How to Apply to Southern Highlands Teachers College

Southern Highlands Teachers College, also called Nipa Teachers College is a newly established primary school teacher training college situated in the Southern Highlands Province, run by the United Church. 

This article outlines the application process for Grade 12 school leavers and non-school leavers.

Programs at Southern Highlands Teachers College

Southern Highlands Teachers College offers two primary school teacher education programs:

  • Diploma in Primary Education Teaching and 
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary). 
These programs equip aspiring teachers with the necessary knowledge, skills, and practical experience to excel in their careers and contribute to the improvement of primary education in their communities. 

Also, you can apply to study for Bachelor in Education (Primary) teaching. For example, the Divine Word University's two campuses (see here) offer BEd in primary education for those who gained a diploma in teaching.

Southerns Highlands Teachers College 2024 Selection List and 2023 Application Form

Diploma in Primary Education Teaching

The Diploma in Primary Education Teaching program at Southern Highlands Teachers College is designed to prepare students for a career as primary school teachers. This program focuses on providing comprehensive training in pedagogical methods, curriculum development, classroom management, and effective teaching strategies for primary education.

Throughout the program, students will acquire a solid foundation in various subjects relevant to primary education, including mathematics, English, social sciences, sciences, and technology. They will also develop practical skills through classroom observations, teaching practicum, and engagement with local schools.

By completing the Diploma in Primary Education Teaching, graduates will possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively teach primary school students and contribute to the development of quality education in their communities.

Bachelor of Education (Primary)

In addition to the Diploma program, Southern Highlands Teachers College also offers a Bachelor of Education (Primary) degree. This program provides a more extensive and in-depth study of primary education, enabling students to gain a comprehensive understanding of teaching methodologies, educational theories, and research practices.

The Bachelor of Education (Primary) program aims to produce highly qualified and competent primary school teachers who can make a positive impact on the education system. Students will delve into advanced topics such as educational psychology, curriculum design and evaluation, inclusive education, assessment and evaluation, and educational leadership.

Through a combination of theoretical coursework, practical teaching experiences, and research projects, students will develop critical thinking skills, pedagogical expertise, and a deep understanding of the educational needs of primary school students.

Application Process for Grade 12 School Leavers

Grade 12 school leavers aspiring to join Southern Highlands Teachers College must apply through the DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology) National Online Application System (NOAS). 

You must express your interest in studying at Southern Highlands Teachers College to your school's deputy principal (Academic), who will guide you in completing the online school leavers form. 

You can select up to five choices, so ensure to include Southern Highlands Teachers College among your preferences.

Application Process for Non-School Leavers

Non-school leavers, including past Grade 12 students or those who have completed studies through the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE) program, can apply directly to Southern Highlands Teachers College. 

To initiate the application process, it is recommended to contact the college to obtain the application form and any additional information regarding the application requirements.

Checking the Teachers' College Selection List 2024

The DHERST compiles selection lists for both Grade 12 school leavers and non-school leavers based on their choices in the online application portal. 

To verify whether you have been selected for admission to Southern Highlands Teachers College in 2024, check the respective selection list labelled "school leavers" for Grade 12 students and "non-school leavers" for those who completed Grade 12 within the past five years. 

Additionally, ensure that you are listed on the Tertiary Education Student Assistance Scheme (TESAS). If you are not on TESAS, you will be considered a self-sponsored student.

Contact Information for Southern Highlands Teachers College

For further inquiries or to obtain the application form, please reach out to Southern Highlands Teachers College directly. 

Note that only 10% of students are from other provinces. The college selects students mostly from Southern Highlands Province and nearby Highlands provinces. 

If you know anyone from the college, contact them to get more information on application and admission.

Apply to Southern Highlands Teachers College

Applying to Southern Highlands Teachers College as a Grade 12 or non-school leaver requires contacting the college and finding out what you need to do.

Whether students choose the diploma or degree program, they will receive comprehensive training and support to become competent and dedicated primary school teachers.

This general info on the application process will help you to take a step closer to pursuing your education and joining this new institution.

Leave a comment and let us know about your interest and experiences. 

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