Madang Teachers College | 2024 Application Form and Admission Info

Study at Madang Teachers College (MTC): Want to study as a non-school leaver or school leaver at the Madang Teachers College? PNG Insight provides this information to help you plan and submit a successful application to become a primary school teacher. 

This article contains the eligibility criteria,  application attachments, admission info, course programs; and how to contact MTC and get the 2024 application form. Contact details are given below if you have a query or want to request an application form.

madang teachers college application form pdf 2024

Applying to MTC: School Leavers vs non-school leavers

School Leavers and Grade 12 (FODE) Matriculants: The Madang teachers college does NOT facilitate the application for School Leavers (Grade 12). The selection of Grade 12 school leavers is done in Port Moresby by the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST). 

If you are a student of Matriculation (FODE), you will also have to apply using the School Leavers Form (SLF) like the mainstream Grade 12 students. 

Non-school Leavers: NSL is the group of students who CAN apply DIRECTLY to MTC. If you are a Grade 12 students who left school in the last 3 years, you are an NSL. Or if you are coming through the Open Colleges, you *maybe* classified as an NSL. 

For the open college students and self-sponsored students, please seek further information from your school/college before applying.

Programs of study at Madang Teachers College (MTC)

As mentioned, MTC accepts both school leavers and non-school leavers into their programs. The college offers both bachelor in Education degree (BEd Primary Education/Teaching) and Diploma in Teaching (Dipl). You must have a Grade Point Average GPA of 2.4 (with NO FAILS) and above to apply for the Diploma in Teaching program. The Bachelor in Primary Education (Pre-service) requires a GPA of 2.5 (with NO FAILS) or above.

To be eligible for Bachelor in Primary Education (Pre-service) NSL selection 2024, you must have the following prerequisites. The Applicant must:

  • be Grade 12 School Leavers between 2018 and 2020.
  • NOT be a Grade 10 or matriculation student (matriculant).
  • have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • have NO FAIL grades in ANY of the subjects studied at Grade 12.
  • disclose any disability you have in the 2024 application form.
The 5 points are mandatory. Count yourself ineligible, if you do not meet ALL the eligibility criteria. 

Madang Teachers College application form 2024: ATTACHMENTS

The attachments are the requirements that you should include with the MTC application form 2024. Both the eligibility criteria and attachments will determine whether your application is successful, or not. 

What you attached with your *completed * application form:
  • Copy of Grade 10 and Grade 12 certificates (from MSD).
  • Copy of Grade 10 and Grade 12 'Official Transcripts' (from your school).
  • Two references (from reputable referees).
  • Certified Medical Certificates (from a doctor or medical practitioner).
  • Police Character Check Certificates (see here how to get a Police Check and Clearance Certificate).
  • Recent passport-size photo.
  • Receipt of Application.

Important college admission documents on registration day

The students who are registering must be able to present all the necessary documents that are required of them. 

They are mentioned in the above article and they are as follows: 

  • Upper Secondary School Certificate, 
  • Medical Report, 
  • Acceptance Letter from the college, and 
  • Former school ID.

This article contains the Full Admission Information for New Students. Must read

In most cases, the documents that are required upon registration are usually mentioned in the college acceptance letter to students. The list below puts in perspective the required documents for registering at a college in PNG.

Madang Teachers' College Acceptance List

The acceptance list for Madang Teachers' College for non-school leavers and school leavers will come out before the academic year starts. 

The non-school leavers who applied straight to Madang Teachers College will have to check the college for the non-school leavers acceptance list 2024.

As for the Grade 12 school leavers who applied through the National Online Application System (NOAS), check the higher education website for the DHERST Acceptance List.

If you have any questions, check out this link for information on selection dates and acceptance lists for tertiary institutions in PNG.

Get in touch and ask for MTC application form 2024

Perhaps it is important to get in touch with the Students' Admin and registrar at Madang Teachers College before submitting your application form and attachments.

Contact details:

Madang Teachers College, P O Box 218, Madang, Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

Phone: (675) 422 229 / 852 2539 / 4228082

Mobile : 71411171  / 79792925

If you do not get a response, here are some suggestions to get an application form.
  • Ask a friend/family in Madang to go to MTC and get an application form for you.
  • Contact a student of MTC on Social Media and ask him/her to help you.
  • Contact a Lecturer, tutor, registrar or employee of MTC to help you out.
  • Visit Madang TC and get an application form.

You must use the official application form to apply. Make sure that the form has the recent date and year, college stamp, PNG Education Department Emblem and College Emblem.

General info for school leavers and non-school leavers

Some of this information (contact details, eligibility, attachments, etc) is provided on the application form, but here are five things that you should know. So, ask your Guidance teachers or the college registrar prior to applying to MTC these 5 questions.

  1. What is the CUT-OFF GPA for this year?
  2. Can I submit my college Application Online too?
  3. Who can I contact to know my 2024 Madang Teachers Collection Selection list/status?
  4. From your experience, when will the Madang Teachers College 2024 Non-school Leavers selection list come out?
  5. What can I do if I am not selected?

About Madang Teachers College

The college is within Madang and easy to get to from the town centre. It offers a wide range of student facilities and activities throughout the year. 

Students' amenities are basic but clean. The facilities meet the requirements and standards to offer a 3-years diploma in teaching. 

Recently, MTC offers a 4 years Bachelors in Primary Education. Practical teaching (Practicum) is assessable in the third year. Students are sent to primary schools in Madang and nearby provinces to do their practical teaching. 

The college fees per year range between K5,000 and K10,000 and depending on whether you are on TESAS/HELP or self-sponsored. 

Appy to a college in PNG as a non-school leaver - opportunities 

Hope this information helps you to apply to the Madang Teachers College. 

If you are a non-school leaver looking for an opportunity to study in PNG, check out the list of application and admission info.
If you have any questions, leave a comment below. 

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Dear MTC Admin/Registrar,

I am sending this request in regards to NSL application forms for the 2023 academic school year. I am in a desperately need to get an application form for next year 2023.

Please advise if 2023 application forms are still open so I can fill up one.
My email and contact are as follows, should I need to be contacted;

Ph #: +67574472328/72285257

Awaits your kind respond.

Thank you,
Best regards,
MANFRED MENII EMIL (Eligible NSL Applicant)



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