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The Sonoma Adventist College offers courses for primary school teachers training as well as training in Business Studies and Theology. The college is run predominantly by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and is located 17km out of Kokopo Town, Papua New Guinea.

Sonoma Adventist College Selection List 2024 PDF

Sonoma is an affiliated campus of PAU enabling them to deliver academic programs in Teacher Education (Primary), Building, Agriculture, Business and Theology.

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How to study at Sonoma Adventist College

You can study at the Sonoma Adventist College as a School Leaver or a Non-school Leaver. All the application and admission information that you need will be provided on the application form. Therefore before applying, get hold of an application form and read through the requirements carefully.

GPA college entry: Minimum GPA 2.20 (This GPA for Teachers Colleges in PNG was raised to 2.8 for the 2024 intakes - here is the latest info)

Sonoma has an affiliation entry pathway to Pacific Adventist University. As a student at Sonoma, you can continue to degree and masters programs at PAU and benefit from the course pathways the university offers for its students.

GPA for Sonoma/PAU entry: PAU recommends that students from Sonoma with a GPA of 2.20 to 2.70 and work experience may qualify for admission into a relevant program of study.

Sonoma Adventist Teachers College non-school leavers acceptance list 2024

Apply to  study as Non-school Leavers

To apply to Sonoma, you can get an application form from your Local Mission, pastor or at the main SDA Headquarters. Ask friendly people about an application form for Sonoma Adventist College and seek any assistance you may need to complete the application form, fee requirements and admissions info. 

You can also contact the institution directly using the contact given above. 

If you are in Port Moresby, you can alternatively go to the Pacific Adventist University and ask for help with your application. 

Apply to  study as School Leavers

If you are a Grade 12 student, you will have to apply through the DHERST National Online Application System. Ensure that you put Sonoma Adventist College as your First or Second Choice. 

The best time to do that is during the Grace Period when you can adjust your choices - here is how to do that and why it is important.

General Info

The Sonoma Adventist College is an agency-run institution that aims to 'train committed and efficient Christian workers for service to humanity, both, through church employment and outside of church employment.'

The college is a co-ed institution where both male and female students can study for a diploma in Primary Education, Theology or any one of the 5 program areas. 

Students are expected to uphold the highest Christian behaviour when attending Sonoma and remain true to their beliefs when leaving the college.

The core principle is to know, to love and to serve the community.

Sonoma Adventist College course information

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary or Early Childhood)

The Bachelor of Education is comprised of a major strand in either Primary or Early Childhood and students enrolling into the program are selected according to their strengths to take up either of the strands. Students in the primary strand should be competent in teaching grades four to eight, while the early childhood graduates specialise in teaching grades one to three, and can also teach Lower Primary classes as well. 

  • Diploma in Building program

The Diploma in Building program is a six-semester three-year full-time program. The program aims to develop well-groomed quality building technicians, estimators, project supervisors, project managers and draftsmen with content-based knowledge, well-informed aptitudes, skills and experiences to fit well into the building, architectural and drafting field of employment.

  • Diploma in Business program
The 2-year Diploma in Business program is affiliated with the Pacific Adventist University (PAU) School of Business and is designed as a four-semester full-time study program. The broad aim of this program is to prepare students for employment in accounting, computing and financial management positions in the Church and in its various subsidiary organisations, as well as in the wider business professional community. In this context, the course seeks to integrate values with sound principles.

  • Diploma in Tropical Agriculture
The Diploma in Tropical Agriculture is a six-semester three-year full-time program with an emphasis on agricultural practices and issues relevant to Papua New Guinea and other oceanic countries of the South Pacific, such as principles of crop production, animal science, natural resources and conservation, soil science, rural extension, agricultural economics, livestock management, agricultural machinery maintenance, marketing and rural sociology.

  • Diploma of Ministry
The Diploma of Ministry is a three-year full-time equivalent for intending ministers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The program is designed primarily to prepare ministers and other skilled pastoral personnel for service in the Adventist Church in the oceanic countries of the South Pacific. It provides a foundation for ordination to pastoral ministry and for later specialisation and graduate studies. Students who successfully complete this program are eligible to apply to PAU for one additional year for the Bachelor of Ministry and Theology program.

Sonoma Adventist College Acceptance List 2023

The acceptance lists are usually published in two parts and separately. The higher education department (DHERST) releases the School Leaver (Grade 12 intake) acceptance list whereas Sonoma does the non-school leavers list.

  • The non-school leavers who applied straight to the College will have to check the Pacific Adventist University website for Sonoma Adventist Teachers College non-school leavers acceptance lists.
  • As for the Grade 12 school leavers who applied through the National Online Application System (NOAS), check the higher education website for the DHERST Acceptance List.

If you have any questions, check out this link for information on selection dates and acceptance lists for tertiary institutions in PNG.

If you are following up on the Non-school leavers' application, check on PAU's website because the NSL lists are often published together. 

For the school leavers, you'll have to check the DHERST website.

Contact SAC

Sonoma Adventist College

P.O Box 360, KOKOPO 613

East New Britain Province

Papua New Guinea

Phone: (+675) 982 1782

Fax: (+675) 982 216

Leave a comment and let us know if there is any information we can add to this article to help you. 

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