HELP Loan Application Form Tertiary Institutions


The government has released a total of K220 million for the Higher Education Loan Program or HELP.

The department made an initial submission for a K350 million but was only given K220 million.

Higher Education Secretary Fr Jan Czuba said the release of funds is for implementation in April this year.

Fr Jan Czuba stated that this amount is sufficient and would not often be fully used and whatever remains can be rolled over to next year’s allocation.

The Secretary made this known when providing an update on the HELP program to NBC News.

NBC News was told a temporary declaration form which is similar to a loan application form has been issued by the Secretary’s office to all tertiary institutions and colleges in the country.

Fr Jan explained that students who wish to apply for this loan will have to fill the form and leave them with their respective administration for enrolment purposes.

The Higher Education Secretary said three options have been discussed and looked at as the avenue where this fund will be managed.

He said they are considering options that are going to be transparent and also to ensure the money grows instead of being used up.

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