PNG Higher Education Institutions Resume Classes and Complete 2020 Academic Year - DHERST


The Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) says its position is to resume the 2020 academic year for all higher education institutions. 

Secretary Professor Fr Jan Czuba came out today to dispel false information being spread on social media Facebook about the closure of the academic year. 

"We currently have a situation where someone irresponsible is circulating false information that the Department is recommending closure of the academic year," Czuba said.

“This information is ethically and legally wrong and we regret that some people are trying to destabilize the peace and harmony during this state of emergency.”

Czuba says he has written letters to Prime Minister James Marape and Emergency Controller David Manning and he’s met with both and made the department’s position clear for all higher education institutions to resume classes and complete the academic year.

He says they are expecting a favourable decision from the Emergency Controller.

He says DHERST communicates to all higher education institutions regularly on any decisions via e-letters and it does not use social media during the state of emergency to communicate with the institutions.

He says any official statement will be announced by himself as per orders received from the Emergency Controller and the National Executive Council.

Czuba says DHERST is maintaining a reputable partnership with all higher education institutions to ensure that students, academic and non-academic staffs are safe and can work in a stable environment to achieve their highest potential by completing their studies.

PNG NBC News 20/04/2020

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