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PNG Kumuls 5 Key Traits to Success in the Rugby League World

As a Papua New Guinean, I am always a strong supporter of PNG Kumuls regardless of performance at the world stage.  Time and time again, the Kumuls has failed to deliver except for a few who stood out to be selected to play in the England Super league or Australia National Rugby League.

Nevertheless, the heart and support in there and will always be.

The story after the Rugby League World Cup 2013 was a sad one. The ‪Kumuls team went down to France by 2 points  they failed to make it to the finals.
The PNG Hunters inception onto the Intrust Super Cup gave the fans, not only something to cheer and be proud of, but also to confirm our love for Rugby League.

This year, 2017, will be a test to see how far PNG rugby has come. The team for the rugby league world cup will go out with pride, wearing the Red, Black and Gold. The nation will be watching and cheering on.

More than ever, the PNG team is a strong team. Here are the 5 traits the PNG Kumuls team did not have 5 years ago.
1. Work and discipline - QRL/ISC level improve players’ performances at the back of good discipline and hardwork.
2. PNG RFL management - committed people did the ground work to get a team in to the ISC, and  strong backing from sponsors and government till now.
3. Coach and Management - A leader and team management that both players and fans trust
4. Team – The Hunters players and selected international players from the UK and Australia have the experience at highest level of competition to match other champion teams in RLWC 2017. 
5. Competition – As the premier of the ISC challaenge, the Hunters performance is on the wall for everyone to see. The players have stamina and power. The spinal cord of PNG Kumuls is made up of the Hunters; strong and hard-hitting forwards; and versatile backs. There is combination. There'll be coordination and competition.The team will not bow out easily. The 2017 PNG Kumuls are a strong contender for the RLWC championship, regardless.
Go the Kumuls...same speed!
Data source:  Wikipedia 12/10/2017