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We noted that there are some visitors from Ethiopia to our blog to get the updates for the 2022 Grades 12 and Grades 10. Recently, this blog has had a lot of visitors searching for info about the NEAEA Grade 8 Exam Results. In fact, there is a lot of mixed information in regard to the 2022 NEAEA examinations and results for Grade 8. 

This article aims to re-direct our visitors to reliable sources of examinations and results.  Here are some key facts and web links our visitors may find useful at this time.

Update Jan 2023: Check out the NEW information on the Grade 12 university entrance exam results in this article.

neaea Grade 12 results 2022

Grade 12 Exam results 2022 - update

We attempted to check the official NEAEA website, Facebook page and Education Ministry sources but have been unable to identify the Grade 12 examination dates.

We also have no hints about the announcement of the Grade 12 results for 2022. We think that NEAEA and the education ministry will make announcements. 

We will provide an update for the Grade 12 Ministry Exam results if/when the 2022 NEAEA examinations dates and Grade 12 results are released to the public.

Meanwhile, check this important update for Grade 12 NEAEA 2022 Exam Dates

Grade 12 Exam results

National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency (NEAEA) also announced on its Facebook page that the Grade 12 examination was postponed. The education minister has appealed to the students to wait for the examination. Here is what NEAEA said about the Grade 12 examination in the past years.

Ministry of Education announced that the Grade 8 regional exam would be given in the month of December and Grade 10 and Grade 12 thereafter.

After the exams, the students and stakeholders would be waiting in anticipation for the release of the Grade 8 results; and the announcement of Grade 10 and 12 examinations dates.

Past NEAEA Ministry Exams and Grade Exam Results 

Earlier this year, the news report indicates that the NEAEA that Grade students can access their results, either at the NEAEA website or via 8181 text messaging service.

NEAEA in an announcement said...

'[The Grade 12] students can know their results via its website or 8181 text messages.'

Check 2022 NEAEA Results online - exam portals

Here are some tips and links to help you check the Grade 10 and Grade 12 examination results. If may come in handy later, so bookmark this page. 

(If you would like to use 8181 to check results, here are the steps to help you)

1. Visit the NEAEA Online Portal:
2. Login in with your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and the Serial Number used during the registration for the examination.
3. Click on the Submit Button to access your NEAEA exam results.

Alternatively, check the links provided  for   any new news releases or go to the results portals:
  • GRADE 10 
  • GRADE 12 

Useful Links: 2022 NEAEA Results Updates

There are several websites and social media accounts that are giving mix-messages about the release of the 2022 NEAEA Grade 8 results; and the examination dates for the Grade 12 exams. 

In our research for this article, we find the following links and social media updates useful:

1. Websites

  • National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency (NEAEA) website (
  • FanABC News site (

You can get the latest information on the NEAEA examination and results on the news page. You can also search for Key Terms such are Grade 8 results, Grade 12 examination dates, etc...

Perhaps it is important to also note that you will get reliable information at those websites, rather than anywhere on the internet. There are many mixed pieces of information that are likely to confuse you. 

2. Social Media Status Updates

  • National Educational Assessment and Examinations Agency (NEAEA) Facebook page (
  • Ministry of Education Ethiopia Facebook page (

2022 NEAEA Grade 12 results and Education Ministry notices

As of the 6th of January, Ethiopia's examination agency NEAEA said that it conducted discussions on Grade 12 examinations on its Facebook updates. The agency has not given any latest updates. 

One student said...

Is this dead-page or administrator passed away?! No information always when I scroll through it on daily basis. Justice for 12-12 students, nearly month reached without taking exam. Shame on you for the losing time and resource of citizens'! (FB message)

Another student said...

 Why remain silent about grade 12 students please tell us the real information that concern our exam.

Ministry of education has missed their authority to justify their job ,but students needs their justice from MOE.

If moe continues in such way we don't have endurance to waiting for them please once again say tell us real information. (FB message)

In this article, we encourage students and citizens to visit the NEAEA - Ethiopia and Education Ministry websites and Facebook pages. It would only be good for the agency and ministry to update their news and notices so that everyone is informed of what is happening, as far as 2022 NEAEA results and Grade 12 exam dates are concerned. 

Update Jan 2023: Check out the NEW information on the Grade 12 university entrance exam results in this article.

NEAEA News for Grade 12

Here is a collection of news and dates that we thought you might find useful. It is an archive of news articles addressing the delayed Grade 12 examination. Click on the links to go to the news sources, acknowledged.

The Ministry of Education said it has finalized all necessary preparations to provide online exams for grade 12 students.

The Ministry said training is being provided for experts, besides installation of electricity and other related networks at schools.

In addition to alleviating cheating, online exams can save both time and money, the Ministry indicted.

According to the Ministry, tablet computers for the exam will be distributed for students soon. 

[Addis Ababa, FBC]


Ethiopia’s Ministry of Education (MoE) has announced the postponement of grade 12 national exam indefinitely.

The exam, originally scheduled for December, has been postponed due to the current situation in the country, said Education State Minister Million Mathios.

According to him, more than 800,000 students will sit for this year’s exam.

However, grade 8 national exam will be given between December and January based on programs to be announced by regional states, he said.

 [Addis Ababa, FBC]

Search for the latest updates, click here

If you have any opinion or information you would like to share, comment below. 

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