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Chinese New Year Greeting 2020 - Year of the Rat

China and particularly the Chinese (people orginating from China) have been settling in Papua New Guinea both pre and post Independence. Once there were China Towns in almost every towns and cities. Thriving with Chinese tradition, culture and food. 

Many Chinese who settled in PNG are business man/woman. There is a new wave of Chinese migrants coming into PNG, attracted by the relaxed (not-often-policed) business regulations. Unlike the Chinese of China Towns, the new migrants are business opportunists trying to make a living in this country.

Chinese New Year 2020 Greetings to You

2020 is the year  of the Rat. Rat is the symbol of wealth! To the Chinese migrants, as you grow your wealth, give the best service you can to the people of this nation. It's Yin and Yang.

Your attempt to make money/fortune out of the pocket of the poor PNG by taking advantage of its inability to police strick business rules is not the Chinese-way. 

If you are running a Haus Kai, cook good food and feed the people.

What is the animal for Chinese New Year 2020?


How long is the Chinese New Year 2020?

25 Jan 2020- 11 Feb 2021

What is the year 2020?

Chinese New Year this year begins on Tuesday, January 25th 2020 and ends on February 11th, 2021. The year of the Rat 2020 comes after the Year of the Pig (2019) and before the year of the Ox (2021)

What is the lucky color for 2020?

Red, pink, and orange

To the long time Papua New Guinean Chinese, wishing you a 
Happy New Year: 新年快乐 (xīn nián kuài lè).