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Dame Carol Kidu, Loujaya Kouza, Delilah Gore, Julie Soso Keke | PNG Lost Interest in Women's Representation in Parliament?

Women representation in politics has done 3 steps back. During her time there was talk about creating seats for 22 women reps. This was received with mixed feelings, yet there was a good support from male MPs.

Current parliament has 3 sitting female MPs. The situation for woman and girls may have stayed the same. But, the situation for woman leaders was NOT represented well by those 3 women MPs. It has deteriorated, don't you think?

For example, MP Delilah Gore's recent alleged spending of department's K17000 and siding with Arore to oust Governor Juffa is a black mark on her reputation, including woman leaders. Remember the Air Niugini incident - Yu Save Lo Mi - comment. That was directed at a younger woman. 

Take a look at MP for Lae, Loujaya Toni. A few months after her election to the parliament her marriage broke down. Even, as a Melanesian woman leader where simplicity is gold, she does not give the impression of a contemporary PNG woman leader. 

What about the Governor of EHP, does she portray a mirrored image a young girl could reflect? Julie Soso can be described as a Melanesian woman. However, as the governor, there is more to be desired of her. She has never done better than Mal Kela Smith or Feti Lafanama. Goroka Town has not got back the image of the 80s -  beautiful and clean. Pigs are roaming the market. Pickpockets are everywhere in town. Shanty towns extended from Genoka to Banana Block and everywhere. 

Those 3 women leaders CAN change public opinion on woman leaders in the country. They failed miserably in this regard.

I still have lots of respect for Dame Kidu. She showed how a woman can make a difference. She topped her career off with being the only opposition leader and the only member of the opposition. She stood against males idiocy. She is forever to be remembered as one woman opposition. 

PNG needs a woman like Dame Carol Kidu.

Image: PNG opposition leader cuts lonely figure (ABC News, 15 Feb 2012)

Loujaya Toni's Take on School Fights in Lae

She calls on all Morobe MPs (as Minister for Community Development) to form a committee. She thinks the committee should work together to create after-school activities to keep students occupied. I think that is a great call, but it remains just a political view now.

She must take the lead, from here, as the member for Lae and the person making the call.