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The Internal Revenue Commission is happy to announce the arrival of an exciting new service for our valued taxpayer and public, enter the MyIRC Online Service Platform. This new development has been a long time coming, but it has been developed through a partnership with our financial software technology developer Niupay Limited in the last few months. 

MYIRC Online Services Internal Revenue Commission IRC PNG

What are MYIRC Online Services?

The MyIRC is an online service that enables the following functions that were previously only available at the counter:

  • Payments Online – via scheme cards with all banks and for all tax types
  • Lodgements- Taxpayer will be able to make lodgements online for any particular size of the document, significantly reducing physical counter lodgements and improving workflows
  • Tax Agents Management Accounts – the platform enables Tax Agents to manage their taxpayers online and make payments, lodgements on their behalf as authorized Tax Agents
  • TIN validity look up- TIN’s will be able to be verified online as active or inactive depending on their validity
  • Certificate of Compliance (COC) Look Up – COC’s will now be able to be verified online by paying authorities who have confirmed their identities, and this will significantly reduce COC fraud
  • MyIRC Online Support Centre – Taxpayers, Tax Agents, and registered account holders will now be able to access the support centre and communicate directly with IRC officers for tax-related and general inquiries
  • Other Services – In the coming months, IRC also aims to look into other services such as the online applications for TINs, etc

Secured cloud platform hosted by Amazon Web

These services will be performed in a highly secured cloud platform hosted by Amazon Web Services. Our well-architected service will constantly be evolving to meet the needs of the tax administration and taxpayers even post-launch as we strive to ensure we have a system that fully meets the taxpayer’s needs and is internationally asymmetrical with best practices and security accreditation

In the coming weeks, we will be rolling out our services with a fully enabled service platform available for taxpayers in January 2022. We are honoured to mark this launch occasion with Prime Minister Rt Hon James Marape and celebrate this new service with our loyal taxpayers, whom we aim to best serve through digital technology.

On behalf of our hard-working staff throughout PNG, I welcome you to the MyIRC Online Service Platform.

Authorized for release.

Mr. Sam Koim, OBE

IRC Commissioner-General

Media Release: 20th December 2021


Hazel6124 said...

Wow thank you making our lives easier and looking forward to the online TIN application

Unknown said...

How do I request for a current Statement of Account for my company.
Please advise

Kombkena said...

Can we Lodge our application for coc here and how



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