Apply to Highlands Regional School of Nursing: Non-School Leaver or Grade 12 School Leaver

The Highlands Regional School of Nursing, located in Goroka, the capital of Eastern Highlands Province, offers comprehensive nursing courses and practical training. This article provides information on how to apply to the school as a non-school leaver or a Grade 12 school leaver, highlighting the application process, GPA requirements, and course details.

Applying as a Grade 12 School Leaver

Use the DHERST National Online Application System (NOAS): Grade 12 school leavers can apply to the Highlands Regional School of Nursing through the DHERST NOAS.

Seek assistance from your deputy principal (Academic), class patron, and guidance teacher to complete the application process.

Applying as a Non-School Leaver:

Contact the School's Registrar: Non-school leavers who wish to apply to the Highlands Regional School of Nursing should reach out to the school's registrar. 

Ask for the latest information on application and admission procedures, specifically request for the 2024 non-school leavers application form PDF.

SELECTION LIST 2024 APPLICATIONS FORM PDF 2023 - Highlands Regional School of Nursing: Non-School Leaver or Grade 12 School Leaver

Understanding GPA Requirements

1. GPA Threshold: The GPA for nursing colleges in PNG adheres to the guidelines set by the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (DHERST), with a threshold of 2.0.

2. Factors Affecting Selections: While meeting the threshold GPA is important, other factors also influence the selection process. Applicants should aim for a GPA higher than the threshold and ensure consistent grades across all subjects, as exceptional marks in most subjects may not compensate for poor performance in specific areas such as English and Literature.

Nursing Scholarships

1. TESAS: The Tertiary Education School Assistance Scheme (TESAS) recommends a GPA of 2.0 or higher for nursing college entry. Students who meet the threshold GPA can be eligible for TESAS, but they must maintain their GPA during the first year to continue receiving the scholarship.

2. Australian Awards: Scholarships from the Australian Awards require a GPA of 2.75 for Grade 12 non-school leavers and 3.0 for students who come through matriculation at DODL/DODE. 

These scholarships provide opportunities to study at a nursing college in PNG, especially the Lae School of Nursing and the Lutheran School of Nursing. Check out this information page.

Checking Nursing College Selections

1. DHERST Selections: Grade 12 school leavers will be selected based on their choices in the online application portal managed by DHERST. Non-school leavers' selection lists will also be compiled by DHERST for nursing colleges. Check for the respective headings of "School Leavers" and "Non-School Leavers" to find the selection lists.

2. TESAS Status: Ensure that you are on the TESAS scholarship list. If not, you will be considered a self-sponsored student.

Course Details

The Highlands Regional School of Nursing offers a range of courses designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills for a successful nursing career. Some of the programs available include:

1. Diploma in Nursing: This comprehensive program covers fundamental nursing concepts and skills, including anatomy and physiology, medical-surgical nursing, community health, pediatric nursing, and mental health nursing. The diploma program typically spans three years.

2. Midwifery Program: The college provides a specialised course in midwifery for students interested in pursuing a career in maternity care. This program focuses on prenatal care, childbirth, postnatal care, and newborn care, and it typically lasts for three years.

Please check with the school of nursing for the latest additions to their programs.  Here is a list of schools of nursing in PNG that you should check out.

Practical Training

Practical training is a vital component of nursing education at the Highlands Regional School of Nursing. The college recognises the importance of hands-on experience and collaborates with affiliated hospitals and healthcare facilities in Goroka and surrounding areas to provide practical training opportunities.

During their training, students engage in various clinical rotations, working alongside experienced healthcare professionals in medical-surgical units, maternity wards, pediatric departments, community health clinics, and mental health facilities. 

These rotations allow students to apply their theoretical knowledge, develop critical thinking skills, and gain practical experience in diverse nursing practice areas.

Apply to Highlands Regional School of Nursing

The Highlands Regional School of Nursing offers excellent opportunities for aspiring nurses in Papua New Guinea. 

Whether you are a Grade 12 school leaver or a non-school leaver, following the application procedures, meeting GPA requirements, and preparing for practical training can help you pursue a successful nursing career. 

The college's dedicated faculty and supportive learning environment contribute to a rewarding educational experience at the forefront of healthcare in the region.


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