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2022 Acceptance List for PNG Universities and Colleges

Our readers have asked about the 2022 Acceptance List for PNG Universities, especially the PDF lists for Non-school Leavers, School Leavers and Continuing Students. In this article, we provide brief responses to some of the frequently asked questions. The responses will give you an idea about what to expect between now and early February 2022. 

So, read on and be ready as a non-school leaver, school leaver or continuing student.  

Also, check out the RECOMMENDED BLUE LINKS in this article. They give in-depth details to the pressing questions many students and parents are asking at present.

IMPORTANT: The 2022 Acceptance Lists for all the Tertiary Institutions will FIRST appear on the university's website or newspapers before they are shared through the social media channels and other websites. Be reminded that it is important to check the non-school leavers, school leavers and continuing students acceptance list from the university's website or in the newspapers. 

On PNG Insight, we have direct links to each of the PNG University websites - here is the checklist for you to confirm if the Acceptance Lists for 2022 are out.

2022 UPNG Acceptance List PDF - Online MBA Degree

Non-school Leavers Acceptance List

The 2022 non-school leavers' acceptance list contains the names of students who are NOT the 2021 Grade 12 students. This list also includes foreign students and PNG students who apply from the US, NZ, Australia, Singapore or other overseas schools.

The NSL list is usually published by the university of your choice, not DHERST. That means that the universities (that you applied to) will publish the non-school leavers' selection list PDF before the academic year starts. So you must check with the university!

One top tip is to check your preferred uni website for the past year's NSL selection lists if it is still up on their website. The publication date will give you a good idea about WHEN they are likely to release the 2022 selection list for the non-school leavers' intake. 

Alternatively, PNG Insight keeps a checklist to help you follow up. You can check IF your university's 2022 Non-school Leavers Acceptance List is out.

2022 UPNG UOG Non school Leavers acceptance list - MBA Online Degree

2022 Continuing Students Acceptance List

If you are a continuing student, your university will put out the continuing students' acceptance lists at the end of the academic year or over the 2021/2022 Christmas holiday. It is your responsibility to find out your GPA and possible TESAS Status for the academic year 2022.

The best thing to do is to contact the Student Admin or the university or college Registrar and find out if they've released the 2022 Continuing Students Acceptance List. And importantly, check to see that your name is on the list. 

The University of Goroka (UoG) did well last year by informing its continuing students about their status before they went home for the Christmas holiday. We hope UoG does the same this year because it helps massively with the registration and orientation of its NEW students.

In fact, the other universities and colleges in PNG should do the same by informing the Continuing Students to avoid the long queues and unnecessary delays during the registration week.

2022 School Leavers Selections Lists - DHERST

The Grade 12 School Leavers Selections is solely done by DHERST (Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology) through its National Online Application System (NOAS) and National  Online Selection System (NOSS).

If you are a 2021 Grade 12 student, your selections and the announcement of your TESAS status will be formally done by DHERST. 

When are PNG Universities and Colleges 2022 Acceptance List PDF coming out?

By now the Grade 12 Schools Leavers should know whether they are selected to a University or College, or not. 

In fact, the higher education department launched the Grade 12 National Online Selection on the 21st of December 2021. 

But the non-school leavers and continuing students will have to wait untill ALL the names (quotas from each university and college) has been confirmed, compiled and released to the general public. 

Only then, the students should be able to know their confirmed SELECTION STATUS, as well as their final TESAS STATUS.

Here is a detailed article about when DHERST is likely to release the 2022 Acceptance List for PNG Universities and Colleges

Check out this video info we provided last year - it is still relevant to this year's selections and release of the 2022 Acceptance List PDF

Are you on TESAS?

DHERST used different statuses to indicate the TESAS Awards for selected students. 

The awards are based on the PNG govt’s yearly sponsorship for students under the AES and HECAS categories, excluding the self-sponsored or corporate and overseas govt sponsored students. 

Read this article for the meaning of the acronyms (TESAS, AES & HECAS) and what they mean.

So how will the NSLs, Grade 12 SLs and Continuing Students know if you are on TESAS or not? You can CONFIRM your scholarship status (whether you are on TESAS or self-sponsored) through the final (official) 2022 Acceptance List released by DHERST. 


What to do as a Self-sponsored student?

