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Grade 9 selection list for 2024 MOMASE Region

The Grade 9 selection process is an important step in the education journey of students in the Momase Region. This process is based on the student’s performance in both internal and external assessments. In this article, PNG Insight takes a look at how to check the Grade 9 selection list for 2024 MOMASE region, and the important details about the selection students, parents and citizens should know.

Grade 8 Internal Assessments

Internal assessments are conducted by the school. These assessments measure the student’s progress throughout the year and provide valuable feedback to the student and their parents. 

The following subjects are assessed internally:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Combined Subjects

Grade 9 Selection List for 2024 MOMASE Region PDF download

Grade 8 Exam Marks - External Assessments

External assessments are administered by the National Department of Education as the Grade 8 Examinations. These assessments measure the student’s aptitude and skills in preparation for secondary school.

The Grade 8 Examination is a nationwide assessment that covers a wide range of topics. The exam consists of three papers: English, Mathematics, and Combined Subjects. Each paper is worth 50 marks.

Selection Criteria for Grade 9 Selection 2024 MOMASE Region

The selection criteria for Grade 9 are as follows. Students must:

  • meet the minimum requirements in both internal and external assessments.
  • be in good standing with the school and have no disciplinary issues.
  • demonstrate strong leadership qualities and be able to work collaboratively.

Parents and guardians should know that the availability of spaces in some of the top secondary schools in the provinces may mean that only the top students are selected to continue Grade 9. 

If you wish for your child to do FODE, check out the information here.

How Parents Can Find Out

Parents can find out if their child has been selected for Grade 9 by checking the provincial education office notice board. The notice board will display the Grade 9 selection list for the MOMASE Region.

The Grade 8 Certificate of Basic Education Examination (CoBEE) is an important award that should be given to every Grade 9 student. The CoBEE is a recognition of the student’s achievement in completing eight years of primary education. It is also a requirement for admission to secondary school.

Provincial Education Boards should prioritise issuing the CoBEE to Grade 8 school leavers. This will ensure that all students have a record of their accomplishments and are prepared for the next stage in their education.

Facts about Grade 9 Selection You Should Know

The Grade 9 Selection List for the 2024 Momase Region is the responsibility of the provincial education officials in Morobe, Madang and Sepik Provinces. 

The National Education Department is responsible for the development of the Grade 8 examination, but its administration and the selection of students for Grade 9 are the responsibility of the provincial education authorities. 

The best people to check the Grade 9 Selection List for 2024 Momase Region are the:

  • Grade 8 Provincial Examination Supervisor (PES), 
  • Guidance Officer, 
  • School Inspector, and
  • the Principals of secondary schools and the Head Teachers of high schools.

Grade 9 selection list PDF 2024 MOMASE download
The Grade 8 Certificate of Basic Education Examination (CoBEE) is an important award that all Grade 9 students should receive.

Final words

The Grade 9 Selection List for the 2024 Momase Region is the responsibility of the Provincial Education Office. Grade 8 students must meet the minimum requirements in both internal and external assessments to be selected for Grade 9. 

Students can find out their selection status by checking the provincial education office notice board. 

The Grade 8 Certificate of Basic Education Examination (CoBEE) is an important award that all Grade 9 students should receive.

Exams Results and 2024 Selections Dates - Grade 12, 10 and 8

The period from October 2023 to January 2024 holds great excitement for students in Papua New Guinea as they await the release of the 2023 Exam Results and the commencement of the 2024 Selections. 

Students in Grade 10, Grade 12, and Grade 8 eagerly anticipate the opportunity to progress in their education. 

2023 DEC Updates: List of 2023 Top Performing Schools in PNG now available - click here. You can also find out about How the Grade 11 Selection Committee does the selection in this article.

Exams Results and 2024 Selections Dates

For Grade 10 students, this means transitioning to Grade 11 or vocational centres, where they can further their academic pursuits or acquire practical skills. 

