PNG Election Results 2022: How to follow the counting as it happens

The PNG election results are the work of the electoral commission. The commission is directly responsible for counting, declaring and returning the 2022 Election Writs to the Governor-General. However, it is not clear how the PNG EC will relay the election results to the public.

The election results are now coming out of the provinces from journalists, scrutineers and individuals other than the PNG electoral commission. 

png election results 2022

How to follow PNG Elections 2022 

The election results are closely monitored by the major news outlets in PNG. You'll get the latest updates as they happen. Also, PNG Facebook pages will be lit with all sorts of stories. So, be careful where you get your updates. 

Note that the official telecaster of the 2022 National General Election is the NBC News

Here are some places where you can get the updates.
  • Post Courier website
  • PNG NBC News Facebook page
  • PNG Electoral Commission Facebook page
  • PNG Loop online news website and Facebook Page
  • National EMTV News website and Facebook page.
To make it easy for you, we are compiling all the latest election-related news and updates, especially the 2022 PNG election results, on this page.

2022 Elections results in brief

  • James Marape retains his seat as MP Tari- Pori

Declaration of election winner by the electoral commissioner

In past elections, counting was done in each provincial capital and results were returned to the EC in Port Moresby for the official declaration. 

There were instances of malpractices where the Provincial Returning Officers (PROs) were declared the winner in the province. 

For example, the first parliament sitting after the 2017 election saw 2 candidates sitting in the Parliament chamber. They were declared winners, one by the EC and the other by the provincial returning officer.

Such instances can be avoided if the PNG EC does it properly and centrally in Port Moresby after the counting is completed.

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