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PNG 2022 Election Counting and Declaration Updates

Tracking the progress of PNG elections 2022 from polling to counting and return of writs. Papua New Guinea has gone through unprecedented 'confusion and chaos' in many parts of the country. Indicating a total lack of preparation for the elections and incompetency in the running of this national general election.

Deferral of Return of Writs, Unconstitutional

The deferral of RoW for a further 2 weeks to 14th August 2022 is unconstitutional, but there is a small window of time from the 29th July to 3rd August like in past elections, said the former Chief Justice and stateman, Sir Arnold Amet. 

He said in this news report that the 'fixed date for the return of writs is critically tied to the 5th anniversary of the date fixed for the return of writs from the previous elections'.

Section 105 of the Constitution provides for the fixed dates for the national elections to be held within 3 months of the 5th anniversary of the date fixed for the return of writs.

The PNG EC is going out of the time bound for the RoW and into 'unconstitutional territory.

Leading Political Party Candidates Tally

  • Pangu Pati (Leader - James Marape) x9 declared
  • People's National Congress, PNC (Leader - Peter O'Neill) x6 declared
  • United Resource Party, URP (Leader - William Duma) x2 declared
  • Peoples Progress Party, PPP (Leader - Sir Julius Chan) x1 declared
  • People's First Party, PFP (Leader - Richard Maru) x1
  • United Labour Party, ULP (Leader - Lekwa Gure) x1
  • People's Party, PP (Leader - Dr William Tongamp) x2
  • National Alliance, NA (Leader - Patrick Pruaitch) x1
  • Labor Party, LP (Leader - John Pundari) x1
Total winning candidates declared to date = 24 (25th July 2022)

For all the party tallies and latest declarations, click here

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2022 PNG Election Counting updates - declared

Nine provinces in the country have so far completed polling - Hela, National Capital District, Eastern Highlands, Southern Highlands, East New Britain, West New Britain, Milne Bay, New Ireland and Manus.

Counting for Hela province completed, winners declared.

Simbu and Western Highlands are the last provinces to go into polling. It starts on Monday 18th July 2022.

Open electorates declared
  • Tari Pori - James Marape Pangu Pati (declared 10 July 2022, first preference votes 39,877)
  • Lae Open - John Rosso  Pangu Pati (declared 17 July 2022, first preference votes 26,864)
  • Magarima Open - Manasseh Makiba Pangu Pati (declared 18 July 2022, votes received 20, 753)
  • Pomio Open - Elias Kapavore, Peoples Nationa Congress (PNC) Party (declared 18 July 2022, polled 11, 949 first preference votes)
  • Hela - Philip Undialu, Pangu Pati 118, 113 votes

2022 Election Writs to be returned by 29 July 2022

(There is an extension of 14 days for the Return of Writs to the 14th of August 2022)
  • Counting for some provinces has begun.
  • Polling ends on the 22nd of July 2022
  • Only 6 days window to complete ALL counting to the 28th July 2022
  • Return of Writs on the 29th July 2022
PNG EC has until 29 July 2022 to Return ALL 118 Writs to GG. 

He (GG) invites the party with the highest number of candidates to form govt.

Timely RoW will be the final indicator of the success or failure of the PNG 2022 election. 

PNG EC knows the election period is pegged to July 29th.

EC has to get this right.

Check out the possible platforms and news sites where you can get the latest counting updates for PNG 2022 elections as it happens.

Polling updates

Papua New Guineans are expected to go to the polls to elect the 118 (from the previous 111) parliamentarians on the 4th of July 2022. See the latest dates after the PNG Governor-General signed the Issue of Election Writs on the 12th of May 2022.

(Preparing for polling needs massive improvement. Reports have indicated 'confusion and chaos' in many parts of the country)
  • The polling date for the national election has been moved around from the 25th of June to the 18th of June 2022, then to the 9th of July; and then to the 2nd of July 2022; then to the 4th of July 2022, and NOW is chaos. NO ONE KNOWS FOR WHEN POLLING IN SOME PARTS OF THE COUNTRY STARTS.

  • The 2022 general election begins: PNG Governor-General signed and issued more than 460 writs for all the electorates on the 12th of May 2022.  The election writs are now live.
  • Issue of Election Writs now confirmed to 12th May 2022.
  • Return of writs pegged to the 29th of July 2022.
  • The Polling Period is reduced from 3 weeks to 2 weeks
  • Vote Counting Period was reduced from 3 weeks to 1 week.