Grade 12 students, on the other hand, aspire to secure admission into tertiary institutions, which will pave the way for their higher education journey. 

Similarly, Grade 8 students eagerly anticipate moving up to Grade 9, marking a significant step in their educational progression.

Click here for the latest update on ''2024 Selections Dates''. 

Alternative Pathways

However, it's important to note that some students may explore alternative options, such as enrolling in programs like the Flexible Open and Distance Education (FODE), or in some cases, returning to their hometowns to pursue other avenues. Each student's unique circumstances and aspirations play a role in determining the path they choose.

Overall, this period is marked by anticipation and optimism as students in Papua New Guinea strive to continue their educational journey and unlock new opportunities for personal and academic growth.

Grade 10 National Exam Results and Selections

The Grade 10 national yearly exam results are usually released just before the Grade 11 Selection Conference on the first week of December.

The 2024 Selection lists for National High and Secondary Schools are, likely, to be published 2 weeks after the release of the results. That means that the selection committee will take a week to finalize the selection, and the education department will take another week to publish the list.

Here we take a look at why the Education Department needs to set the publication dates for the Release of Exam Results and Grade 11 Selection Lists, read about it here.

Grade 12 National Exam Results

The Education Department through the MSD will release the 2023 Grade 12 exam results to the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science, and Technology (DHERST) around the second week of December.

The Education Department (MSD) conducts the exams, coordinates marking, compiles students' exam marks and sends them to DHERST.

DHERST then uses the marks to select students for higher institutions.

2024 Grade 12 Selections Date

The Grade 12 students can check their examination results on/around December via the Education Department's (NDoE/MSD) website called My PNG Exam Results. This year the results came out on the 8th of December 2023.

Note that DHERST does not process the marks. DHERST usually takes less than a week to process the selection listings for tertiary institutions in the country.

It works in collaboration with universities, colleges, and other tertiary institutions to do the selection. But, first, the institutions MUST tell DHERST their quota - how many students they will accept for the academic year 2024.

So, unless the institutions provide the quotas on time DHERST will not release the listing.

It is important to note that the higher institutions NOT sending the quotas often resulted in delays.

2024 Grade 12 selection list download - png results

2024 Grade 9 Selection List

The Grade 8 exam marking, results, and Grade 9 selection are the responsibility of the respective provinces. The Department of Education passed this responsibility to the provinces.

The education department will send the Grade 8 certificates to the schools/provinces before the end of December every year. However, many provinces have failed to issue Grade 8 certificates to students.

Read about this failure and how the Education authorities Do the Grade 9 Selections.

2024 Grade 9 selection list download

2023/2024 Important dates Dates & Expectations

PNG INSIGHT UPDATES: Here are some important dates for examinations, results, and selections in Papua New Guinea. The expected dates are in reverse order and based on the past dates since 2021.

  • NDoE/MSD publishes Grade 10 national exam results: Late Nov - Early December 2023 DONE
  • Grade 10 and 12 Exam Marks and Data Cleansing: Completed by late Nov 2023 in time for the release of 2023 exam results to students, selectors and stakeholders. DONE
  • Grade 8, 10 and 12 Exam marking: October  - Nov 2023 DONE
  • Grade 10 National Examinations: October 2023. DONE
  • Grade 12 National Examinations:  October 2023. DONE
  • Grade 8 National Examinations: 24th to 27th October. DONE

Update 09.12.2023: All the exam processes are completed and results are released, here is what you expect to happen between now and January get the details here.

When is the 2023/2024 Grade 11 Selection list coming out?

Based on the dates above we can infer that the Grade 11 selection lists will be released before the mid- December 2023.

Bookmark this page or join PNG Insight on YouTube and stay tuned, we will bring you the latest updates as they happen. 

Here is further information about the Grade 11 selection that you may find helpful. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.

You can also find out about PNG Insight's *NEW* maths exam resources website for Grades 12, 10 and 8 students in Papua New Guinea.

