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Bugandi Secondary School, Where Are You Heading? De-centralised, Provincial Government Has Total Control

Their Appearance Reflects A Complete Break Down In School's Management & Students' Ethics

EMTV Video Photo
Management must be effective: That is the most important aspect of a strong school. As evident in this photo, there is NO control. Take a look at these students inside the school's boundary: their foot wear, head wear, trousers, un-tucked shirts....what does it tell of the school BoG and principals?

Pumping money onto the school will not solve the attitude problem and school violence. It will only improve the look of the school. 

Provincial Government Must Work Closely With School: Definitely!! Why have they ignored the fact that Bugandi is a problem school? The Governor, Provincial Education Officials, BoG and school admin must join hands together to fix students' attitude problem.

You can never blame students. The people to fix this 'rubbish' are the local education authorities and school management, NO ONE ELSE.