PNG Election 2022 Polling Dates Dates (Update 4 - June 2022)

New dates after a further delay of nomination by 1 week.
  • Issue of Writs: Thursday 12th May 2022 - DONE ON TIME
  • Nomination Open: 19th May 2022 (PNG EC requested a further deferral citing the untimely death of the deputy prime minister and his party's preparations)
  • Nomination Close: Thursday 26th May 2022
                  2 WEEKS from the ISSUE OF WRITS
    • Polling starts: Saturday  4th July 2022 (not the 2nd of July) - this latest change is the 4th time the PNG electoral commission changed the polling date. This is followed by extensions in NCD and total chaos in other parts of the country. The electoral commission is making a 'mince meat' out of the 2022 polling dates. 
    • Polling ends: Friday 22nd July 2022 (remains the same)
                        3 WEEKS polling period according to the schedule, some areas like NCD will                            have only 1-day polling.
    • Counting starts: Saturday 23rd July 2022 (remains the same)
                        1 WEEK COUNTING
    • Return of Writs: On or Before 29th July 2022 (remains the same)

    What dates are changing?

    The GG has forced the EC to conduct the election by signing all the elections writs on the gazetted dates (see below). 

    The electoral commission has been 'kicking around the Polling Date like a soccer ball', it seems. Changed it 4 times!

    However, PNG EC adjusted the nominations (opens & close) dates and polling dates. The other dates remain unchanged. What does this mean?
    • Candidates can still nominate after the issue of writs. The electoral commissioner in a press statement (NBC news) said candidates can nominate after the IoW.
    • The further 1-week deferral is to give United Labour Party time to reorganise after the death of the party leader and PNG DPM.
    • The counting period is ONLY 1 week.

    Countdown to polling 

    Here is what the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission said about how voting is supposed to happen...

    Useful links: PNG Elections 2022 Updates

    2022 general election | PNG 2022 Election Updates | PNG Electoral Commission | Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates | Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates Commission

    PNG MPs DSIP Funds Allocated and MPs Salaries 

    How much a PNG MP Gets in DSIP fund and Salary Per Year - 2010 to 2020

    The Ombudsmen Commission has now issued a directive under the Constitution to freeze development and COVID-19 funds (PSIP, DSIP & LLGSIP) to MPs. 

    This was also done before the 2017 elections which saves the country K300 million.

    Children's Education during the election year

    From past experience, we know that many schools will experience interruptions. Students'  education will be disturbed, either the school closes early or by other election-related interruptions. 

    So, help your children do well in mathematics by checking out PNG Insight's Maths Resource website for Teachers & Students and parents.

    If you are a Grade 8, 10 or 12 student or parent, get the FREE Maths Exam Resource and prepare for the exams.

    Archive of changes made by PNG Electoral Commission 

    Below is the list of changes made by the electoral commission. It is perhaps, important to note that the PNG EC should plan and execute the plans thoroughly. Changing dates and events can affect the overall outcome of the elections.

    That means that there is a very high chance of 2017 repeating, where there were delays in counting and return of writs.

    There is a real concern that this could (and is highly likely to) happen given that the counting period is ONLY one week.

    Dates after the 2 weeks deferral (Update 3)

    These are the date sighted and signed before the death of the deputy prime minister. There were changes, as mentioned earlier - highlighted below.

    • Issue of Writs/Nomination Open: Thursday 12th May 2022
    • Nomination Close: Thursday 19th May 2022
    • Polling starts: Saturday  9th July 2022
    • Polling ends: Friday 22nd July 2022
    • Counting start: Saturday 23rd July 2022
    • Return of Writs: On or Before 29th July 2022

    PNG Election 2022 (Update 2)

    The Issue of Writs is on the 12th of May 2022. Intending candidates have 7 days ( 1 week) to make their election nominations. 

    The window of 8 weeks campaign period from the Issue of Writs to the start of polling. 

    Polling will take place over 21 days (3 weeks). 

    The counting of elections is scheduled to take place over a period of 7 days (1 week) from the end of polling to the Return of Writs.

