The government introduced, Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) will be ready for students to apply in the Second Semester of 2020.

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Here are past news articles and information about DHERST HELP student loan programs that you should know when applying. Click on the links to read the latest articles about the HELP loan program.

nid and tin required tor HELP application
NID & TIN required for HELP application

  • DHERST will facilitate the Student Loan Scheme (HELP)
  • HELP application will open from 27th April 2020
  • Prerequisites for loan include National Identification Card (NID) and Tax Identification Number or (TIN)
  • HELP will be the only available Students’ scholarship in the future
  • Continuity of HELP per student is based on GPA
  • Help is available for higher education courses, PhD, Doctoral, Masters and other postgraduate programs
  • Student Application for the HELP loan is online
Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Secretary, Fr Jan Czuba in a statement says this an instruction from Prime Minister James Marape and DHERST Minister Nick Kuman.

Fr Jan Czuba said since it’s a new system being introduced; it requires some time from both the department and the students to finalise everything.

He said it also gives time to students to gather their required documents such as National Identification Card or NID) and Tax Identification Number or (TIN). These are important prerequisite requirements when submitting Applications for HELP.

HELP application will open from 27th April 2020, online via DHERST website and as notified in press and media advertising.

During the period of January to May 2020, there will be a transition from TESAS to HELP. DHERST will be working very closely with all Higher Education Institutions over the transition period to ensure that all students are well informed about HELP.

As of May 2020, TESAS awards will cease for good and HELP financing will commence. HELP will be the only available Studentship for all students for years to come.

HELP will provide student support for multiple years of study as long as students continue to meet the required academic and non-academic criteria.

HELP will also be available for PhD, Doctoral, Masters and other postgraduate programs, meeting the Government’s goal in providing a full range of quality education at the post-secondary level and beyond.

Fr Jan Czuba also announced the total amount of money each student attending tertiary institutions is eligible to apply.
“Students attending colleges and Poly-Technical colleges either public or private, as long as the colleges are registered by us and program accredited, the students will be eligible to apply K5000 per year.
“Students who are doing university level will apply for K10 000 per year.
 “Students who do Masters Degree or other Post-Graduate studies like Bachelors or Honors will apply for K15000 per year.
Students who are doing PhD or Doctorate can apply for K20 000 per year,” the Secretary outlined.

Fr Jan said, for a start, the students will receive less but as the year goes by the loan amount might increase.
“Currently we have the Students Higher Education Loan Program Handbook for students’ ready.“We have the Lease Agreement between students and Government is ready.“Now we are developing this electronic application and it should be ready soon, so students don’t have to go to the bank or come to us to get the application form.“They will go to the Website, they will download the form, fill them online and send them back to us, so the process will be very fast, said Fr Jan Czuba.
The Secretary said this will save time and cost for parents and students as everything will be done electronically.

In the meantime, Fr Jan Czuba said, those students on TESAS will continue but for self-sponsored students will have to meet their own registration fees for the first semester only.

SOURCE: NBC News | 08/01/2020 | Facebook Notes

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