How to Apply to Nazarene College of Nursing, Kudjip

Nazarene College of Nursing, Kudjip, located in the Jiwaka Province of Papua New Guinea, is a pioneer institution, in the highlands region, run by the Nazarene Church. 

Offering a Diploma in General Nursing, the college provides opportunities for both non-school leavers and Grade 12 school leavers to pursue their dreams of becoming healthcare professionals. 

In this article, we will outline the application process for each category of applicants and what you should know when applying to Nazarene College of Nursing, Kudjip.

Programs offered at Nazarene College of Nursing, Kudjip

Nazarene College of Nursing, Kudjip, offers two prominent programs for students seeking a career in healthcare and ministry. 

Diploma in General Nursing: The first program is the Diploma in General Nursing, which equips students with comprehensive knowledge and skills to become competent nurses. 

Through a combination of theoretical education and practical training at Kudjip Nazarene Hospital, students develop expertise in providing healthcare services and promoting well-being in diverse healthcare settings. 

The program emphasizes the importance of compassionate care, evidence-based practice, and ethical principles.

Certificate in Laity Ministry: In addition to the nursing program, Nazarene College of Nursing also offers a Certificate in Laity Ministry. 

This program is designed to equip individuals with essential skills and knowledge to serve their communities and churches in various ministry roles. 

Students learn about Christian theology, pastoral care, leadership, and community development, enabling them to make a positive impact and provide spiritual guidance within their respective communities.

Both programs at Nazarene College of Nursing provide students with valuable opportunities for personal and professional growth, empowering them to make a difference in the healthcare field and their communities through nursing practice and ministry.

Nazarene College of Nursing, Kudjip Application Form and Selection list PDF 2024 download

Apply as a Non-School Leaver

1. Obtain the application form: Interested non-school leavers should collect the application forms from the college reception. It is essential to note that photocopies of the forms will not be accepted.

2. Review the information sheet: The application form is accompanied by an information sheet containing all the necessary details for applicants. It is crucial to thoroughly read and understand this information before proceeding.

3. Merit-based selection: The College Administration Committee follows a stringent selection process based on merit. While they strive to accommodate all applicants, placement cannot be guaranteed due to the limited number of available slots.

4. Application deadline: The closing date for non-school leaver applications is usually in early August each year.

5. Applying from other provinces: If you reside in a different province, you can submit your application by writing to the following address:

   c/o Nazarene Hospital

   PO BOX 456

   Mt Hagen, WHP

   Papua New Guinea

Apply as a Grade 12 School Leaver

1. DHERST National Online Application System (NOAS): To apply as a Grade 12 school leaver, you must coordinate with your school's deputy academic and class patron. They will guide you through the application process using the login portal.

2. Prioritise Nursing College: If your goal is to pursue a career in healthcare in Papua New Guinea, consider making the Nazarene College of Nursing your first choice. It offers excellent training and prepares you to become a competent healthcare worker.

Entrance Requirements

Applicants, whether non-school leavers or Grade 12 school leavers, must meet specific entrance requirements, set by the institution, to be considered for admission. These requirements include:

  • Genuine Official Grade 12 Certificate with A & B grade in English, Maths, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • GPA minimum of 2.50 and above.
  • Science students are eligible to apply.
  • Age range from 18-22 (applicants above 22 will not be considered).
  • Current ID or passport-sized photo attached.
  • Character reference from a pastor signed and sealed with the official church stamp/letterhead.
  • Reference from an education officer (head teacher or Class Patron) with the school letterhead and stamps.

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Additional Information for NSL

  • Only single students are accepted, and applicants must remain unmarried until after graduation from the Nursing Course.
  • An application fee receipt must be attached to the application form for processing.
  • Successful applicants who meet the entrance requirements will be given a Nazarene College of Nursing entrance test on the second Saturday of August every year.
  • Residents of the Highlands Region and students sponsored by their churches will receive special consideration but must still meet the entrance requirements. 
  • Official Matriculation Certificate from the Department of DODL or University Open Campus.
For more details on the entrance requirements, interested applicants should contact the Registrar through P.O. Box 456, Mt Hagen.

Apply to Nazarene College of Nursing, Kudjip

One key fact about Nazarene College of Nursing, Kudjip, is its close association with the Kudjip Nazarene Hospital. 

The college is situated within the hospital's vicinity, allowing students to engage in practical training in a real healthcare setting. This unique connection provides students with invaluable hands-on experience, enabling them to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical context.

The connection with Kudjip Nazarene Hospital offers students practical training in a real healthcare environment. 

The college provides excellent opportunities for non-school leavers and Grade 12 school leavers to pursue their passion for nursing. 

By applying to this esteemed institution, aspiring healthcare professionals can receive top-notch education and training, and contribute to the health and well-being of their communities.

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