Perhaps the important thing is to confirm your PNG GOVT SCHOLARSHIP (TESAS) status on the 2022 Tertiary Institution's Acceptance List

As the name implies, if you are a self-sponsored student you'll have to pay your own fees before the registration and orientation. 

If you do not pay the required fees, your place will be forfeited - another student in the admission pool who has the money will take your place.

Check with your university or college to confirm how much you MUST pay to register. In addition, this information will be contained in the Acceptance Letter your institution send to you. Make sure you read and understand what you must do before admission.

The best tip is to pay only the required amount, register and apply for the PNG govt's HELP program - read how to apply below.

Secure HELP - PNG Govt Scholarship

DHERST will facilitate the Student Loan Scheme (HELP or Higher Education Loan Program). 

If you are a self-sponsored student, you'll have to pay your fee for the first semester of 2022 and apply for the HELP loan.

The Continuing students and School Leavers can apply for the HELP loan program through their university or college. This also includes those who are doing their masters or doctorate studies. 

Check with your institution and ask for a HELP student loan application form. Also, find out about the due date and what to do so that your application is successful.
How to apply for student loan - MBA Online Degree Part Time study

What to do if you are on DHERST's Admission Pool?

If you are a student on DHERST's admission pool, you'll have to log in to your National Online Selection Account between now and before the academic year 2022 starts to see if you have been offered a placement at a university or college in PNG.

This year's (2021/2022) selection had 
  • 31, 817 students nominated to sit the exams; 
  • 26,544 students certified; 
  • 16,171 total HEI quota for 2021; and
  • 10,373 Grade 12 students will NOT be selected for 2022 HEI studies.
The good news is that there are 6,319 spaces (formally called quotas) to be filled via the Admission Pool. 

So, keep checking to see if you are one of the lucky ones from the admission pool admitted to a university or college. 
admission pool 2022 - Online MBA Degree

Registration and Orientation info for new students

Congratulations if you are selected to continue to a tertiary institution in 2022. There are several things that you should find out. 
  • Are you on TESAS (AES, HECAS)?
  • Will you be a SELF-SPONSORED student?
  • When are you likely to see your name on the 2022 DHERST selection list?
  • Should you inform your institution that you've accepted that offer?
At least, try to find out the answer to the 5 questions as you prepare to go to your new school. 

Here is an article that can help you prepare for the registration and orientation week. It gives details to documents you need to present at registration, fees and what to do to get yourself prepared for the new academic year. 

Recommended reading for NSL, School Leavers and Continuing Students

Additional information for Non-school Leavers, Continuing Students and Grade 12 School Leavers are provided in the LINKS within this article.

Check out the links if you need more information on TESAS (HECAS & AES), or how to get the  HELP govt loan or about being a SELF-SPONSORED student.

You can also leave a comment to let us know what you think.

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Read about PNG Insight's *NEW* maths exam resources website for Grades 12, 10 and 8 students in Papua New Guinea. (Plus, lots of students and teachers maths resources, free to download)

List of Papua New Guinea Universities and Colleges

 This is an updated list of universities and colleges in Papua New Guinea. 

Papua New Guinea Universities and Colleges Updated List 2022

PNG Insight provides information for some of the universities and non-universities in the country. If you want the latest info on Acceptance Lists, Admissions. Programs to study, history of the institutions, etc., you will find the info via the links.

Click on the links to go to the university or college info page.