Grade 9 Selection List for 2024 High and Secondary Schools (PNG Grade 8 Exam Results 2023)

Many parents will be wondering about the final Grade 9 selection list for 2024. It can be a struggle to find out, especially if you do not know who to ask. 

Here is some information about the selection of Grade 9 students for high and secondary schools in PNG. It gives details of the Grade 8 exams, exam results and Grade 9 selection.

2023-2024 Grade 9 selection updates

Grade 9 Selection in PNG

The Grade 9 selection is based on the student's internal marks (school-based) and external marks (examination marks). Grade 8 Students wanting to go to the top secondary and high schools must do well in both internal and external assessments.

It is important to understand that, though the Grade 8 examination is set by the National Department of Education in Port Moresby, the Grade 8 examinations and Grade 9 selection is decentralised to the provinces in the country. Hence, the running of the exam and selecting students to Grade 9 is done in the provinces, by the provincial education board in collaboration with heads of Primary Schools.

Recommended: Read about MOMASE Region Grade 9 SelectionGrade 11 selections and PNG Tertiary Institutions selections.

Provincial Education Board & Grade 9 Selections Lists 202

The education officers, in collaboration with headteachers and Grade 8 teachers, in the provinces are in charge of: 

  • exam security, 
  • conducting and marking the exams, 
  • quality-checking the Grade 8 exam results,
  • selecting students to Grade 9, and 
  • reporting to the Education Department.

Provincial Examination Supervisor (Grade 8 PES)

The key person in the province responsible for the smooth flow of the Grade 8 examinations is the Provincial Examination Supervisor (PES). The Grade 8 PES is a national education officer, as the inspector and Guidance Officer, but based in the provinces. 

The PES liaises with the Measurement Services Division on matters pertaining to exams, students' school data, conducting of exams, reporting on exams and giving feedback on exam-related issues.

Grade 8 Examinations in Primary Schools

The following examinations are taken by Grade 8 students at the end of Primary School:

Grade 9 selection 2024

Grade 8 Certificate of Basic Education Examination (CoBEE)

Every Grade 9 student in the country should have a Certificate of Basic Education Examination (CoBEE). Many provinces have failed to issue the CoBEE. If you are a parent/student from one of these provinces, demand that your children get the certificate. It is an important achievement.

Some people thought that CoBEE was not necessary because of its limited uses. However, wouldn't it be right for the Grade 8 students to celebrate 8 years of Primary School education with an award? 

Like the other certificates of merit, the Grade 8 certificate marks a milestone in a child's education journey. Each province, and provincial education board in the country, should prioritise this award and issue the certificate to Grade 8 school leavers. 

Grade 9 Selections to Secondary Schools 2024

Potential Grade 9 students can check their Grade 8 exam results at the provincial education office. Usually, the PES and Headteachers have access to the final results.

Parents should go through the schools/headteachers if they want to address any exam-related queries. The schools will raise their concern with PES and get an answer for them.

As mentioned earlier, PES is the key person in the province. He is the 'glue' that binds the Grade 8 exam results and Grade 9 selection - the go-to person - in the provinces.

New Grade 9 Students' Placement for 2024

In some instances, many secondary schools and high schools have feeder schools. The system allows for Grade 8 students to transition to Grade 9. Such transition (the Grade 8 to Grade 9 transition) makes it easier for parents to find out if their children have continued to Grade 9, or not.

Some top high and secondary school principals prefer the best Grade 8 students in the province. If you know that your child does well in the Grade 8 examination  (and is not selected to the local high school), check with the top secondary schools in the province. The schools may have picked him/her.

Parents and citizens in NCD, Central, Morobe and other main centres will have difficulty finding out their children's Grade 9 placement for 2024. The best place to check is the provincial education office. Ask for the Grade 8 PES or the chairperson of the Provincial Grade 9 Selection Committee and speak to them calmly. They will help you. 

Leave a comment below in regards to this article if you have questions or wish to add value to this discussion.

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