SelfCare’
2) Enter your Username (your Prepaid Telikom Subscriber number)
3) Enter your Password
4) Check ‘Remember’ if you want RaitAPP to remember your username and password
5) Press Login

Check out the complete guide for mobile app users in the video clip below.

More information

For more info on how to login to Selfcare, please contact our Customer Care team on 3456789.

4G Mobile Customers Data Rate Reduction - Time to Go Rural

PNG Telikom and BmobileVodafone (bmv) 4G prepaid mobile data rates given a massive cut.

Now, mobile data users on TPNG/bmv 4G network can enjoy reasonable data with the *new* Data Plan.

Telikom 4g cheap data plan

Type *777# and follow the prompt to see TPNG/bmv new data plan.

Find out how to Transfer Credits from Bmobile to Bmobile or Telikom PNG numbers.

Past Data Plan Expensive

Previously, bmv mobile data can be described as 'very expensive', for example:
  • K30➡️ 1.5GB ➡️ 14 days, and
  • K80➡️ 10 GB ➡️ 14 days

It is good to see bmv giving their customers something of value on TPNG 4G network.

Limited Network Coverage

However, bmv needs to expand its network, hence coverage, into the remote parts of the country like Digicel did.

No excuse.

Bvm is an SoE. It must serve the people by bringing the mobile telecommunication services to the remote areas, and not just the main centres.

After this long in the bmobile telecommunication business, what is the point if a state owned company does not reach the rural mass?

Capacity at bmv

There are, probably, enough manpower at bmv to roll out a nationwide coverage. Or, a lack of management enthusiasm to lead a program like this!

As mentioned earlier, just covering the main centres is not good enough. With TPNG 4G network passed onto bmv, the bmv management may have to lead some IMPACT changes.

Bmv should aim to penetrate the rural areas. This is the challenge. It is the right thing to do regardless of landowner issues or what-not.

Bmv Management Vision

A strategic measure to deal with landowners and combat threats has to be developed by bmv management. And, immediately roll-out a rural-coverage program with the aim to achieve 90%- 100% in 5 years. This is an example of vision for the company.

So, the question is - what is your vision bmv management?

If back-paddling on TPNG 4G network should help to reach rural majority, by all means, do it.

Take this as a challenge and improve the rural coverage.

Bmv Financial Standing

Having said that, the management can only do certain things with the money it got. It cannot 'eat more than what it can chew'.

This blog understands bmv is in-debted to Bank South Pacific and the government.

In other words, after paying its employees and expenses, it is paying off debt it owed to banks.

In hindsight, drastic cost-expense reduction within bmv needs to happen.

This means, a thorough review has to be conducted into the expenses of the company with the aim to CUT COST and divert the money toward strategic investments.

Infrustructural investment such as rolling out a rural-wide network coverage is strategic and must happen.

Is it too hard to lead an IMPACT program to cover 90% - 100% of PNG in 5 years?

Digicel vs Telikom PNG and bMobile: 5 Low-Cost Data Bundles and Packaged Plans You Should Know

This post compares the low-cost data bundles and packaged plans (data, voice calls and SMS) from the three telecommunication companies (telcos) in PNG: bmobile-Vodafone, Digicel PNG, and Telikom PNG. As a matter of discloser, the post is solely an independent review; focusing on disseminating consumer information. It is an unbiased analysis based on personal experience, research and customer care enquiries. Any errors are subjected to correction. So, do leave a comment below.

Placing value on the low-cost data bundles and plans

One factor needed considering when analysing low-cost products is money. On one hand, the telcos want to make more money. On the other hand, they know that they don’t make enough money with the low-cost products. 

The dilemma here is that most customers, especially the rural population and low to middle-income earners, prefer the cheaper data bundles (and plans) to the expensive ones. That is why low-cost products are the most popular products. However, the three telcos will have to sell more of the low-cost products in less time to make enough money, a balancing act.

Data Bundles – K3, K5 and K10

Identifying the value in the data bundles is fairly easy. Yet many customers failed to use the low-cost data bundle because they do not know it exists. In fact, there is a better data bundle on offer.

From the table, Telikom PNG came out on top. Telikom PNG offers a whopping 100 MB for 5 days at only K3.00. Furthermore, the 200 MB for 3 days and 400 MB for 14 days are *3 times more data* compared to what Digicel PNG and bmobile-Vodafone are offering. This is an unbeatable value at the moment! 

 Telikom PNG offers more data 

Data, Voice Calls and SMS Plans - K3, K5 and K7

Subscribing to a plan is the best way to get value for money. Ideally, you get all the three bundles (data, voice call and SMS) in a plan when you buy a subscription.

One way to untangle the value is to compare the popular – most often used - plans. Examples of the plans can be found in Digicel PNG 1Tok Combo (*675#) or bmobile-Vodafone Moa Pack (*777#) or Telikom PNG passes (*777#). Below is the comparison of the three telcos 1-day and 1-week plans, the popular plans.

Click on the image to enlarge