Study at National Polytechnic Institute (Polytech Lae) Application and Enrolment info

General info for students: Here is information for potential students wanting to enrol at the National Polytechnic Institute of Papua New Guinea (NPIPNG or Polytec PNG). The academic programs and non-school leavers application processes in this article aims to help applicants as they prepare to submit their 2022 Polytechnic Institute Application Forms.

National Polytechnic Institute 2022 application fomr
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Polytechnic Non-School Leavers Application form 2022

Selections for non-school leavers are done at the institution and the names of the successful applicants are notified via their website to the Facebook page. A letter of acceptance is also sent out to the new intakes for 2022. If you are in Lae (Morobe Province), check the notice board at Polytech PNG at Eriku.

As mentioned, the Offer Letter for successful applicants will be forwarded to your forwarding address given in the application form. 

You can also collect the offer letter from the Institute Administration, through a valid ID presentation. If forwarding addresses are changed, call the Institute  Care-takers to give your new forwarding email addresses.

School Leavers Application (SL, Grade 12 applicants)

Selection for School Leavers applications is facilitated by the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science & Technology (DHERST) through its Student Support & Scholarship Branch.

It is important to note that DHERST through its Student Support & Scholarship will inform all TESAS awardees through separate offer letters. We wrote this article to give clarity to the process of DHERST selection and TESAS Award. Check them out.

Any selected school leavers who do not receive a TESAS offer letter from DHERST should not consider him/herself to be a self-sponsored student and is subject to all self-sponsor conditions for selected applicants. For queries regarding SL applications, please contact DHERST.

Polytechnic Lae contact

Non-school Leavers and School Leavers offer letters are forwarded to students' respective email accounts provided on either the application form (for the NSL) or NOSS ( for the SL). That means that applicants to PNG Polytech will receive their Acceptance Letters through the addresses they provided.

If you have not received your offer letter, call or email Polytec PNG on  or

READ OPEN COLLEGE STUDY INFO and IBS UNIVERSITY PATHWAY HERE. Check out this link, if you to apply for a Police Training Course.

Academic Programs at The National Polytechnic Institute of Papua New Guinea

  • Diploma in Applied Science
  • Diploma in Architectural Drafting
  • Diploma in Building.
  • Diploma in Civil Engineering
  • Diploma In Business Studies-Accounting
  • Diploma In Business Studies-Computing
  • Diploma In Business Studies-Management
  • Diploma In Business Studies-Office Administration
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering
  • Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  • Technical Training Certificate in Science Technology
  • Technical Training Certificate in Drafting
  • Technical Training Certificate in Tourism & Hospitality
  • Certificate in Meat Processing
  • National Certificate in Maintenance Fitting & Machining Level 1
  • National Certificate in Metal Fabrication & Welding Level 1

2022 Enrollment Information

Enrollment for all successful applicants and continuing students usually takes place between January and February 2022. 

Make sure to turn up before the registration closing date. A successful applicant who fails to enrol on the closing day losses his/her space to others students on the waiting list.

Present Original copies of documents on enrollment: 

  • Acceptance Letter, 
  • Certificates and Transcripts and 
  • a full school fee bank payment deposit slip or receipt.

National Polytechnic Institute of Papua New Guinea PNG Course Fee

The institution recommends that students (new & continuing) pay the Full Fee before enrolling, otherwise, enrolment will be denied.

  • Full Year Self & Corporate Sponsor fee is K7,300.00,
  • The Boarding & Lodging Component of K2,800.00 is inclusive for boarding students and K4,500.00 and for Day students. 
  • HECAS Student Fee (Parent Component) is K4,500.00.

For the latest information and notes with course fees, please refer to the “Fee Schedule” attached with the Offer Letter posted to you.

Method of Payment

All payments must be made through the bank. The Institute account detail is:

A/C Name: The National Polytechnic Institute of Papua New Guinea, 

Account No#: 271-385601, Westpac, Lae.

Note: All cheques must be payments must be cleared before the student is allowed to enrol. Students can be denied enrolment while waiting for the cheque to be cleared, therefore it is strongly recommended that all payments must be in cash or bank cheque before the enrolment dates.

Boarding Facilities

Accommodation on campus is limited and will be only provided for HECAS students on a “first come first basis”. Some HECAS students will not be given boarding privileged because of limited spaces. Boarding students are required to provide their own beddings (.i.e mattresses, pillows and linen) and eating utensils (for example cup, fork, and knife).

All other sponsored students will have to find their own accommodation off-campus. The Okari Campus is a church-owned accommodation facility that has been providing off-campus alternative accommodation for NPIPNG students since 2016 and continues to provide alternative accommodation for NPIPNG students. 

The campus is a 15-20 minute walk from NPIPNG. The Assemblies of God Church owns and manage the facilities as well as provide pastoral care and counselling services to the students. 

Those willing to be considered for Okari Campus boarding space can contact Mrs.Norma Kendi on 72455254 or Mr Paul Kilembe on 76218142 or email

Substitute Applicants

Substitute applicants will not be considered during the enrolment time.

For any queries contact the Caretakers or the Deputy Director-Academic or Deputy Director Students services on Phone # 472 2552 /7530/1505 or Fax: 472 1025. Visit our (NPIPNG) website or the Department of Education Website.

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