How to download Twitter video (or GIF)

It is easy to download video and GIF files from Twitter. You can use the 4 steps listed below to do exactly that - download Twitter videos on android or computer. 

It is important to do two ethical things if the video is not yours:

1. Seek the owner's consent before downloading and using it, or
2. Give credit where it is due.

In cases where you intend to monetise the video online or offline, give credit and attribute disclaimer as/when necessary. 

This post encourages content creators to use this download option ethically and responsibly. Enjoy.

How to download video (or GIF) from Twitter

Step 1: Get the link of the Twitter status (Here id how to get the URL - YouTube)

download twitter video ios

Step 2: Link input into the form field (See the 5 Twitter video downloaders below)

twitter video download

Step 3: Choose the download option

andriod video download

Step 4: Download

viral video download

That's it. 
You are done!

5 Popular Twitter Video Downloaders






For clarity, check out Twitter Video Download instructional video on YouTube.

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