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2023 Grade 11 selection list for 2024 in Highlands, Southern, Momase and NGI Regions

Do you want to know when the Grade 11 selection lists for the 2024 academic year, particularly for the intake in the Highlands, Southern, Momase, and NGI Regions? In previous years, we accurately predicted that the Grade 11 selection list would be unveiled in mid-December based on Past years' dates. True to our prediction, last year the education department officially released the list on 19th December, 2022.

Past Year Grade 11 Selection Release Dates

PNG Insight has gathered historical release dates, revealing a consistent pattern of mid-December releases each year. This article has information for 2019, 2020 2021, 2022 and 2023. Follow the links in BLUE here: Grade 11 Selections Lists for 2024

PNG Insight anticipates that if all goes well this year (2023), the release of the Grade 11 selection lists for Highlands, Southern, Momase, and NGI Regions will be in mid-December. 

Education Department Grade 11 Selection 2024

The education department has not released the actual date. PNG Insight understands that the exam results were released to the principals and provincial selection committee on the 8th of December 2023. The Grade 11 online selection will take less than a week unlike in past where it took 2 weeks only for the selection.

The department will upload the selection list on its website. Stay updated by following PNG Insight for the latest information on our website via the REGIONAL links below or our YouTube channel (SUBSCRIBE BELOW)

Grade 11 Selection List PDF 2024 Links

Happy New Year 2023, Stay Blessed You can also access and download the PDF list for NGI, Southern, Momase and Highlands regions via the links (Check out the links below for the selection lists for your region).

Where to check online - 2024 Grade 11 selection list

Here is a quick info on where to download the PDF file. (Note that in 2023, the Education Department has upgraded its website. The menu may be at a different place.)

1. Check the education department website Grade 11 selection list


2. Click on the 'Selection List' tab

There, you'll find the following PDF files. (Note: the lists are compiled by the General Education Services Division of the NDOE)

Education department website png Grade 11 selection list 2023
Selection List Tab

3. Click the direct links above

Select your region and National Schools of Excellence listed in bullet points under '2024 Grade 11 selection list for National High and Secondary Schools in PNG'. See above.

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We hope you have a fulfilling holiday. 
Stay Blessed



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