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Loloata: A Place to Enjoy Sun And Sea


Contact detail & costs
Whispers on the streets has it that Loloata Island Resort was closed due to take-over by a big hotel company. I had to confirm that this is true because I have always loved going there. A quick call revealed that the island resort was still opened to visitors. 

From casual chats with resort staff on my latest visit revealed that they have not reached a business agreement with the hotel company yet, though talks have been ongoing. Do not make this stop you from enjoying the sun and sea at Loloata.

If you are planning a trip to the resort this year, make sure to give them a call first. Residents of Port Moresby and other visitors alike can contact them on 72768687 (or 3251369/3258590).

Some photos

Boat to and from the mainland
Lion Island : White sandy beach & snokeling area
Boat trips between Loloata and Lion islands