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Lae School of Nursing 2023 Online Application and Admission Info

Non-school leavers who want to apply to Lae School of Nursing for 2023, the application is NOW ONLINE. In the past, the nursing college used to accept the application form, PDF. However, the Lae School of Nursing is now going online. They have a brand new website and are accepting applications online.

How to apply to Lae School of Nursing for 2023?

The information below is all you need to know to apply successfully as a non-school leaver (NSL). Read on to find out.

Lae school of nursing application form online 2023

To apply to Lae School of Nursing:

  • Visit this URL (It will take to you the college's website)
  • Click on the 'Apply Now' Button
  • Fill in the Google Form & complete the application for 2023.
Check out all the colleges and university information for non-school leavers applying to study next year.

Requirements to Apply online to Lae School of Nursing

  • All applicants are required to have a Gmail account in order to access the online application. You can create one if you don't already have one. This is so we can automate immediate confirmation notifications to your Gmail account as well as store your data for future reference concerning applications. If you are not already signed in to your Gmail account, you will be asked to before you can fill in your online application
  • You will only be allowed a single application per Gmail account. After you submit, you will not be able to submit another application.
  • However, you will be able to edit your submitted application for the remainder of the application duration. Meaning that when the application closes, you will not be able to do any edits to your application

The Closing Date of the Online Application is 17th July 2022

Nursing Program at Lae School of Nursing 

The Lae School of Nursing offers three (3) years Diploma in General Nursing. 

The course curriculum is based on PNG Nursing competency standards as a bench mark which a student must achieve in the following areas of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

During the first two (years) of training, year one and two students are sent to urban clinics, Angau hospital and rural communities to gain clinical experiences.

In the third year of study, students do their clinical practices at Angau Memorial General Hospital and Lae urban clinics. For rural block practicums, students are usually sent to rural health facilities in Morobe, Madang and highlands Provinces for 8 weeks.

The academic program in a year has two semesters. Semester 1 begins in February and ends in June and 2nd semester begins in July and ends in November. 

Course fees

lae school of nursing course fees 2023

Teaching and learning facilities

The campus has teaching and learning facilities which have, two-story buildings; one located on the southern end caters for, on the 2nd floor has three lecture rooms and the ground floor has two practical laboratories and a tutorial room. 

The second academic building, on the 2nd floor, caters for a library, ICT, conference room and post-graduate midwifery course practical and lecture rooms and academic staff office. 

On the ground floor, it has a kitchen & dining hall, administration office and academic staff office

About Lae School of Nursing

The Lae School of Nursing is an affiliated college with the PNG University of Technology. It was established by the Australian Government under the Ministry of Health in 1964. 

From 1965 up to 1980, it ran several different nursing programs: 
  • Nurse Aid Training and Hospital nursing, 
  • Community health nursing,
  • Community health worker training, and 
  • Certificate in General Nursing. 

The GN certificate program was upgraded to the Diploma of Nursing in 2001. The first intake for the Diploma of General Nursing was in 2002.

In 2004, the course program was transferred to PNG Unitech and the first Graduates were in 2005 after the Students successfully completed three years of studies. The Diploma of General Nursing qualification was conferred by PNG University of Technology Lae.

The school is situated 30 meters away from the main town shopping Centre and 30km from the Nazab airport (Lae) and three minutes walk down steps to Angau Memorial Hospital.

This information is compiled for non-school leavers wanting to study at Lae Nursing College next year. For more information please visit the college's website. 

List of Papua New Guinea Universities and Colleges 2023

This is an updated list of universities and colleges in Papua New Guinea. Here you'll find the links and a list of all the colleges and universities in Papua New Guinea. Follow the links to get the latest information on how to apply, and the admission info you need as a non-school leaver.

Papua New Guinea Universities and Colleges Application Form pdf 2023

PNG Insight provides information for some of the universities and non-universities in the country. If you want the latest info on Acceptance Lists, and Admissions. Programs to study, history of the institutions, etc., you will find the info via the links.

Click on the links to go to the university or college info page.

List of PNG Business Colleges

1.       Goroka Business College   

2.       International Training Institute (ITI)   

3.       Kokopo Business College  

4.       Port Moresby Business College  

List of PNG Technical Colleges

1.       Don Bosco Technological Institute  

2.       Port Moresby Technical College  

3.       Madang Technical College  

4.       Don Bosco Simbu Technical college   

5.       Mt Hagen Technical College  

6.       Goroka Technical College   

7.       Poly Technic Institute of Papua New Guinea

8.       University Of Technology Bulolo Campus (Forestry)  

List of PNG Universities

List of Nursing PNG Nursing Colleges

1.       Arawa School of Nursing

2.       Divine Word University  Health Science   

3.       Enga School Of Nursing   

4.       Highlands Regional School of Nursing   

5.       Kundiawa School of Nursing

6.       Lae School of Nursing   

7.       Madang Lutheran School of Nursing   

8.       Mendi School of Nursing   

9.       Nazerene School of Nursing: Kudjip   

10.   St Benedicts School of Nursing Boram   

11.   St. Barnabas School of Nursing   

12.   St. Marys School of Nursing   

List of PNG Teachers Colleges

1.     Balob Teachers College   

2.      Dauli Teachers College   

3.       DWU OLSH Kabaleo Teachers College   

4.       Enga Teachers College   

5.       Gaulim Teachers College   

6.       Holy Trinity Teachers College   

7.       Katagu Lutheran Teachers College   

8.       Madang Teachers College   

9.       Melanesian Nazarene Teachers Colleges   

10.   PNG Education Institute   

11.   Rev Maru Teachers College   

12.   Sacred Heart Teachers College   

13.   Simbu Teachers College

14.   Sonoma Adventist Teachers College   

15.   Southern Highlands Teachers College

16.   St Benedicts Kaindi  Teachers College  

17.   St Peter Channel College of Secondary Teacher Education

Other colleges

1. Bomana Police College 

Note: If we miss out on any college in your area, please comment below and let us know so that we can also include your institution in this list.

St. Barnabas School of Nursing

 St. Barnabas School of Nursing is in Alotau Milne Bay Province Papua New Guinea.

The Nursing College is run by the following mainline churches: Anglican, Catholic and United church. The college was core founded by Anglican church-Dogura.

St. Barnabas School of Nursing Application form 2023

- Watch this space - course info coming soon -