2023 DHERST TESAS Selection Lists for Tertiary Scholarships Info

In this article, we take a look at the timeframe and actual dates for the release of the examination results and 2023 selections for Grade 12, Grade 11 and Grade 9 - here is the exam result and selection information you may also want to know.

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DHERST TESAS Grade 12 Selection List: Download selected students on tertiary scholarships:- The 2022 tertiary selection list was released by DHERST. It’s all in one PDF file and easy to check the selected students for each uni and college in the country. You may find the hints and tips below helpful when checking for the students on the tertiary selection list for 2022.

Grade 12 selections 2023

The update presents five helpful pieces of information about the 2022 selection list:

1. AES and TESAS 2022 tertiary scholarships

2. Stats of Grade 12 students selected to tertiary institutions in 2022

3. Important notes from DHERST

4. How to find a student’s name 2022 tertiary selection list

5. Where to download the 2022 tertiary selection list PDF

Download the 2022 Tertiary Selection list of New Intakes and used the tips to check students selection status. You may need your SLF numbers.

2022 TESAS PDF list for continuing students is now available. Check out the recent post here.

2022 selected students on tertiary scholarships

Last year DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology) published the Grade 12 Selection List on the 18th of December.

The selected students were awarded a government’s scholarship under two categories. The PNG government’s higher education scholarship is called TESAS (the Tertiary Education Scholarship Assistant Scheme).

TESAS is classed into either HECAS (the High Education Contribution Assistance Scheme) and AES (the Academic Excellence Scholarship). If a student is not awarded one of the government’s scholarships, then the student is considered Self-sponsored. The numbers of students awarded each scholarship in 2022 are given below.

Fact file Grade 12 students selection stats

2021 for 2022 ACADEMIC YEAR

27,743 (= *18,318 + **11,792) students registered in DHERST online selection system

*18,318 students in the national admission pool NOT selected

**11,792 (=***9,427 + ****2365) spaces available quota/spaces in higher education institutions (205 programs in HEI)

***9,425 Grade 12 students selected to tertiary institutions

****2,365 spaces yet to be filled via the national admission pool

2018 for 2022 ACADEMIC YEAR

AES- 904 Grade 12 Students awarded scholarships under this category

HECAS – 3757 Students awarded scholarships under this category

SELF-SPONSORED – 3936 had not been awarded a scholarship even they were selected by the selectors.

Total students selected to Higher learning institutions in PNG = 8597

DHERST announced 3 points that selected students to Tertiary institutions should take note of.

In a press release, the department of higher education said the students whose names appeared on the Grade 12 selection list must take note the following:

(1) Your personal details contained within your application has been forwarded to the Higher Education Institution which has selected you.

( 2) You should expect to receive an admissions offer letter directly from your Higher Education Institution (HEI). The HEI will communicate directly with you to inform you on specific details.

( 3) If your Study Program receives scholarship awards from the National Government, you may be eligible for financial support through the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS). Your TESAS status is also indicated in this National Selection List. Please log in to the NOAS (apply.dherst.gov.pg) and check MyStatus section any time before the 22nd December 2018 for further details on how to access your scholarship. [DHERST, Press Release 2022]

2022 tertiary selection list pdf

It can be fiddly to identify a student’s name of the PDF selection listing. But, you can use a quick trick to solve this problem. Simply use the ‘search’ bar on the PDF list.

The students’ names are not on the selection list last year. Presumably, if it is the same this year, students can not use their names when searching. The best detail to use is the student’s number on School Leaver’s Form (SLF).

How to quickly find a selected student on 2022 tertiary selection pdf list

1. Download the PDF file onto your device

2. Use the search button

3. Type in student’s SLF number

4. Search

5. Confirm the school against SLF #.

6. Confirm your scholarship/fee status.

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Grade 12 selected students NOT on tertiary institutions scholarship

It is perhaps important to note that about 50% of the Grade 12 student names on the Grade 12 selection list are NOT awarded a government scholarship (AES or HECAS) last year.

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Latest on Exam Results and Selections 2024