Popular Apps in PNG are Digicel PlayGo, ShareIt, MyDigicelApp mp3Juice, Telegram

 Here we take a look at the MOST RECENT apps PNG Users are downloading and using. 

PNG Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube Apps have been popular for a long time. But, it seems the trend is changing.

This list shows that popular app downloads in the last 12 months, and even as recent as the last 4 hours. 

The most popular Apps in PNG are Digicel PlayGo, ShareIt, MyDigicelApp  mp3Juice and Telegram. Here are reasons why the apps are popular.

Digicel PlayGo, ShareIt, MyDigicelApp  mp3Juice and Telegram

Download Apps popularity specs

PlayGo App: Digicel PlayGo App is growing in popularity with the ever-growing PNG Rugby League Fan base. The local Digicel Cup, PNG Hunters in QRL, NRL and 2021 State of Origin games are the reasons why Digicel PlayGo App is on fire right now. 

PlayGo App Description: PlayGo is TV anytime, anywhere on any device! Watch movies, series, sports, regional events, local news, the hottest shows, and kids programs whenever you are. Want to relive the best TV and movie moments? Browse the On Demand library with over 6000+ hours of the most popular series and cinematic releases.

ShareIt: ShareIt App is taking off in PNG. It takes over Bluetooth and Hotshot sharing. That is why many young users prefer it. 

ShareIt App Description: SHAREit is an app for sending pictures, music, and more, to other devices without using an active internet or Bluetooth connection. This free program uses a private hotspot to share between up to five devices. While many alternatives offer a similar service, this app does away with the transfer limit. You can send data of all shapes and sizes.

My Digicel App: This app is an all-in-one Digicel platform. Over 92% of PNG mobile phone users using Digicel network makes this app a must-use. That is the reason why it is popular for a long time and is today.

MyDigicel App Description: MyDigicel App enables users to stay connected with their Digicel account from anywhere! Digicel App users can access your account balance, activate Plans and Subscriptions, Send credit to family and friends, play Shake it and win prizes, and Top Up online.

mp3 Juice: It is NOT an app. It is an online website that user uses to download the music in audio version. It is a popular way used by many music lovers in PNG and overseas. 

mp3 Juice description: Mp3 juice is a free mp3 music download site. It enables users to download songs & music videos for free. 

Telegram App Download: WhatsApp has been a popular APP for a long time in PNG. Many people are using it. But it seems its popularity is declining as people are experimenting on telegram. The reason being that many people wanted *security*.

Telegram App description: Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.

Top 5 App Download by recent Users

  1. PlayGo App
  2. ShareIt
  3. My Digicel App
  4. mp3 Juice
  5. Telegram

So, there you have it. 

The most popular Apps in PNG are Digicel PlayGo, ShareIt, MyDigicelApp  mp3Juice and Telegram.

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