2024 Postgraduate Acceptance List UNITECH (Papua New Guinea University of Technology )

The Papua New Guinea University of Technology (PNG Unitech) has officially released the acceptance list for postgraduate programs for the first semester of 2024. This list comprises 113 talented individuals who have been selected to pursue advanced studies in various disciplines.

How to Access Your Acceptance Letter

Accepted postgraduate applicants are advised to check their emails diligently. The acceptance letters will be sent to the email addresses provided during the initial application process. This letter will contain crucial information regarding enrollment procedures, fees, and other important details.

For those eager to see their names on the official acceptance list, PNG Unitech has made it accessible online. You can view the list and download it by visiting UNITECH website: download page.

PNG UNITECH - UoT Acceptance List 2024

Programs and Departments

The School of Postgraduate at PNG Unitech offers a diverse range of programs, reflecting the university's commitment to providing quality education across various disciplines. 

The 113 successful applicants are spread across different departments and programs. Here is a summary of the programs and departments:

Agriculture Department

  • Ph.D. in Agriculture
  • MPhil in Agriculture
  • MSc in Agriculture

Applied Physics Department

  • Ph.D. in Applied Physics
  • MPhil in Applied Physics
  • MTech in Applied Physics
  • MSc in Applied Physics

Architecture and Construction Management Department

  • MArch in Architecture and Construction Management
  • MCM in Architecture and Construction Management

Business Studies Department

  • PhD in Finance
  • MPhil in Economics, Finance, IT
  • EMBA (Executive Master of Business Administration)
  • MBA (Master of Business Administration)
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UoT selection list 2024 - PDF download


Civil Engineering Department

  • PhD in Civil Engineering
  • MPhil in Civil Engineering
  • MEng in Civil Engineering
  • MSc.SWRM (Master of Science in Soil and Water Resource Management) in Civil Engineering

Communication and Development Studies Department

  • MCS (Master of Communication and Development Studies)
  • Electrical and Communication Engineering Department
  • MPhil in Electrical and Communication Engineering
  • MEng in Electrical and Communication Engineering

Forestry Department

  • PhD in Forestry
  • MPhil in Forestry

Mathematics and Computer Science

  • PhD in Mathematics and Computer Science
  • MPhil in Computer Science
  • MPhil-Mathematics

Mechanical Engineering Department

  • MEng in Mechanical Engineering
  • Mining Engineering Department

Mining Engineering Department

  • MPhil in Mineral Processing
  • MPhil in Mining

Surveying and Land Studies Department

  • PhD in Geomatics Surveying and Land Studies
  • MPhil in Geomatics Surveying and Land Studies
  • MPhil in Surveying Surveying and Land Studies
  • MSc.RS&GIS (Master of Science in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems) in Surveying and Land Studies

Congratulations to all the 113 successful postgraduate applicants, and we wish them a fruitful academic journey at PNG Unitech. May this be the beginning of a promising future filled with knowledge, growth, and success.

Follow the link above to download the 2024 Postgraduate Acceptance List PNG Unitech

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