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Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission PNGEC Website - Election 2022

The Papua New Guinea Electoral Commission (PNG EC) website is offline right after the last election. This year, it seems, they are operating from their Facebook page. 

But, for a statutory body, it is a no brainer to have a working website, let alone during the election period.

The website is NOT ONLY an important tool for gathering election 2022 data and communicating information at this time, but also a vital information source for future elections.

PNG EC should get its website back online. 

Latest deferral of the Opening of Nominations and what dates are changing - read the updates

Why PNG EC website is offline?

The main reason the website is offline is simply that the PNG EC is unable to host it successfully.

You'd think they should get it online by now when they already have a functioning URL. Not only that, they are on Google search results, too. Out of 230,000 search appearances, PNG EC website is number 1 and rightfully it should!

PNG EC is the body that should have its own website at this time. 

Social media and Facebook pages are not the right places to store, manipulate, analyse and retrieve election data. Social media are only sharing platforms. 

Election data is important.

PNG Electoral Commission website

Why PNG EC should run its website?

For a statutory body like PNG EC ( and especially during the election), it is vital to get the website online.

A good website can help the electoral commission do many things Facebook cannot do, both on the FRONT HAND and BACKHAND.

Also, a website can help the EC collect and relay information in real-time. 

Above all, the PNG EC website is the primary channel of information for all election-related events, not the news sites or Facebook. 

How PNG EC can get the website back online

The website is a powerful communication tool, therefore the PNG EC must get it back online, going into the 2022 National General Elections.

If you click on the PNG EC links on Google, this is what you get...

Papua New Guinea election results updates

A 404 error simply shows that the PNG EC website is offline. 

As mentioned, the EC already has a URL. Also, they have the website database with their previous company that host its website in 2017. 

It is a matter of getting a backup from them. And, securely host the website. 

In fact, there are different levels of hosting services and server capabilities available. As for the PNG EC website, the second or third level hosting (referred to as the cloud) would be enough. 

It can cost a couple of thousand US dollars to get it up. They do NOT have to spend K100,000 to get make it work.

It's not like creating a new website, it should be quick and easy. Here is how to get the website back online.

What the electoral commission is saying about its website

The PNG EC is saying that they are re-designing the website. Here is what appears on the search.

''The website of the Electoral Commission of Papua New Guinea is currently being redesigned. Access to past PNGEC data is hence limited at the moment. Please reach out to our team via social media...'' Google Cache snippet 08/05/2022
This message has been up since the website went offline right after the 2017 elections. So it has been 5 years.

PNG EC needs a website 

There is no reason or excuse valid enough to justify why the PNG EC website is still OFFLINE. 

This statutory body needs a website for the election for gathering data and disseminating information to the public. And also for assessing the data from the 2022 elections.

PNG EC should not depend on Facebook alone.

PNG Elections Ballot Votes Data Indicates a Growing but Worrying Trend in some parts of the Country

We did an analysis of past PNG elections data using the actual ballot votes. The available data obviously shows an increase in the number of voters, which was expected from the elections in 1972, 1977, 1982, 1987, 1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012 and 2017.

Data visualisation is up for interpretation

In the analysis, PNG Insight uses the raw data (see source discloser in the video descriptions) to produce moving graphs. This data visualisation is up for interpretation, but the two significant findings show that:
  • 1) there is significant growth in the ballot votes as indicated by the number of actual ballots counted; and
  • 2) data from some provinces have shown clear 'abnormalities', read on to find out why.

Data visualisation for PNG's 22 provinces

Expected ballot votes vs data abnormalities 

The data for 1987 and 2007 were excluded from this visualisation. In fact, PNG Electoral Commission has not been able to keep accurate and updated data from all the elections since 1972. 

The lack of and neglect of such important data is a loss. This blog hopes that PNG EC as well as PNG Universities take ownership of this vital data and digitalise all, including the 2022 PNG National Elections data. 

We are lucky to access the PNG Elections Data from the DevPolicy Blog. Though the data needed cleansing, what was available give a good picture of the election results and the behaviour of voters in each province in PNG. 

What PNG Election Data tells you about voters' behaviour 

In this data visualisation, you can see how the voters acted, how they voted and what they'd done prior to the elections.

You can either go through the video above or watch the videos from your regions -see below.

Momase Region Ballot Votes by Year - PNG Elections 1971 - 2017

Highlands Region Ballot Votes by Year - PNG Elections 1971 - 2017

New Guinea Islands Ballot Votes by Year - PNG Elections 1971 - 2017

Southern region Ballot Votes by Year - PNG Elections 1971 - 2017

2022 PNG Elections Data 

Collecting and analysing elections data is an important activity. PNG Electoral Commission must prioritise this activity. 

These historical data are not only for now but also for future planning. Therefore, while the PNG EC is planning the elections, it must also plan how to collect and preserve this vital data.

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Leave a comment to let us know what you think about this Data Visualisation; and the 2022 election.