List of PNG Business Colleges

1.       Goroka Business College   

2.       International Training Institute (ITI)   

3.       Kokopo Business College  

4.       Port Moresby Business College  

List of PNG Technical Colleges

1.       Don Bosco Technological Institute  

2.       Port Moresby Technical College  

3.       Madang Technical College  

4.       Don Bosco Simbu Technical college   

5.       Mt Hagen Technical College  

6.       Goroka Technical College   

7.       Poly Technic Institute of Papua New Guinea

8.       University Of Technology Bulolo Campus (Forestry)  

List of PNG Universities

List of Nursing PNG Nursing Colleges

1.       Arawa School of Nursing

2.       Divine Word University  Health Science   

3.       Enga School Of Nursing   

4.       Highlands Regional School of Nursing   

5.       Kundiawa School of Nursing

6.       Lae School of Nursing   

7.       Madang Lutheran School of Nursing   

8.       Mendi School of Nursing   

9.       Nazerene School of Nursing: Kudjip   

10.   St Benedicts School of Nursing Boram   

11.   St. Barnabas School of Nursing   

12.   St. Marys School of Nursing   

List of PNG Teachers Colleges

1.     Balob Teachers College   

2.      Dauli Teachers College   

3.       DWU OLSH Kabaleo Teachers College   

4.       Enga Teachers College   

5.       Gaulim Teachers College   

6.       Holy Trinity Teachers College   

7.       Katagu Lutheran Teachers College   

8.       Madang Teachers College   

9.       Melanesian Nazarene Teachers Colleges   

10.   PNG Education Institute   

11.   Rev Maru Teachers College   

12.   Sacred Heart Teachers College   

13.   Simbu Teachers College

14.   Sonoma Adventist Teachers College   

15.   Southern Highlands Teachers College

16.   St Benedicts Kaindi  Teachers College  

17.   St Peter Channel College of Secondary Teacher Education

Other colleges

1. Bomana Police College 

Note: If we miss out on any college in your area, please comment below and let us know so that we can also include your institution in this list.

Study at Sonoma Adventist College

The Sonoma Adventist College offers courses for primary school teachers training as well as training in Business Studies and Theology. The college is run predominantly by the Seventh Day Adventist Church and is located 17km out of Kokopo Town, Papua New Guinea.

Sonoma Adventist College Admission list 2022

Sonoma is an affiliated campus of PAU enabling them to deliver academic programs in Teacher Education (Primary), Building, Agriculture, Business and Theology.

5 Recommended Colleges for 2021: 

How to study at Sonoma Adventist College

You can study at the Sonoma Adventist College as a School Leaver or a Non-school Leaver. All the application and admission information that you need will be provided on the application form. Therefore before applying, get hold of an application form and read through the requirements carefully.

GPA college entry: Minimum GPA 2.20

Sonoma has an affiliation entry pathway to Pacific Adventist University. As a student at Sonoma, you can continue to degree and masters programs at PAU and benefit from the course pathways the university offers for its students.

GPA for Sonoma/PAU entry: PAU recommends that students from Sonoma with a GPA of 2.20 to 2.70 and work experience may qualify for admission into a relevant program of study.

PAU-Sonoma admission list 2022

Apply to  study as Non-school Leavers

To apply to Sonoma, you can get an application form from your Local Mission, pastor or at the main SDA Headquarters. Ask the friendly people about an application form for Sonoma Adventist College and seek any assistance you may need to complete the application form, fee requirements and admissions info. 

You can also contact the institution directly using the contact given above. 

If you are in Port Moresby, you can alternatively go to the Pacific Adventist University and ask for help with your application. 

Apply to  study as School Leavers

If you are a Grade 12 student, you will have to apply through DHERST National Online Application System. Ensure that you put Sonoma Adventist College as your First or Second Choice. 

The best time to do that is during the Grace Period when you can adjust your choices - here is how to do that and why it is important.

General Info

The Sonoma Adventist College is an agency-run institution that aims to 'train committed and efficient Christian workers for service to humanity, both, through church employment and outside of church employment.'

The college is a co-ed institution where both male and female students can study for a diploma in Primary Education, Theology or in any one of the 5 program areas. 

Students are expected to uphold the highest Christain behaviour when attending Sonoma and remain true to their beliefs when leaving the college.

The core principle is to know, to love and to serve the community.

Sonoma Adventist College course information

  • Bachelor of Education (Primary or Early Childhood)

The Bachelor of Education is comprised of a major strand in either Primary or Early Childhood and students enrolling into the program are selected according to their strengths to take up either of the strands. Students in the primary strand should be competent in teaching grades four to eight, while the early childhood graduates specialise in teaching grades one to three, and can also teach Lower Primary classes as well. 

  • Diploma in Building program

The Diploma in Building program is a six-semester three-year full-time program. The program aims to develop well-groomed quality building technicians, estimators, projects supervisors, project managers and draftsmen with content-based knowledge, well-informed aptitudes, skills and experiences to fit well into the building, architectural and drafting field of employment.

