When will Grade 11 selection Lists 2023 for 2024 PDF Come out?

The Department of Education (NDoE) has YET to release the Grade 11 selection Lists 2023 for 2024 PDF. The selection is going on at the moment after the release of the Grade 10 exam results on the 8th of December 2023. You can download the PDF files for Secondary Schools and National Schools of Excellence at the Department of Education website when the selection is complete.

Here is some information you should know as you anticipate the release of this year's Grade 11 selection list.

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Grade 11 selection Lists 2024 for 2024 PDF

When will the Grade 11 selection list for 2023 for 2024 come out?

Last year, despite a one-week delay in the release of Grade 10 exam results, the Grade 11 selection lists were published relatively early. However, this year's Grade 11 selection process, initially scheduled for 4th - 8th December, encountered further delays due to the Grade 10 exam results. (Here is more information)

Rest assured, the Grade 11 selection, unlike previous years, will be completed within a week. Considering the time required to finalise the selection list and upload it to the Education Department website, expect the list to be published by mid-December.

Here are the past release dates compared to the 2023 Grade 11 selections and release date.

     Year  – Release Date

  • 2023 – Wed 20th December 2023
  • 2022 – Mon 19th December 2022
  • 2021 – Wed 22nd December 2021
  • 2020 – Wed 23rd December 2020
  • 2019 – Tue 24th December 2019
  • 2018 – Thur 20th December 2018
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How to Download the Grade 11 Selection List 2023 PDF for 2024?

Check out the NDoE website to download the PDF file. You can also visit the links to download the files. 

Note that we do not produce the Grade 11 selection lists PDF, we ONLY make them available via the links AFTER the selection lists have been released.

Access and download the PDF list for NGI, Southern, Momase and Highlands regions via the links:

How does Grade 11 Selection Take Place?

Here is a brief of how the grade 11 selection takes place, starting with the students taking the exams until the release of the Grade 11 selection list in PDF.

The 6 pointers will help you to understand the selection process as you await the list to come out this year.

  • 1. Students do the Grade 10 Exams in schools in the provinces.
  • 2. Teachers mark the Grade 10 Students’ exam scripts in the provinces.
  • 3. The provincial examination supervisor (PES) sends the marks to the Education Department in Port Moresby (MSD deals with the online Grade 10 results/marks).
  • 4. MSD and General Education Services (a section of the National Department of Education) facilitate the selection.
  • 5. Provincial reps, principals and education officers meet in the provinces and use the Grade 10 students’ final results to select the 2023 Grade 11 students for national and secondary schools in the country.
  • 6. The education department published the Grade 11 selection 2024 PDF lists on its website.

How Do You Check Your Selection Status?

The students on the Grade 11 selection lists PDF are arranged by the Grade 10 School Leaver Number, SLF. Watch the video to find out how to, quickly, check your selection status using the SLF number.

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