Highest Paying Jobs for Criminal Justice Degree Holders in the US

For those pursuing a criminal justice degree, the job market offers a diverse range of high-paying opportunities. From crime investigation to border security, this guide explores the top ten highest paying jobs for criminal justice graduates, offering insights into each role's responsibilities and average salaries.

Note that this is a general guide (based on earnings in US Dollars). 

Highest Paying Jobs for Criminal Justice Degree Holders in the US

Job #10: Probation Officer

Average Salary: Over $76,000

Probation officers play a vital role in rehabilitating law offenders, designing rehabilitation plans, and aiding their transition back into society.

Job #9: Homeland Security Professional

Average Salary: Over $77,000

Homeland security professionals protect the country from threats, specializing in various aspects of national security.

Job #8: Border Patrol Agent

Average Salary: Over $81,000

Border patrol agents safeguard national borders, ensuring the legality of crossings and preventing illegal activities.

Job #7: Deportation Officer

Average Salary: Over $86,000

Deportation officers handle the process of locating and deporting individuals living in a country illegally.

Highest Paying Jobs for Criminal Justice Degree Holders in the US

Job #6: Prison Warden

Average Salary: Over $87,000

Prison wardens manage and oversee prison operations, ensuring safety, security, and adherence to regulations.

Job #5: Drug Enforcement Administration Agent (DEA Agent)

Average Salary: Over $88,000

DEA agents combat drug trafficking and enforce drug-related laws, focusing on eradicating illegal drug activities.

Job #4: Computer Forensic Specialist

Average Salary: Over $92,000

Computer forensic specialists extract digital evidence, aiding in criminal investigations related to cybercrimes.

Job #3: Federal Air Marshal

Average Salary: Over $99,000

Federal air marshals work with the TSA to ensure the safety of public flying, protecting against potential threats.

Job #2: Criminal Investigator

Average Salary: Just under $100,000

Criminal investigators gather evidence, analyze data, and work towards solving various crimes, making significant contributions to the justice system.

Job #1: United States Secret Service Agent

Average Salary: Over $137,000

Secret Service agents provide protection to high-level officials, investigate fraud and counterfeiting, and play a crucial role in maintaining national security.


With a criminal justice degree, you can enter a wide array of high-paying professions that contribute to society's safety and security. 

Each role offers unique challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth, making the field of criminal justice a compelling and rewarding career path.

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