  • Diploma in Business program
The 2-year Diploma in Business program is affiliated with Pacific Adventist University (PAU) School of Business and is designed as a four-semester full-time study program. The broad aim of this program is to prepare students for employment in accounting, computing and financial management positions in the Church and in its various subsidiary organisations, as well as in the wider business professional community. In this context, the course seeks to integrate values with sound principles.

  • Diploma in Tropical Agriculture
The Diploma in Tropical Agriculture is a six-semester three-year full-time program with an emphasis on agricultural practices and issues relevant to Papua New Guinea and other oceanic countries of the South Pacific, such as principles of crop production, animal science, natural resources and conservation, soil science, rural extension, agricultural economics, livestock management, agricultural machinery maintenance, marketing and rural sociology.

  • Diploma of Ministry
The Diploma of Ministry is a three-year full-time equivalent for intending ministers of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. The program is designed primarily to prepare ministers and other skilled pastoral personnel for service in the Adventist Church in the oceanic countries of the South Pacific. It provides a foundation for ordination to pastoral ministry and for later specialisation and graduate studies. Students who successfully complete this program are eligible to apply to PAU for one additional year for the Bachelor of Ministry and Theology program.

Sonoma Adventist College Acceptance List

The acceptance lists are usually published in two parts and separately. The higher education department (DHERST) releases the School Leaver (Grade 12 intake) acceptance list whereas Sonoma does the non-school leavers list.

If you are following up on the Non-school leavers' application, check on PAU's website because the NSL lists are often published together. 

For the school leavers, you'll have to check the DHERST website.

Contact SAC

Sonoma Adventist College

P.O Box 360, KOKOPO 613

East New Britain Province

Papua New Guinea

Phone: (+675) 982 1782

Fax: (+675) 982 216

Leave a comment and let us know if there is any information we can add to this article to help you. 

Gaulim Teachers College

Gaulim Teachers College is located in the Gazelle District of East New Britain Province, around 30 minutes drive out of Kokopo Town. The college is heavily subsidised by the PNG Govt but under the patronage of the United Church of Papua New Guinea.

Gaulim Teachers College is a primary teachers training institution.

Gaulim Teachers College 2022

Contact Gaulim Teachers College



P.O.BOX 1343,



How to get Gaulim Teachers College application form?

Contact the student admin directly and ask for the form to be sent to you, If you do not get a response, here are some suggestions to get an application form.

  • Ask a friend/family or go to Gaulim Teachers College and get an application form for you.
  • Contact a student of Gaulim Teachers College on Social Media and ask him/her to help you.
  • Contact a Lecturer, tutor, registrar or employee of Gaulim Teachers College to help you out.
  • Visit  Gaulim Teachers College and get an application form.
You must use the official application form to apply. Make sure that the form has the recent date and year, college stamp, PNG Education Department Emblem and College Emblem.

General info for new Gaulim Teachers College students

Some of this information (contact details, eligibility, attachments, etc) is provided on the application form, but here are five things that you should know. So, ask your Guidance teachers or the college registrar prior to applying to Gaulim Teachers College these 5 questions.

  • What is the CUT-OFF GPA for this year?
  • Can I submit my college Application Online too?
  • Who can I contact to know the Selection list/status?
  • What can I do if I am not selected?
These a questions that will help you to secure a place to study at Gaulim Teachers College.

Please comment and let us know if you need help.

About the college

Gaulim Teachers College is a National Institution providing teacher education for Primary School Teachers, also an Agency Institution of the United Church of Papua New Guinea. The teachers' college in the Gazelle District of East New Britain Province. 

Kokopo Business College Courses and Admission Info

There are two academic departments at the moment. One is the Diploma Studies Department and the other is TTC Business Studies Department. The Diploma Studies Department offers Diploma courses while the TTC Business Studies Department offers certificate courses. Plans are underway for the college to have three to four departments.

Kokopo Business College Courses and selection info

Kokopo Business College Courses 

Currently, the college offers five full-time Diploma programmes in Business studies, two certificate courses, Diploma foundation studies and a range of short courses. In 2009 the college introduces the National Certificate in Office administration and Tour Guide on a modular basis followed by other courses on a modular basis in 2010. 

The National Certificate is Competency-Based Training from levels one to six that will be conducted parallel to the existing programmes.

