Selection List: PNG National High and Secondary Schools - info & update

The Grade 11 selection for 2022 is usually released by the General Education Services (GES) of the National Education Department before the end of the year. Perhaps it is important to understand the effort (and appreciate the timebound work) the education officials put into selecting the Grade 11 students in 2021 for 2022. 

In this article, we provide the information and updates on Grade 11 selections and Selection Listing based on what we observed in the past.

LATEST UPDATE: Grade 11 Selection List 2022 Published

IMPORTANT UPDATE 22 DEC 2021: The Grade 11 Selection Lists for all the Regions and Nationa High Schools are OUT NOW (22nd DECEMBER 2022). 

As we predicted, the list came out 2 weeks after the Grade 11 Selection Committee had completed the selection. 

The education department website is slow due to a high volume of traffic. You may find this frustrating, so go easy.


  • Update#2: The 2022 Grade 11 selection is in progress.
  • Update#1: Grade 10 exam marks release to the selection committee on the 5th December 2021

According to the Education Secretary, the Grade 10 national exam results will be released to the Grade 11 Selection Conference on the 5th of December 2021.

That means that the 2021 Selection lists for National High and Secondary Schools are likely to be published after 2 weeks following the release of the results.

Grade 11 selection for 2022

Here is a brief of what actually happens from students taking the exams to releading of Grade 11 selection list in PDF:

1. Grade 10 Exams taken by students in schools in the provinces.

2. Grade 10 Students scripts are marked in the provinces.

3. Results are sent from the provincial marking centres to the Education Department in Port Moresby (MSD deals with the online Grade 10 results/marks).

4. MSD and General Education Services (a section of the National Department of Education) facilitate the selection.

5. Provincial reps, principals and education officers meet in the provinces (starting 2020) and use the Grade 10 students final results to select the 2021 Grade 11 students for national and secondary schools in the country.

6. The 2021 Grade 11 students selection PDF lists are published on the education department website.

How long does it take to do Grade 11 selection?

In 2020, it took 10 days (from the end of the selection) for the GES to publish the Grade 11 selection list. It took longer in 2021 (3 weeks) to finalise the publish the selection list in PDF.

This year's Grade 11 selection for 2022 might take 2 weeks, see our prediction here. 

This may seem long for the waiting parents and stakeholders, but it is important to get it right and also for the education secretary to sight the selection listing. 

Therefore, though it is timebound selection, GES and the education department does it well in 10 days after selections have been done.

Grade 11 Selection Info video

This video will help you to understand the process involved in the selection mentioned above. And, how to easily search the PDF list when it comes out. 

Timebound Activity: Grade 11 Selection 2022

The selection is timebound. As mentioned, though parents and stakeholders are desperate to see the list, we must also know that the list will (still) come out before the end of the year. No need to be worried. 

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Grade 11 selection is still not out, please share some light here.

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