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How to Solve Problems involving Fractional Powers

Fractional powers appear past GCSE maths papers. To get the questions right, you must know how to use the Index Law, Surds and rules for solving the algebraic problems. 

This may sound overwhelming, but it is not that hard. See the illustrations (x3 questions) below.

How to Solve Fractional Powers Using Index Laws & Surds

If you need more illustrations like these, check out the free maths resources here.

Let’s have a look at 3 Higher Maths Exam Questions

how to solve fractional powers in algebra

Top tip:
All you need to do is to pull apart the powers and simplify them.

Download GCSE Maths past papers

You can download the past GCSE exam papers online. Here are some websites that many students prefer to use.

  • Maths Genie
  • Maths Watch
  • Dr Frost maths
  • Cobette Maths
  • GCSE maths in four weeks

Stationery items you will need for exams are available here: GCSE maths stationery items

Show your working out clearly and logically. Where there are 3 or more marks, do not only write the answer.