5 Recommended Colleges for 2021: 

Diploma and certificate courses

The Diploma Studies Department offers a Diploma in Business Studies (Accounting), a Diploma in Business Studies (Office Administration) and Diploma in Business Studies (Computing), a Diploma in Business Studies (Management), and Diploma in Hospitality Management.

The duration of the course is two years for all diploma level courses. Students complete four stages in order to be awarded a Diploma in Business Studies. 

A Certificate in Higher Technical Education in Business Studies is conveyed to students who successfully pass stage two of the course.

Jobs and Training offered at Kokopo Business College

The courses offered here are targeting the middle levels jobs in the public and private sector. After completing these courses students are employed. The new employees are placed on the job as a starter undergoing training on the job and later they can be placed on high-level positions. 

Some examples of starter’s job categories that our courses are focusing on include the following:

  • Accounting Courses — Accounts Clerks, junior Accountants, Account Payable clerk, Cash Book Clerk,      Payroll Officer, Inventory Controllers, creditors/debtors clerks etc...
  • Management — Marketing & sales executives or representatives, warehouse house clerks, Logistics officers, procurement officers, Human Resources officers, Recruitment officers, supervisors, trainee Managers and other broad job categories.
  • Office Administration – Receptionist, executives secretaries, Sales & Marketing Representatives,      Purchasing Officers, Warehouse clerks, Production Planners, Human Resource Personals, etc...
  • Business Computing — Software techniques, Computer software consultants, junior computer programmers, data entry clerks, business analysts etc.
  • Hospitality and Tourism - Tour Guides, Travel Agents, Air Steward and Hostess, Waitress, Cooks, Hostel attendees, supervisor, trainee managers, airline ticket officers etc.

Contact Kokopo Business College

P.O.Box 504
East New Britain Province

Phone: 982 8556
Fax: 983 8557

How to get a  Kokopo Business College application form?

Contact the student admin directly and ask for the form to be sent to you, If you do not get a response, here are some suggestions to get an application form.

  • Ask a friend/family in Kokopo to go to KCB and get an application form for you.
  • Contact a student of KBC on Social Media and ask him/her to help you.
  • Contact a Lecturer, tutor, registrar or employee of KBC to help you out.
  • Visit  Kokopo Business College and get an application form.
You must use the official application form to apply. Make sure that the form has the recent date and year, college stamp, PNG Education Department Emblem and College Emblem.

General info for school leavers and non-school leavers

Some of this information (contact details, eligibility, attachments, etc) is provided on the application form, but here are five things that you should know. So, ask your Guidance teachers or the college registrar prior to applying to KBC these 5 questions.

  • What is the CUT-OFF GPA for this year?
  • Can I submit my college Application Online too?
  • Who can I contact to know my 2022 Kokopo Business College Collection Selection list/status?
  • From your experience, when will the Kokopo Business College 2022 Non-school Leavers selection list come out?
  • What can I do if I am not selected?
These a questions that will help you to secure a place to study at  Kokopo Business College.

Please comment and let us know if you need help.

St. Barnabas School of Nursing

 St. Barnabas School of Nursing is in Alotau Milne Bay Province Papua New Guinea.

The Nursing College is run by the following mainline churches: Anglican, Catholic and United church. The college was core founded by Anglican church-Dogura.

St. Barnabas School of Nursing

- Watch this space - course info coming soon - 

Bougainville Technical College Application

The Bougainville Technical College wishes to notify interested applicants for the 2022 academic year that application for enrolment closes on December 30th, 2021.

This means applications must reach the School’s office before the 30th December,2021 and any late applications will not be considered.

The Deputy Principal academic, TONY KARAU in a notice to the public stated that this will be the last time the School will be accepting Grade tens and Grade 12 who are at home as next year and onwards the School will only accept Grade 12 and online applications.

He announced time table that the School will follow, that all successful applications will be announced on New Dawn FM and NBC between January 8th and ten, 2022.

All applications must be made with a K20 fee that must be deposited to the School’s account.

School fees for 2022 will be boarders will pay SEVEN THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX KINA whilst Day Students will pay FIVE THOUSAND AND SIXTEEN KINA.

The school will only accept fifty percent or more in upfront payments during registration.


Bougainville Technical College Application form