    The 2022 PNG National Election is scheduled to take place from the 12th of May 2022 to the 29th of July 2022.
    The tentative dates for the Issue of writs changed due to the deferral by 2 weeks. These are the dates set initially.

    election 2022 dates
    PNG Elections 2022 Info, dates and updates on PNG Insight

    Updates on Provincial Returning Officers here - PNGEC ROs Selection/Name list.

    2022 PNG Election Dates Tentative (Update 1)

    • Issue of Writs: Thursday 28 April 2022
    • Nomination Close: Thursday 5 May 2022
    • Polling Period starts: Saturday *18 June 2022
    • Polling Period ends: Friday 8 July 2022
    • Return of Writs: On or Before Friday 29 July 2022

    2017 election dates vs 2022 elections dates

    As compared to the 2017 election dates, and the tentative election dates, the updated 2022 election dates have been deferred by 2 weeks. See the tweet.

    PNG Needs Women MPs like Dame Carol Kidu - 2022 elections

    Women representation in politics has done 3 steps back. During her time there was talk about creating seats for 22 women reps. This was received with mixed feelings, yet there was good support from male MPs. 

    2022 National Election is going to be an interesting one for women candidates. It would be nice to see more women back in politics.

    Women candidates in PNG election 2022
    Image: PNG opposition leader cuts lonely figure (ABC News, 15 Feb 2012)

    The 2012 to 2017 parliament had 3 sitting female MPs. The situation for women and girls may have stayed the same in Papua New Guinea. But, the situation for woman leaders was NOT represented well by those 3 women MPs. It has deteriorated, don't you think? 

    This was obvious from the number of women returning to parliament in the 2017 elections. 0

    Former Woman MP Delilah Gore 2012 - 2017

    For example, MP Delilah Gore's recent alleged spending of the department's K17000 and siding with Arore to oust Governor Juffa is a black mark on her reputation, including woman leaders. 

    Remember the Air Niugini incident - Yu Save Lo Mi - comment. That was directed at a younger woman. The good things she may have done in her term as minister often goes unnoticed when such an incident hits headline news. Tough.

    Former Woman MP Loujaya Toni 2012 - 2017

    Take a look at MP for Lae, Loujaya Toni. A few months after her election to the parliament her marriage broke down. Even, as a Melanesian woman leader where simplicity is gold, she does not give the impression of a contemporary PNG woman leader. Or, does she?

    The same can be said of the male politicians, but the outcome is often different. That is a shame but it is the reality. I only wish there is a right balance when it comes to women vs men politicians in PNG.

    2022 women political candidates
    Google pictures

    Former Woman MP Julie Soso

    What about the Governor of EHP, does she portray a mirrored image a young girl could reflect? Julie Soso can be described as a Melanesian woman. However, as the governor, there is more to be desired of her. She has never done better than Mal Kela Smith or Feti Lafanama. 

    Goroka Town has not got back the image of the 80s -  beautiful and clean. Pigs are roaming the market. Pickpockets are everywhere in town. Shantytowns extended from Genoka to Banana Block and everywhere. 

    This is the same for the current male governor. He builds the Goroka market but the pigs are still roaming the town. Ominously, the market is not opened yet! The male politicians are NOT better than their female counterparts, but their chance of being re-elected is high. Not fair at all. 

    Women Politicians Can Chance Public Opinions

    Those 3 women leaders CAN change public opinion on woman leaders in the country. They failed miserably in this regard.

    But there are great women leaders and powerful women politicians in the history of politics in PNG. Dame Josephine Abaija and Dame Carol Kidu are two that came to mind, you can name the others. 

    These are shining examples of PNG women in politics. Personally, I think women will NOT be great leaders in Parliament, in fact, they will be EXCELLENT leaders.

    Come 2022 elections, PNG need to vote in more women leaders - that is for sure. Strong women who can stand tall and proud and represent the nation. 

    Women who are hardworking, firm and direct.

    Former Woman MP Dame Carol Kidu 2007 - 2017 (resigned)

    I still have lots of respect for Dame Kidu. She showed how a woman can make a difference. 

    Her contribution is notable. In addition, Dame Kidu topped her career off by being the only opposition leader and the only member of the opposition (PHOTO ABOVE). 

    She stood against males idiocy in parliament. She is forever to be remembered as one woman opposition. 

    PNG needs powerful woman leaders and politicians like Dame Carol Kidu!