PNG Universities School Leavers Selections Lists 2024 Download Page

Welcome to our download page! PNG Insight is dedicated to compiling the 2024 PNG Universities Acceptance Lists for both Non-school leavers and School leavers, along with the Progression list for continuing students. We aim to simplify the process for our visitors to easily download the selection lists.

We will update this page with the 2024 Acceptance Lists from universities and the Department of Higher Education (DHERST) as soon as they become available. Some links direct you internally, while others lead directly to the universities' websites. You can securely download the acceptance lists and check your selection status there.

NSL: If you are anticipating the release of the NON-SCHOOL LEAVERS SELECTION LISTS for this year, CLICK HERE to find out. Note that all the non-school leavers' selections are done by the respective universities, and therefore will be released by them, not the DHERST. 

2024 Updates - PNG Universities School Leavers Selections List

Update#6 - 16/01/2024: UOG Non-School Leavers Selection List 2024 - released

Update#5 - 12/01/2024: UOT, PAU Non-School Leavers Selection List 2024 - released

Update#4 - 08/01/2024: PAU Non-School Leavers Selection List 2024 - released

Update#3 - 23/12/2023: Grade 12 New Intake Selection List is OUT NOW.

Update#2 - 12/12/2023: The Grade Period starts Monday 12/12/2023 and ends Friday 15/12/2023.

Update#1 - 10/12/2023: The higher education department scheduled the release of DHERST selection lists 2024 to Thursday the 21st of December 2023.

1) DHERST TESAS Awards Lists 2024

DHERST TESAS Award list for New Intakes (SL & NSL) and Continuing students normally comes out in January. This is the list of DHERST releases after finalising the PNG government scholarship awards to school leavers, non-school leavers and continuing students. 

Watch this space.

2) University of Goroka

3) Pacific Adventist University

4) PNG University of Technology 

5) Divine Word University 

6) Western Pacific University

7) University of Papua New Guinea (UPNG)

8) Southern Cross University

9) IBS University 

10) PNG University of Natural Resources and Environment

All universities and colleges' School Leavers (New Intakes) Lists will be published by DHERST.

How to Download and Check Your Selection Status

Here is how to quickly check your name on the 2024 Selection Lists. Tips for checking your NSL selection status:
  • 1) Download the PDF file
  • 2) In the 'Find' bar (smartphones) or 'Search bar (PC/Mac) enter your SLF number
  • 3) Hit 'Enter' to check your selection status. 

If your SLF number does not appear, it means that you are not being selected for the 2024 academic year.

Download the 2024 PNG Universities and Colleges Acceptance Lists - links:

Here are the school leavers and non-school leavers selection lists DOWNLOAD PAGES to check out:


Unknown said...

Hi Admin,
That list for school leavers or non school leavers, it's confusing.

Please be advise.

Unknown said...

Hi Admin,
That list for school leavers or non school leavers, it's confusing.

Please be advise.

PNG Insight said...

School leavers selection contains the names of students selected through NOAS, the grade 12 students, whereas non-school leavers are prospecting students who applied to the universities and colleges. The vidoe has more information on that.

Flints said...

What about re-enrollment acceptance list for UPNG?
Are you guys going to publish it with the non school leaver list

Benjamin Faiyu said...

It seems like all these list with ID numbers belongs to school leavers. Could you produce a separate list for non school leavers and post graduate studies?

Thank you

Steve said...

Hi Admin,
It seems that both the School Leaver list and Non-school leaver list for Divine Word University have the SAME names.

Please can that be updated or fixed??

PNG Insight said...

Thank you @Benjamin and @Steve, we've updated this article based on your feedback.

Diiboy said...

Please when will the Non school leavers list be out??? UOG??

MissSmiley said...

Do you guys also put up Continuing Students lists?

P. Kisoiai (Ms.) said...

Still waiting for the NSL List from UoT to come out. How soon will that be?
Thank you

Unknown said...

Please when will the progression list for upng na uog will be available?..

Unknown said...

Any information on when the selection list for non school leavers of UOG will come out?

Please inform as soon as possible.
Thank you

Philip KIA said...

Please release PAU Non school leavers acceptance list.

Frank said...

When is the Non School Leaver list for UOG be out, we need to look for school fee in advance whether we are selected or not..

Ensa w said...

Please release the non school leaver's list for UOG and DWU, both the school leavers and non school leavers should have equal time to prepare, earlier the better thanks.

Frank said...

Divine Word Non School Leavers list is ready 2 weeks ago..

Unknown said...

Hi, UOG admin when will the Non School Leavers selection list be out? 2023 academic year is almost beginning??? Await your response ASAP...


When is the Non School Leaver for UOG be released..Please inform.


Hi I'm also waiting for the UOG non school leaver acceptance list,when will that be released?

Benjamin Faiyu said...


Please inform the nation why the list for UOG NSL Selection not published here? We are going fast January and still waiting for the result and yet the list has not been published to date.

Thank you

Shenkay said...

When will the UOG NSL selection list will be released?

Unknown said...

I really like the way Madang Divine Word delivered their list to the public on facebook page. If UPNG uses the same template would be more clearer and neat. The current list is confusing.
Is the list for Natural and Physical Sciences NSL out yet?

PNG Insight said...

Divine Word University has been prompt with the release of School Leavers, Non-School Leavers and Continuing students lists over the years. Always the first - it shows they are well-organised and do things like clockwork. Admire the way DWU deals with the timely release of these lists.

Unknown said...

When actually the non school leavers of uog will be out??
Please we need to know ASAP

Kaupa David said...

Uog Non school leavers acceptance list that were purchased by DHRST with the candidate number, gender, program and school is we can't understand, please produce a name of student,, with the candidate number, school and program to make it clear for us to understand..
Thank you..
Looking forward for your response

Israel Yawi said...

Please someone let me know if the NSL acceptance list for UPNG (school of LAW) available for 2023.

Emelda said...

When will the NSL acceptance list be publish.....

Gaisa GUMIYA said...

Please send me a UOG website for me to check the non school leaver selection list to start 2024 academic account ( I'm also the student that apply as a NSL to UOG, thanks

Isopoya said...

Why Uog admin delay more time? we need to see our names and prepare advance.

EllZed said...

DWU when is the NSL coming out? DWU should put out the list asap so some of us the parents can try to get tuition fees ready


Hello any updates regarding UOG NSL selection list for 2024 new intake, please inform me via my WhatsApp number: 82541255 or email:


Please this is all most mid of the month January 2024, any updates regarding UOG NSL selection list.

Emelda said...

When will the non school leavers selection list be published???


Please inform, when UOG NSL selection list will published

Bala said...

UOG continue students list for 2024 came out , however can not see the list of students studied in Hotel Operations Management included. Please update .thank you



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